Gears of War 4: Official Thread

Although we have a couple Gears threads, there isn’t one that is dedicated on the game as a whole.

So, what are your initial thoughts of Gears of War 4? The Beta has been around for a few days now and the Open Beta will release on the 24th. Plan on giving it a shot?

Post anything you’d like relating to Gears from screenshots, clips, impressions, reviews, the works!

If you have played the Beta and have strong criticism, I suggest you post it on their official forums so they get a better idea of what to fix and listen too.

Also, don’t mean to brag… but you will notice after exploring their forums a bit that we truly have an awesomer community. Just saying, despite how cool Gears is, their forums have nothing on us. :grin:


Didn’t get into the beta, really interested in the campaign and Dodgeball mode in multiplayer.

You should give it a shot, its open now. Oh, and Dodgeball is fantastic, it makes clutch situations EPIC!

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I played a couple matches yesterday in TDM and I felt like a lot of the things I had initially noticed as somewhat problems seemed fixed. I think I was right and it was mainly first-couple-day bugginess.

I will be looking to play more during the week, if anyone wants to play.

Yeah, Rod has openly said that this is an actual “Beta Build”. Quite frankly, with the bugs and all - I was happy. Because more than often a Beta is a demo rather than Beta, so issues were being addressed on the spot and polishing is guaranteed upon release.

My biggest wonder,
What will be of the Retro Lancer?

I think we might get a different, new rifle of some sort.

The Hammerburst currently feels worthless to me, it has too little damage and WAY too much recoil to be useful in any kind of one on one fight, even rifle vs rifle. The best one they’ve had was the semi-auto single shot one in GOW2.

Yeah, it is getting a complete rework.

I actually enjoy the Hammerburst, but is does like you say feel “useless” especially in critical situations where a regular Lancer would triumph. With that being said, I think their are some issues with hit detection also that might contribute to its lack of damage. Still, a slight damage increase could help now that it isn’t a long-ranged rifle.

I actually think it was OP in both Gears 2 & 3. I favored it most in UE as it lived up to the “burst” in Hammerburst, good damage and range without being overly obnoxious and rivaled the Lancer very well.

I forgot how good Gears was. Played the UE beta and thought I was done with Gears after that but this beta is getting me back into the game. I used to be decent at Gears 2. Now I am having a hard time just using the shot gun around corners.

The Hammerburst used to be my favorite. Remember it would speed up if you tapped on it but man it doesn’t seem to do that anymore from what I could tell. Doesn’t seem worth it to carry the gun especially since the lancer gets you insta kills.

Yeah, I did enjoy UE but after a while it lost its touch. I played a fair amount of games and finished the campaign before I dropped it completely due to a lack of additional content like Horde. But that is the first title for you.

Yeah, this game has a tighter cover system but it still give you enough room to maneuver and have clutch moments. Problem is that the shotgun at close distances is like whiffing a DP.

It was great, but it was broken. People abused its single-fire mechanism with Rapid-Fire Controllers so it was OP and even beat an active Gnasher at close range. But, their method of “fixing” in the Beta, ultimately made it useless.

I’m starting to get hype about GoW!4 =D ! I don’t know when I’ll be able to play it since I won’t be around my X1 when itcomes out. Maybe three days after I’ll be back home to try it out.


My biggest wonder,
What will be of the Retro Lancer?

What a scary weapon back in GoW 3. The only porpouse of that horrible weapon was to be a counterpick vs the skilled gnasher players at medium/close distance. It was very strong indeed. If you were lucky a retro charge would down people in no time, but if you suffered any kind of rollback you would just tickle them.
I don’t mind the sawed- off much because it did what it had to do (training wheels for many players, myself included) but the retrolancer was just evil.

Oh, and Dodgeball is fantastic, it makes clutch situations EPIC!

It seems very fun! =D


The Hammerburst currently feels worthless to me

I agree. Maybe because back in GoW 3 was very good. As Tiger Spirit said: the rifle itself wasn’t a problem, because rifles were op in that game. The real problem were the players that modified their pads to have rapid fire, “the lasers” would down you before you could ask what happened. Ranking vs a team of rapid fire players was a frustrating experience (I’ve heard that when some players faced these teams they would all pick retrolancers to balance a bit).

