Gargos Trailer & KI Teases


Eyedol won’t surprise anyone.


Better off just letting eyedol come back as another threat down the road. Not now, there’s no point. I don’t need eyedol popping out of the blue randomly.

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Hey as long as you guys at least keep us updated on whats going on with the new characters, unlike Capcom who doesn’t tell their audience jack ****. I can deal with a drought of information, as long as we have SOMETHING.

I trust you guys at IG, you won’t be like crapcom.

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Oh capcom…I said it before. IF they go down…it’s gona be their own fault.


If Eyedol no huge excitement.
If guest character wow
If original character Much Excitement- say a shadow lord in cahoots with Gargos, stand alone threat who partners with Gargos


Guest character canon shadow lord. I’m thinking grunty from banjo kazooie


If no eyedol it’s only fair that we get to challenge that choice in a trial by combat.


Mortal Kombat…round one…FIGHT.


Eyedol will show up in season 4: season of the guest characters.


NO new stage (again) and very limited, boring accessories. Plus many of his moves are just beefed up Omen moves, making Omen even more useless. I love the summoning but overall this feels pretty useless and not worth it. I am not sure it brings enough new to the table and just more cheese tactics. btw comment 69/69… :confused:


Wait, are you talking about Gargos here? I can’t think of a single move he has that is Omen-like.


I think their are pretty similar, but who cares about 1 normal?


The flying, the wings, the shadow effects on everything. It makes sense for there to be some similarity but we have a lot of characters now that are kind of in the same ‘family’ - Jago, S.Jago, Omen and Gargos… all connected. Jago of course is pretty different and more your traditional fighter but Omen just feels like Gargos-lite to me now. I’ve never really been a fan of him anyway, so maybe it’s unfair but I would rather have seen something more with the demons .


Explain how they are similar. Gargos doesn’t have fast kicks. He doesn’t have a slide. He can’t shoot 3 fireballs. He doesn’t have a shield. They are barely similar.

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Omen’s airdash and gargos’s multijumps aren’t similar in application at all though. Gargos’s jumps are suited to evasion and generally being a nuisance in the air, while omen’s airdash is an approach and mixup tool for hard to block rushdown. The only thing they have in common is that they’re mobility options in the air, and if that’s all it takes to be gargos-lite, well…I wasn’t aware sabrewulf, kim, sadira, cinder, rash, mira, and aria were ALL heralds of our new lord.

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Wait what? How?!?! Three of them share some similarities, but they’re all unique in their own way. Gargos doesn’t even come close to being in the same field as this family tree.

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Medium kick? I thought that looked similar to Omen’s kick throw.


So, we surely will have the new character announcement.

As it’s a big audience, IMO it should be a really flashy announcement.

1- A Guest, because they bring new population to the game
2- An incredible character with unique design(something like Gargos)
3- A “returning character”. Eyedol could be fit here, but Eagle, although he never was playable, is a fan favourite and long time requested character.

I would be happy if Eyedol and Eagle are the last characters, being Eagle some short of cyborg. He could use kickboxing and wrestling techniques, but with cyborg augmentations(Some short of Adam Jensen from Deus Ex series)


Dude @Infilament is the guy who writes the big highly detailed KI guide, I wouldn’t argue with him about what moves characters have lol.

And whilst yeah sure Omen and Gargos are both demons or whatever their gameplay is completely different, they zone in completely different ways, they interact with meter in entirely different ways and Omen’s combo tend to focus around fast kick linkers whilst Gargos is all about the portal punches and that varied use command grab. Not to mention as well Omen does not have the air supremacy and range that Gargos does well in. They play really differently.


As long as the next 2 characters are both NEW characters I wont have any complaints. We dont need anymore guests.