Give This Guy Some Love

Keits’ response is true. We need some more Omen.

I’ve been playing him for a while, and the guy honestly, truly does have some amazing potential. I’ve been thinking about making him my secondary guy, next to TJ.

Just to name a few things:

  • Can lock you out of using your Shadow meter, which is really great against…err, everybody.
  • Light Slide is safe
  • Flight ability gives amazing mobility and mix-ups
  • Need I say ANYTHING about his fireball game? I will. Three fireballs with nigh-unpredictability; a bit harder for you, but even harder for your enemy. Really good for when you want to move in, as fireballs can hit and give you a nice opening.
  • ALL of his enders are battery (if I’m not mistaken)
  • Instinct is even better. Gives him advantage and even more fireballs. Shadow Orda Shield and Shadow Rashakuken become amazing, and even moreso if you stack them with an extra bar.
  • Shadow Form is a very nice dodge move for the low cost of one bar, gets you out of sticky situations

There’s probably more, but that’s the basics.

So why in the name of Gargos are people not using him more?!

Sure, his damage isn’t the best, but with everything I listed above, you can disable your opponent on sheer knowledge alone.

So, let this be my plea: use Omen. He’s amazing. Whatever keeps you from using him, post it here.


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Make him a full character, give him more colors, his own stage so he doesn’t have to borrow Shago’s anymore, accessories and ORIGINAL animations and I’ll be more inclined to play him. I like him and all but he feels like the stopgap character that he is, just a half-baked filler character so they had more time to finish season 2. Fix him up and present him the way he should have been, with the proper KI treatment and I’ll give him a second go.

He plays great though, I just hate all of his aesthetic deficiencies.

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I want to see him be a full character in terms of characters and content, but I don’t want to see his moveset touched in any way. I mained this god among men for quite a bit. He has so much untapped potential (and not just in his damage lel)

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I play Omen most of the time and he’s really fun.
I only hope he gets a story mode, more accessories, and colors 7-9.

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I play him.
I used to hate his concept and appearance.
I fell in love with the fact that he’s small and has no weapons, yet beats the others up nonetheless.

My Omen is level 40-something and one thing I realized is that I think he was given such low damage with limited ender options and NO SHADOW ENDER just because he has 3 shadow meters… But his low damage nullifies the advantage of having the 3 meters, on top of depriving him of fun enders with cool options. The Orda ender is the only one he can juggle off of. Omen doesn’t need much to have more dimension. Currently his options are unnecessarily limited.

He is a cool character though.

Omen is amazing, he’s just U-gly as H-ell and people really can’t get past his lack of aesthetics. I think if they gave Omen the full character treatment i.e 9 Colors, Retro, and decent accessories, he would truly be appreciated for the amazing character he is. I love his game play, but he doesn’t have any personality in my opinion.

In my opinion Omen has a great fighter design(Heavy mix up character, random fireballs makes him hard to react, shadow form uses are great, best meter supply of all…), a good “character” design(The herald of Gargos, a sentient shadow energy that possessed Jago…), but has a unusual appearance.

I whould make the actual Omen(plus more colours and premium accesories) his retro costume, and I whould “improve” his physical design for his “new” himself, powered by Gargos, now that he is free.

Make his wings permanents, but more closed until he jumps. Give him some of Shago clothes, but tatterd and uncomplete. Change his animations to make them trully unique, but still with the same data. Given the fact that omen it’s not very muscled, he can even attack with “force” attacks. I whould change his stance, something like M.Bison in SF V: with his arms crossed. His mask should be more alike Shagos mask.

I love Omen and I don’t expect many changes in him, but I’m sure that one or two changes in his apparence and a bit of uniquenes in his normals animations whould make him more interesting to the people that it’s sceptical to his design.

He could use some more alt color most his palettes is so faintly different that it almost redundant like Fulgores KI Arcade alts (so many greys lol)

I think it’s all in agreement to update his character design and additional accessories/colors. A retro would be nice.