We still don’t know what changes will the hammerbust have. Also the enforcer (is that the name?) seems good. The retro will be a pick up weapon. I did like the GoWJ variation of that rifle, but I dind’t like that game multiplayer =S


I used to be decent at Gears 2. Now I am having a hard time just using the shot gun around corners.

Are you talking about the GoW 4 beta gnasher? it feels a litlle slower to the one in GoW 3 (maybe because of the cool down in the cover system wallbounce). That gnasher was so niceeee. At least we have barrel shooting back. I’m bad at center screen shooting, even though I enjoyed UE a lot.

Feel the hype

Ouch, I’ll have it by the 6th because of the GameStop early release night, but three days isn’t all that bad.

Saw gameplay of it and it definately has more control over the recoil, but the damage still seems a tad stronger than the regular lancer. The biggest drawback to this gun is the lack of clip size, it is relatively low for a moderate firerate.


It’s basically the new Retro lol, except you cannot use it outside a far range whatsoever.

They showed a bit of gameplay after the beta patches, it looks similar to the beta with slight modification to recoil control and damage.

Ultimately, based off the information I’ve gathered, along with some notes about each weapon, heres how I rank them.

Mark 2 Hammerburst:

Accuracy: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Damage: ★ ★ ★

Range: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Fire Rate: ★ ★

Recoil Control: ★ ★ ★

  • Slight recoil adjustment
  • Six round burst reduced to three for better long range capability

Mark 1 Lancer (Retro):

Accuracy: ★ ★ ★

Damage: ★ ★ ★ ★

Range: ★ ★ ★

Fire Rate: ★ ★ ★

Recoil Control: ★ ★ ★ ★

  • No longer a starter weapon, can only be picked up from map (excluding horde mode)
  • Can now headshot enemies at lower health

Mark 3 Lancer:

Accuracy: ★ ★ ★ ★

Damage: ★ ★

Range: ★ ★ ★

Fire Rate: ★ ★ ★ ★

Recoil Control: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  • No change that was apparent from any video.
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I’m really excited for Gears, and I’m hoping to get to play with forum people when possible. I went digital for this one, since it’s a Play Anywhere title; that way if my wife wants to play something on the Xbox or use it to watch TV she can do so, and I will simply play my game on my W10 PC which is about seven feet away from the TV.

I have been purposefully trying not to read up on too much information so as to keep myself a bit surprised. I think they’re taking a good route by adding lots of different weapon camos (and, theoretically, player skins) as ‘pack drops,’ which will be great unless the ingame earn rate is really low. I don’t want to see the skins get bogged down behind microtransactions, so as long as I get a chance at at least a few skins through a night of play I’ll be happy.

Plus, there’s lots of potential for The Coalition to continue adding skins via updates; either around specific holidays & events, or with each group of maps released. That kind of thing adds a lot of replay value for anybody who is big on unlocking new stuff.

I preordered the standard edition, so I won’t be getting early access on Friday, but I’m planning to buy the Season Pass as soon as it’s available separately.

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Anytime you see me on multiplayer, just send me an invite! I usually go solo but wouldn’t mind the extra company.

I’ve been really looking into it… there are pack drops that cost in-game currency as well as real money, however from what I heard the highest costing pack being an “Airdrop” is about $49.99 according to Amazon. But, that comes with more than is necessary I think. You get good loot from the “Elite Packs” which include costume skins and weapon skins for 4000 credits or $4.99. I’m not too sure about actual characters though, I think that may be level or achievement based like previous Gears.

Either way, there will certainly be a magnitude of skins in this game, each based off a rarity system along with some being able to be created.

Why do that? You’d spend a less by just getting the UE in the first place.

It sounds like they’re taking the same route Battlefield Hardline took, then, which is perfect. Earn in-game money/credits/points just by playing, which you then spend on packs. I don’t mind having the option to spend real money, but I don’t want it to be the only way which gets you anything on a regular basis. Rainbow Six Siege did a good job with this as well, but they obviously use single item purchases (ingame or real money) rather than packs.

