Glacius as a rush down character

Anyone feel that Glacius is really powerful or a cheap character to use? Before you say anything, keep in mind I am a Glacius main and I hate fighting other Glacius players if they know what they’re doing. From the hate mail I’ve been receiving since 2013, I have concluded that Glacius is a frustrating character to fight. We just need him to double jump now and his powers will be complete. Anyone Glacius users like to fight up close than far away? His grab reach is ridiculous and I love it. One thing I like to do as Glacius is get my opponent in my corner and throw them and hit them with several pokes and throw them again and poke them, then anticipate their counter grab so I jump and land and poke them and throw them repeatedly. Keeps them in the corner almost the whole match.

Also question, if someone is banned from this forum, are they still able to play KI online?

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Yeah they can still play online.

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I was fighting a Glacius yesterday and I started to wonder…"Why is Glacius’s throw so strong and why does it have so much range? It also feels like it have plus frames or advantage to where you can not tech it early like other characters. THis guy based his entire game plan around the throw. Even when I did a light slide that is usually safe and I cant throw out of it on block…Glacius could throw me before I even came out of the slide ( It seemed like anyways)
But I’ve also heard that all throws had the same frame advantage across the cast.

What is the truth behind throws and Glacius’s throw?
@Infilament @KRAKENJIMMY

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There’s nothing special about Glacius’s throw except that it’s decently long range. It’s the same startup speed, active frames, and recovery as every other throw.

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Yeah, nothing remarkable about his throw other than the range. Tech window for it is the same as other characters, but in corner/reset scenarios it can be hard to tech since it can come out at odd timings.

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Glacius is a strong character and his play style is a bit unusual. People find this frustrating. But in a game with a lot of really strong offense, I don’t think Glacius is “cheap.” He’s top 10 in my opinion but not top 5 in the game. He has very exploitable weaknesses.

What weaknesses are those? I’m a Glacius main and even I hate fighting Glacius.

It’s hard to even construct a top character list when the game’s characters are very well balanced. Put any character in the hands of a very skilled player and they can make them look broken and cheap.

Sympathies to the OP though because Glacius is a very strong character that I have trouble with as well. Once he gets going it’s very hard to get out.

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Just a few that come to mind

  • World’s most floatiest jump makes him susceptible to characters with a DP; this includes the hitbox on his lance or jump lance, which(if correctly read) can be punished

  • His shatter is reactable and can be countered with a forward moving shadow move at the right range

  • His walk speed/dash; most Glacius players tend to just use Cold Shoulder for mobility

  • His armor during instinct can be broken with a grounded heavy

  • I don’t know if I’d call this one a particular weakness, because it mostly applies to characters with a “punish reversal”. What I mean by this is when Jago does heavy windkick > shadow endo. Ordinarily it should still be punishable, but Jago being Jago can just DP after (varies in certain cases). If Glacius wakes up with a DP, the only safe move afterwards would be his shadow hail, which can be punished by a projectile invulnerable shadow. Though, this wouldn’t be much of a weakness as much as it is just a player preference now that I reconsider it.


One big weakness of his (imo) is his struggle against other better zoners. Playing as Kilgore or Eagle against him forces him to come to you and those characters have ways to deny any entry, air and ground.

However, his corner pressure is crazy. Having a hail on top of you while worrying about a throw is really hard to deal with

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If you hate playing against Glacius as a Glacius main that has nothing to do with the characters relative strength of weakness. It just means you are worse at playing Glacius than most Glacius players you run into. This is possibly the worst argument I have seen.

Others have provided good answers to your question, but frankly I have to call ■■■■■■■■. If you want to tell me you are a Glacius main and the character you fear most popping up on the other side of the screen is Glacius, and that in your experience fighting other characters you are not aware of ANY of Glacius’s many weaknesses then I think you are a liar. Plain and simple. If you want to know his weaknesses, ask the many many players who have won a major tournament with Glacius. Oh wait…

Dang Andy. You don’t pull your punches.


Sorry. Probably not constructive but I’m just over my tolerance of stupidity threshold for the day…

I will try to refrain from further comment.

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I have a lot of trouble with Glacius myself. But I feel I get better at the match up each time I play against one. RIght now the only thing that baffles me is why I cant tech his throw when I know its coming or why it seems his throw just eats up any move I do that is usually safe against other characters but Galcius just seem to grab me before I even finish that move (it seems like, Im not saying it does, but it literally looks like he grabs me right out of a blocked light slide that normally I can grab out of on the other side.)

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His cold shoulder gives me issues. It seems like it cannot be punished at all although I’m sure it can with any character. I do not know the frame data off the top of my head.

The love IG put into s3 changes for glacuis, thunder, rash, riptor, hisako, jago, aganos, omen, if they had put that same love into kan ra or kim wu… feelsbadman

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Considering I just got smoked 10-1 by a Kan yesterday, I’m not too worried about it :joy:

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Cold Shoulder is technically punishable in all it’s forms, but it can be very difficult to do in practice. You need to be ready for it and know what move has the range and the speed to punish it. (Edit: when I fight a player who has armed himself with this information and has the reactions to implement them it is a really difficult fight. There are Jaglo players who can get a full combo every time they block a cold shoulder.) Keep in mind that it’s a grounded special so there are moves in the priority system that will flat out beat it. So if Glacius is throwing out random cold shoulders you should have some options.

This is pretty much the story for everyone. People have trouble with Glacius because he’s not super common to run into, he plays very differently and he doesn’t fall into the classic zoner archetype- but he’s still very frustrating like a traditional zoner. I understand all the salt, but it’s like any other fighter. Play against him more and figure it out.

As far as his throw, he has an especially good range on his throw, and it is a great tool for him. I’ve never studied the interactions so I can’t tell you if what you are seeing is real, as a consequence of his range, or if it’s just Glacius players who are tuned up to throw revealing that things you thought were safe aren’t.


Was that with sako? Im sure if you were real serious like in ki world cup or evo, that kan ra won’t get to play. 1 simple knockdown, into vortex city and thats ggs.

Yep, was Hisako, and yeah, I was serious. Connection was draggy, but he probably would’ve beaten me anyway. @HWFREEKYJASON has walloped me before, and he’ll probably also wallop me some time in the future.

Kan-Ra is a character who takes a lot of work and requires reads, but he’s still got some serious dirt under the hood. If you’re not familiar with a particular player’s brand of nonsense or he’s got a good read on you, there’s a decent chance you’re hosed.

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