Giant Spiders

So now would you AND can you be able to handle these spiders? Also how would you react and what would you do if you meet/come across these giant spiders?

I can handle them… with a very large stick from a very far distance.



lol jk… but only a little. Lots of nopes to be had.



I actually think spiders are cool as hell. Giant ones though would prompt me to reach for a handgun.

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LMFAO :joy:

I have a bug phobia (as previously mentioned in a similar thread)…

But if i am positive that they cant hurt me, i am fine. I REALLY want a tarantula, or a harmless snake (which i recently found out doesnt exist :cry: ), but so far i haven’t found a good plan to get one.

Just whatever you do, don’t remove their stings or for a scorpions tail. I don’t think you can remove anything on spiders but some people remove the tail on scorpions because it’s “safer.” In reality though, it’s just cruel.

Should you get one that is. Every considered a frog? They are similarly exotic and easier to handle.

Ahh geez spiderzilla. Nope Archer nope. And it’s gunna sound like I’m lighting a torch but that’s just (moves slowly and grabs a can of spider spray and a hammer) squish it!!!

Why did I read this thread, I knew what was coming, the same thing I got from the creepy Caterpie someone get me a PokeBall.

Nerd alert

I wanted a snake without fangs, but the fangs are directly attached to the jaw, so they cant be removed. Every snake CAN bite you, but some wont hurt too much.

There are tarantulas that dont do anything but crawl around very slowly, so i would probably get one of those.

Fun facts: spiders have an external skeleton, and their legs only possess very limited muscles - instead they naturally attempt to flex inwards and have their movement regulated by fluid hydraulics.
They can also willfully detach their legs, which continue to twitch (supposedly via signals from a newly excited pacemaker) to distract predators. They can then regenerate them if they are not fully mature.

So not only are they spiders, but they’re also spooky skeletons and self-repairing cyborgs. Basically unstoppable.


I’d probably suggest you get a blue tongue skink(it’s a lizard) as a alternative reptile.

It’s an exoskeleton. Also they have book lungs (look like billows)

If spiders weren’t poisonous I could probably handle them.

Actually from what I understand as well as gathered, many spiders/spider species are NOT venomous at all, just a few :slight_smile:


Fave Spider is the Orb Weaver! :smiley:

Now how about this spider?

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Not bad.

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