Last I looked, UE was $100; I’m assuming the Season Pass is going to be ~$25, though it’s possible it might be $50. Budget required I pick up the Season Pass separately, to be honest.

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“Never fight alone!”

I mean, it’s possible, but then you can feel how hard it is when you get matched vs an organised team. I’ll be around too, I usually fight with teamates and friends in my region (to avoid lag, which is the devil!) but we can find a chance to play together any day =)
I’m pretty sure this game will have region lock, that has pro and cons. But considering there will be more ppl playing it won’t be hard to get a match here. The only problem will be facing the same players over and over again (I know almost everybody after 4 years playing Gears 3). But at least I won’t have to deal with harsh delays and stuff, insane teleporting, sticking to walls, etc.

I too bought the standard game, same I did with Gears Judgement. I love Gears, but I don’t need 4 millions skins. I do want the maps. But I’ll wait a bit more. By the way, in my store the game cost x2 the original price in US -___- (almost $200 for the Ultimate edition).

Ouch, I’ll have it by the 6th because of the GameStop early release night, but three days isn’t all that bad.

Oh! that’s great!! well, I’ll be spending some time with another KI player, so we will play KI offline =D (that’s the good part!). Maybe if he buys the game we can try it befor I come back home. He has better connection so I may stream KI and Gears if I get the chance.

Mark 3 Lancer:
Accuracy: ★ ★ ★ ★

Damage: ★ ★

Range: ★ ★ ★

Fire Rate: ★ ★ ★ ★

Recoil Control: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

No change that was apparent from any video.

Whyyy? my favourite weapon has no damage!! just like my Sabrewulf … sniiff u.u
#Buff the lancer before launch :smiling_imp:

It seems they want me to use another weapons. As long as I can keep the gnasher I’m fine (and I was so baaaad with the shotgun at first, lol)

By the way, I’m taking some KI players to Gears with me =3 (llike an Omen player , I’m training him for Gears, lol)

If anyone else want to play feel free to add me, if I don’t join or answer party invites is because I’m already playing with friends or I’m in a extreme difficult match with salt included XD , but doesn’t mean there’s a chance to play another day. Gt : Maru MDQ

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In case anyone wasn’t aware, there’s a promotion going on with Totino’s products (frozen pizzas, pizza “rolls” etc) where the packages include a code which can be redeemed on Totino’s website for ingame Gears Of War codes to unlock a zombified JD Fenix skin, a zombie lancer skin, and other items.

There’s a special pack available at WalMart (though I haven’t seen any the last two times I’ve been in there) which has a code for a zombie Gnasher skin.

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Nice! I’m unable to get them in m y country…So if anyone gets one to spare, I would appreciate it. If not , is ok =3

The sad part is that I often fought alone in Horde lol

But due to the class differences in Horde, it doesn’t look like that will be possible or at least it won’t be very ideal.

Yeah, I remember you mentioning that before about buying your console. That is brutal, so I can understand why you’d want to save as much as you can. Also, something worth mentioning about the maps is that if your friends have them, then you should be able to play off them. At least that’s what the devs were saying.

Sweeeeet! KI Offline, wait… so when you made that post about being strictly offline, does that just mean you will only do offline tournaments or just play single-player? Does that also mean you are done with Exhibition and whatnot?

Well, to be fair, it is one of the greatest weapons you can use. It’s so consistent and pleasing to line people up with bullets! It may not have the best damage but its reliability is what makes it amazing. I think it was only ever “bad” in the original GOW and UE. Otherwise, it’s the best weapon for support and pressure.

Gnasher did get a slight nerf in range though, so you won’t be able to use it as well at a distance as you did during the beta. I wasn’t very good my first time either, took me a while to understand the delay in shots and spread.

I’m going to the store sometime this week, most likely tomorrow to snag me a few bags for the codes. I hope you don’t mind if I can’t get you all the codes. I’ll probably get you Zombie JD, unless you preferred the Zombie Gnasher?

Oh and there is also a Rockstar Energy drink! I don’t know much about it, but there is some information about the promotion on their Twitter.

PSA; keep code trading/sharing discussion in PMs, because even gifting codes is technically against TOS.

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