General Raam does he need another linker?

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Of course nothing is guaranteed. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, things won’t work out for in your favor. The object is to mitigate the frequency of these occasions with preparation.

I get where you’re coming from, and on the surface, sure, achieving a lockout in these cases could be difficult. The trick is to be as observant of your opponents breaking habits as they are of your combo habits, and bait them accordingly when it counts. When I say “bait a lockout” I am generally speaking of timing lockouts. We’ve all had the discussion of the various methods of beating “first frame guess breaks” aplenty 'round here, so I’ll leave those out. In my above post, I provided a handful of methods to bait a lockout or reset. Essentially, just work out a handful of possible setups, and apply that which fits your situation. To get as-advertised mileage out of RAAM’s INSX, I think this is of critical importance. As a grappler, an enormous part of RAAM’s game involves the observation and manipulation of the opponents habits, and this absolutely extends to his combo and INSX game.

That said, no, I do not necessarily agree that baiting a lockout from an opponent with good breaking skills is difficult. It can be, but remember that every in-combo data-point they are using to achieve these breaks is a data-point that they’ve provided you relative to what they like to/can break, and can thus use against them.

And, for the record, I’m not trying to be a know-it-all either. I’m just a big proponent of everyone helping everyone else to level up.


I think it’s time to steer this thread further off the rails.

Instead of just an additional poison linker, we also made Instinct Kryll more consistent with all the other Kryll he has and have the Instinct do real damage? :wink:


NO. Imagine if he can just pop instinct and just take 40% damage from him doing nothing.

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Don’t encourage this insanity.

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That’s it I’m quitting KI, oh wait wrong thread.


Why even have it do the damage over time? Popping instinct should just instantly take half of your opponents health bar.


Oh boi instinct complaints(ye i know these are jokes but i see a lotta people complain)

i do wonder how many people consider just how awful the potential health growth is outside of combos. It’s so slow but all people see are the 65%+ punishes off instict cancels when they lockout and say “but no counterplay”


Did I say he has no options? You don’t have to agree with my stance on this, but no need to be sarcastic.

Grabbing isn’t always an option, and turtling involves more than just blocking. Especially with character’s like Gargos.


I haven’t been paying attention… what happened to this thread? I was just spitballing ideas while bored in class .-.
But to tell the truth after actually learning Raam this time I don’t think he needs another linker just a potential buff (if he would ever need it doubt it) cool ideas were said like poison linkers but maybe on a different character Raam just does a bunch of damage already and comboing with him is a straight up a gamble unless you have the right mindgame going :wink: