General Raam does he need another linker?

I was thinking about this while playing him but do you guys think Raam should have another linker? I know he’s a tank grappler similar to Zangief but I feel like his combos are waaay to easy to break and having another linker would be nice to mix in when he can combo. For what other move I think should be a linker? I was thinking Kryll Rush (QCB Kick) I think this linker would look cool despite it being another carry linker, we already see him do this in his ultra. Another idea could be Emergence (QCF kick) I originally thought it could be a damage linker (similar to cinder/orchid) but I soon realized that Raam DOES NOT need more damage and instead just a stationary linker. Would do you guys think? Cause maybe Raam is content with his curb stomp combos XD

I think Raam is explicitly balanced around the fact that he can struggle within the actual combo game. Even if they gave him another linker, it’d probably also have to be on the easier side of the break scale, which means that it wouldn’t necessarily fix the issue you’re hoping it to fix. If he has too much freedom in the combo game he becomes too powerful I think, so a single linker and the limited doubles feels about right to me.


I’m not expecting a difficult to break linker (in fact I agree a character like this should be easier to break than most) but to vary Raam’s options when he can I feel will make breaking him just a bit more challenging. This character can have a difficult time getting his offense going but when he decides to combo for some extra damage he gets combo broken most often and he’s at a huge disadvantage again. Also having one linker feels really weird unless the other player locks out or he gets a sick counter breaker there is no real reason to combo long (especially when you have instinct active). I respect you and many people’s opinions but I thought I would elaborate just in case someone gets the wrong idea.

Thing is, that’s precisely how it’s supposed to be. Unless your opp locks out or you manage to get a counter breaker, you’re not supposed to combo long with RAAM and it’s not supposed for it to be a good idea that you combo long. Just go for short combo into oki setup or follow up setup. That’s specifically how he is limited in the combo game, because he has such a strong grab and reset game, and such high dmg potential.


I get where you and Storm are coming fromn but in matches against certain characters like the grud–Samar–er Hisako, or cinder or Mira it might even the odds a bitn because really, I don’t think he’ll. Get many combos off of these characters anyway.

If they fix that bug I mentioned in the other topic , it would be a step in the right direction.

i had fun entertaining the idea of rush being a carry linker but that would probably be incredibly awkward to make easy to break.

I do kinda wish rush ender carried his opponents at least a little bit

I just imagined the worst idea ever, and that’s giving him a linker that applies kryll. Christ.

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  • Make Kryll Rush or Emergence a Linker that adds poison
  • Give them some kinda clue for easy breaking
  • Make Emergence a Meter and Knockdown ender, and Kryll Rush a carry ender with no poison on either

It would help his combo game slightly, but since it doesn’t build White Life and does real damage, it wouldn’t allow a faster Lvl 4 ender. Plus, the combo would both give more time for Kryll Damage but end up with less time to do OT damage not included in the combo itself, if you catch my drift. I think they could make this work, but I doubt they have any intent to do a radical change like that for him. S4 maybe?

I said it was the worst idea ever for a reason. An ender that applies poison mid-combo would be insane.


The thing is that Raam doesn’t want to play the combo game, most of the time he is grabbing you, doing one chance combos, and depleting your life via krill /pokes

He is linear and easily breakable… because he needs to be that way

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Yeah…I only said the kryll thing as a joke. Giving him a linker that adds kryll, even if both the medium and heavy versions are reactable, totally throws that out of balance. Suddenly he, unlike most other characters in the game, has an incredibly potent light option at the linker step of the combo system. Let’s say he gets to level 2–at this point, if he does a light kryll linker straight into shadow ender, he’s adding a massive chunk to the combo damage, with the potential to flip out into another damage boosted command grab. It’ll also push his counter break damage up way too high.


How is he “adding a massive chunk to the damage”? Base Kryll only does real damage, not White Life, like I straight up explain in my post. Only Kryll Storm does White Life with Kryll. That’s why I was saying it could be fixed to work if done right. Having poison during a combo would only add a couple more percent depending on the lengthx and making it easily breakable (and if broken, should remove the Kryll added,) would cripple it a good bit.

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Kryll adds 8-9% to a shadow command grab. Ending a combo with a light kryll linker > shadow ender would be insane damage. Even with a regular damage ender, at higher levels it would pile on a ton. It would make his lockouts extremely threatening even without instinct, and it would be way too good a use of one meter for damage.

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i kinda wish he had light manuals off light opener then if hes supposed to focus on one chance

I agree lol even Raam’s manuals are pretty easy to break XD

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Not so sure about adding poison/kryll mid combo :confused: I think it should stay as a reward for ender’s and good reads in neutral game that said some interesting ideas. I only made this thread cause I thought having another linker thats not much different than his first would be nice.

Poison krill, no.

Krill that acts more like the kryll from gow yes. Technically the poison kryll behave like gow kryll, but in gow,the damage is quick and devastating. The kryll linker could just take a one time chunk of damage off instead of over time.

Actually I’m not sure what the fear of poison kryll as a linker is. Half the time you apply it, the opponent finds a way to remove it or just combo break it off.

Actually read what I’m posting, man. With a linker that applies kryll, raam could do it and immediately do shadow ender for a big chunk of bonus damage. It would drive up his damage in all combos by a lot.

I read what you posted.

What In saying Is, the linker doesn’t have to add a huge amount of damage ; it can be scaled back a bit. There are ways of getting around adding too much damage.

But then why would anyone use Shank Linker? Further, why would anyone hit combos other than Opener>Kryll Linker>Ender into setup until they have bar for Opener>Kryll Linker>EX Dmg Ender, lockout confirms notwithstanding?

Not only would it provide him option that nigh eliminates his intended weaknesses within the combo system, it would reduce his combo game to practically degenerate one-chances and de-incentivise anything but. Why bother with playing the combo game when you can take your DoT and massive damage and run with it?

That’s not to mention the programming (and in-game monitoring) difficulties of applying different DoT values for application via Linker versus Ender/neutral. All told, it would be an over-the-top solution to a problem that isn’t a problem.