I think Omen struggles in the match up with wulf because he doesn’t have a good wakeup game. Once wulf is in; all you can do is block. He is kind of dependent on his shadow meter as well. If he can’t build any up, then it’s a difficult situation.

I think they should get rid of his 3 bar shadow command grab and just give him a raging demon type move.

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Omen is amazing! Yes he struggles against the power of Thunder and Jago…but he speed and agility if used correctly can end a match quickly! I’m learning new tech and corner pressure every day. Now I’ve lost a lot of matches in ranked using Omen…but ever loss is a learning experience and If ind that his potential can be very deadly even against the best Killers.

I love using Omen, he’s pretty fun. His openers are pretty predictable, but he has ways to get in. Once he does, he’s a terror.

I agree with every word you said 100%!

You’re gonna lose, but you lose with every new character you try. Lord knows how many of us went on Ranked with a day 1 character with half-an-hour in training mode. At least I have!

Corner pressure with him is great, especially because the slide can easily let you get out of being the trapee and becoming the trapper. Furious Flurry + Unpredictable Fireballs + Lock Out of Shadow Meter + Stuck In The Corner = Dead Player.

Omen’s amazing, but it just seems silly to me (and no offense to those who think this) to dismiss him and have him filed as low tier because not enough people want to check him out since he lacks 9 colors (something that didn’t even exist when he came out), a retro or new accessories. I’m all for picking your character if you feel connected to them (that’s how I operate), but I’d still play my boy TJ regardless of accessories, retro, or colors. (I hope I don’t become “that guy who talks about TJ all the time”. Probably too late.)

Let’s keep downplaying Omen so people don’t catch on to just how nasty he can be :laughing:

I love Omen though. He’s my pocket character when I’m not using Hisako or Sabrewulf. The set ups… the mix ups… the corner pressure… wait nevermind, he’s terrible, yeah, totally UP, utter trash, yeah… :wink:


Err, right. He sucks.

All of his normals just do Demonic Despair, and his specials are all just this stupid thing at different angles. Also, he doesn’t shower every day, so he’ll stink up your Xbox. Yep, don’t use him ever!:wink:


Try Demonic Despair immediately after Heavy Orda Ender… with the correct timing…gets them every time. Some new tech i learned last night…new to me anyways. Works really well with Corner grab-crouching medium punch + Orda ender + demonic despair = OUCH!


As a non-Omen player, I’ve noticed something.

As random as his fireballs are, ALL OF THEM are easily countered simply by blocking, since they ALL hit high. This means I can block low and avoid you coming in with a slide or anything else for that matter really - all I’d have to worry about is block stun.

For me, I have 2 issues with Omen:
(1) His multi-kick - how on earth do you differentiate a light from a heavy (especially since he can keep it going)? I’m still not used to it!
(2) His slide - I always want to throw punish this on block, but unless I’m playing Aganos with his extended grab range, I will always whiff trying to do this, since Omen slides a ways past me instead of ending up right next to me, like I think he should.

Granted, with option #2, I really just need to get used to the idea of combo-punishing instead, but you’d be surprised at how many attacks also whiff at that distance…

I like this guy. Of course, he isn’t as good as the other characters in terms of design but I don’t care, I just want a good gameplay and I have it.

I’m not even a zoning character guy but you can play him like a simili rushdown character, with a good corner pressure (I love to use his command move > heavy rashakuken in the corner then mix it up with a low or an instant overhead with his shadow form).

He has a lot of option with his 12 (?) differents projectiles, air dash and shadow form, good normals (the range on his crouching Light Punch is really good, 2HP or HK are good AA, MK, 2MK and 2HK are good footsies tools).

I feel like he is underrated (and the fact that is unpolished unlike the others character don’t help him)

I like his design. He’s not a human so for me his design is already better than Jago, orchid, sadira, thunder, tj and Maya. I also think he is underrated. If you manage to have always a shadow bar is so easy to slide in and when they block use shadow form in to overhead or crossup. So easy to open people up playing omen as long as you have meter. Also so easy to open them up on wake up if you have meter. I would say shadow form is the best move in the game.

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