General RAAM Gameplay discussion

Raam it’s really relying in raw hits and grabs. His combo potential its not great: 3 AD fairly diferent(so “easy” to recognize and break), only one linker… He will get more damage from Krill, Instinct, raw grab resets and single hits.

His c.HP, as mentioned, it’s supreme. One of the best anti air normals of the game IMO. Great range, super fast, covers a lot of space…

And man… the flip out resets to grabs… He is a newcomer killer. People who don’t know the game yet gonna get destroyed by him. Command grab into flipout into command grab into flipout into command grab into flipout… Easy to a good player to stop, but I’ve already depleted a full health bar to people who doesn’t know what to do.

I’m confused about HK. It’s a bit slow during startup, I have to see more aplications.

Also, j.HP it’s a great cross up. Big damage, good hitbox, it’s a heavy… And J.MK it’s also a great attack. As far as I saw, he has 3 cross ups: J.HP, J.MK, and J.HK(really thight, tho)

And c.HK has great hitbox and active frames. Threating with command grab a wake up opponent and then using this to bait jumps and backdash it’s great.

I would love to hear @Infilament, @SonicDolphin117 and @Sasuke99I impressions about him.

Also, other people who I don’t know if they tried him, like @MandrillManiac, @Fwufikins , @BigBadAndy, @FallofSeraphs76, @xSkeletalx

Thanks to the others who gave their opinions ^^

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My thoughts are mixed. He seems to have a hard time opening up but if he does,huge damage. Jumping Hp is great. I can’t see a thing in instinct though.

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You are much better at the game and at analysis than me, so I probably won’t be able to help you. But I’m hoping to check him out tonight (the download was too slow for me to play yesterday - and not because of my internet…).

I think it’s a pretty bold choice to go with a true grappler who really eschews the combo game. This is the sort of “out there” design they can make in a KI that has more than 20 characters. I don’t think it would have worked when there were six. I have always enjoyed playing grapplers for fun, but never really gotten good with one except for Goh at VF (if he counts).


RAAM mirrors with both instincts activated


I just want the personal point of view of everyone about the new char, now matter skill or anything. I want to know what a pro, a casual, a good analyst, a bad analyst… what anybody thinks about him.

And don’t underestimate you man, you know how to play smart, you know why you win when you win, and why you lost when you lost. You have an objective perspective of the game, and thats what I value most when speaking about gameplay, not the particular skill in any point.


I had fun with him last night! I played about 20 matches in Exibiton and I surprisingly won a lot of them with Raam! Im having trouble using his shield and shield cancel but in time I think he can be fun. But his lack of Ads and linkers does make him quite boring quite fast when doing long combos.

Once i activated instinct and had the Kryil going and a medium combo and a full life bar…gone…bam! It was very fulfilling!

I like him better than Gargos.


Meanwhile, I’m left sitting here wondering why my download is still at 0% despite having started it before going to bed last night… :’(

Ouch, sounds rough :S

LMAO XD :joy: :joy:

Thank you I needed that this morning.

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It’s a bit odd, because indeed some stages may benefit Raam when he pop ups Instinct. Darker ones are even more Darker, and you can see him better in bright ones.

That could lead to strategic stage pick?

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Ouch dude I’m sorry.

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I think so…and thats ok because he needs it. Once everyone gets used to him it will make more sense. IG uses the word camouflage in the command list for a reason. He needs to get those combos in for damage because other wise he is going to have a tough time finishing a combo. He also is going to need that poison stacked so he can do 1 chance break combos for big potential damage cash outs.

Having 3 ADs makes him really easy to break, and his normals are VERY distinctive so manuals can be easily recognized as well.

Fair advice: NEVER guess break during his instinct:


89%!!! And that folks is why the screen goes dark and you arent supposed to be able to see his ADs! 1 lock out and you are dead! Boom! Good job Dayvo!


I was one of the first people to stream RAAM yesterday so here’s my first impressions and breakdown:

But I’ll summarize for you.

RAAM’s pokes are really good. They didn’t seem that way when I was looking at the hitboxes in the lab, but when I was fighting Rico’s RAAM it was very evident. He was competing with my Arbiter in the neutral. In addition to his krill armor moves, pressing buttons against RAAM in neutral is very risky.

RAAM’s jumping HP and HK are godlike.

His dominance grab range is nothing to write home about. It’s better than Hisako but seems to be worse than Thunder’s. It’s a really good tick throw move but it’s not all too deadly unless he has you in the corner.

However, his shadow grab is worth noting. What’s the speed of the fastest moves in the game? 3 frames. Well guess what? Shadow Dominance has 2 frames of startup. 2. F***ING. FRAMES. He can literally punish light wind kick and shadow firecat on block with that. Super scary.

His run grab…I feel this move would be pretty bad without the krill armor. It’s pretty damn slow, though cancelling it into the three punch move (kryll shield) is a good way to maintain space. With the armor, it makes me scared to throw out long recovery projectiles against him, like multi-hails, but I’ve found that using it to get in on zoners isn’t as easy as it is on paper. Also, I see no point to the shadow version. What’s the difference?

The ground stomps are just annoyances as of now. Unless you’re in the corner, the only option he has off it are pokes and the slow run grab.

The kryll shield charge move will be really good when people get the hang of it. Trust me.

Really, the thing I was most impressed with about RAAM was his defense. He has two of the best AAs in the game, cr.HP and medium emergence. He has three variations to a reversal, all of which leave kryll on the opponent. For a big character, dealing with pressure is not too hard for him.

His instinct? It seems like a pretty passive instinct to me, giving free potential damage and keeping you hidden. Honestly, though, I’ve had much success just holding downback during the entire thing because RAAM has bad mixup potential, and his grabs don’t cash out. The walking kryll shield looks useful since it’s even harder to see him during it, but I haven’t seen anyone use that effectively yet.

From what I can see, the general strategy with RAAM is to annoy the opponent with armor, pokes and grabs until you can get a kryll shield on them. Once that happens, the opponent will be desperate to hit you and get the kryll off. Now you can use AAs, reversal and armor to basically make yourself and unbreakable wall and watch the opponent hang himself.

That’s what I’ve discovered.

EDIT: I’m not going to be playing him.


…in which case you’ve become meat for the Queen, LOL


I don’t think this is true. His kryll charge ignores projectiles, and even long range normals don’t necessarily trade well with it. I know Hisako doesn’t deal with it very well anyway - she can’t really land two hits to completely break the charge before he gets to her. So I think it’ll be a better space closing special than it seems at first glance.

I think so. I know I’ll only be using a darker colored Hisako when I fight him - I noticed that it lets the kryll work at least a little for you as well, since once she gets close to him she actually can be a little tough to see as well. If I have to deal with camouflage, Raam’s gonna have to kinda-sorta-halfway deal with camouflage too :-p


Rushes to fighter gallery to construct a darker-than-thou Hisako outfit

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Crouching MP is a great poke

Kryll storm is one of the best instincts in the game

His Grapples are INSANE

i like him!!