General Raam does he need another linker?

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Thats what throw resets are for :wink:


An extra 8-9% on a character who’s supposed to do massive damage with good combos isn’t really a “huge chunk of damage”. I really think you’re overblowing the effect this would have. Plus, when I said “easily breakable”, I meant it; like, if it’s emergence have it be the same animations he has for his regular versions. Both him and his opponent are then forced to gamble on a breaker; get an easy break that destroys the Kryll, get a counter breaker and take a decently powerful combo, or attempt and fail a counter breaker and get him stuck in a combo. Plus the fact that Kryll last 14 seconds, there’s not a likely chance you’ll get a long enough combo to do it more than once, so it wouldn’t opt out his stab as his main go-to linker.

And for Rush, just have it be a long animation like Rash’ s Big Boot linker or something.

@MDMMORNING What’s the difference between what you said and doing Opener-Light Knife-Kryll Ender? Same effect except your opponent would take slightly more from the Kryll Linker. And as I explained, if it’s easily noticeable what version is used for the linker, fear of an immediate ender isn’t too high if the likelihood of being broken beforehand is so great.


An extra 8-10% is huge. More than Arbiter’s carbine shots if tacked on.


So give a guy who does huge chunks of damage even more damage?


High risk - medium reward damage? Yeah sure.


Idk I think he’s fine the way he is now honestly.


Except it’s not high risk, he’s already easy as heck to break so it would be the exact same amount of risk he currently has with a bigger reward.


Oh, I have no huge problems with him now, I actually argue with some of my friends that he really doesn’t need a second linker, but a carry or poison linker + bettered enders seems like a good idea to me.


He is not meant to have serious threats in the combo game without instinct. His focus is on making you scared to act and grabbing you–NOT on doing “massive damage with good combos.” You may be confusing him with thunder!

I’m maybe a little annoyed that this came up because I made a dumb joke. I thought it was so obviously a bad idea nobody would take it seriously :v

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The difference is that Shank Linker is already in the game, and it is not strictly better than itself. Kryll Enders reward you for success within the combo system, whereas a Kryll Linker would provide reward for mere participation. It’s not a complicated distinction.

8-9% guaranteed (not potential) damage within combo really is a huge chunk of damage, artificially inflating the guaranteed value of a given combo by approximately one level, without the risk of losing out on that damage if broken. All of a sudden, you don’t even have to cashout to get value out the combo game - and that’s before we consider the absurd buff to combo drop>resets (which at present is mitigated by the fact that you actually have to succeed in the combo game or neutral to reap the benefits of Kryll-enhanced resets). 9% is about half of an EX Grab. That’s almost 1/10th of a lifebar. In what universe is that not huge? Further, since when is RAAM supposed to do massive damage with “good combos” outside of INSX?

The correct answer to both is: “stop asking silly rhetorical questions”

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Eh, Raam is not really a serious threat during Instinct . either people Turtle up, or they end up breaking The combo anyway.

He has the potential to be a threat, but is his instinct as reliable as Jago’s life building instinct or some other character’s instincts? I don’t believe so.


Eh? That’s not even remotely true… :confused:

On the topic of a linker that adds poison, @DEClimax is correct. Regardless of how breakable the linker is, a DOT linker would be too strong. You would always start your combo with it, and it being super breakable just makes it even more threatening as counter-breaker bait. Raam isn’t meant to be extra dangerous within combo; again, he is largely balanced around that limitation.


His instinct is a huge threat, if you pop it in a situation where they could turtle up or break the combo then you’re doing it wrong. It’s mere presence, not even activated, completely cranks up the risk of lock out to ludicrous levels meaning that his suddenly easy to break combos turn into giant counter breaker bait. I’ve taken entire health bars just mashing heavy double light linker heavy double light linker because they feared the counter breaker. That whole mind game gets turned up to 11 with the risk reward ratio heavily skewed in Raam’s favor.


Guys, you’re focusing on that first sentence n but I amended it by saying “He has the potential to be a threat, but is his instinct as reliable as Jago’s life building instinct or some other character’s instincts? I don’t believe so.”

I have done 78-82% damage with his instinct. Of course the damage potential is threatening, but because he is so easy to be broken some of that threat is reduced. In this sense you can’t do anything wrong; either they break you or they don’t–I just dvr’d a match where a guy broke my combo, and there’s no way he could see which attacks I was using.

As far as popping it out without a combo starter, I agree you’re not doing it rightn but sometimes my big fingers trigger the instincr before I’m ready and I have to try to make do with it.


Why isn’t it as reliable as Jago’s? Sure he has the potential to gain health but he needs to open up the opponent first just like Raam. Frame advantage means nothing if Jago isn’t given the chance to do anything.


Confirm lockout>pop INSX>Damage Loop>Cashout>Setup

With this method, we get to capitalize on our INSX without being broken. It does require one, to an extent, to focus on baiting a lockout or counterbreak in order to maximize efficiency from the INSX pop. However, he is very much not easy to break during moments where breakers are impossible, not even to a lucky guess. I would say that the described method is the correct method, and any other application is sub-optimal at best, a waste of INSX at worst. We shouldn’t be expecting 80% from every INSX pop, but we should be striving toward it, and popping INSX just because you touched them isn’t necessarily helping one achieve that goal (unless you’ve soundly sussed out their breaking habits).

Without a lockout to safely pop INSX in, we can also go from INSX directly into Ender and try an ambiguous crossup or flipout setup back into a one chance. Multi-opener resets, Opener>grab/throw resets into setups are also sound options that remain break-proof. My personal favorite is the Coach Steve Special:

Opener>EX Shank Linker>FADC(lockout bait)>INSX>Damage Loop

It’s expensive as it requires full resources, but when it works you feel like a bloody genius, and will often close the match out in short order. Nothing seems to tilt people quite like a lockout on an FADC (aside from maybe Gargos’ Minions).

But, I think what @SithLordEDP was saying is if you’re getting broken during INSX, you’re doing it wrong. I’m inclined to agree.

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I see what you’re saying but that’s not a guarantee that you’ll get a lockout. Not that there’s a guarantee with anything in the game.

However, as someone posted earlier, Raam is easy to break, and if you have someone consistently Breaking your Combos, would you agree that a lockout would be kind of difficult?

I’m not trying to be a know it all here. I’m just going by what I’ve personally observed playing and watching others play the character


And I’d disagree with this one as well. Raam has one of the most dangerous instincts in the game. Any combo confirm once he has it stocked becomes a life or death decision in terms of breaking, and that’s not nothing. Sure he’s easy to break, but do you really want to chance that heavy breaker when a counter breaker will literally kill you?

Yes, Raam’s breakability means he has to commit to the combo game, but that’s not a bad thing. The threat of lockout->instinct cancel is incredibly potent - you just have to be willing to play the cards.


The threat lies in the fear factor. Think of it like this. You are playing against Raam and you are getting combo’d. You decide wheter to break or not because you don’t want to get locked lut or counter broken and you will die because he has instinct. By the time you decided, levle 4 ender already lel.

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Yeah, it’s a shame raam has no options to deal with an opponent that’s blocking. :confused: