Gargos Trailer & KI Teases


We don’t know that till the devs say so. So wheter it is or not. Don’t bother confirming or deconfirming.

Nothing has been pushed one way or the other.


Well the guy said " new stage confirmed" so I was just saying that he shouldn’t say that… I didn’t confirm or deconfirm anything. Just said that the trailer didn’t say anything about a stage.


I wouldn’t even reply.


Shadow Orchid hope
that will happen,. Imagine she uses chains like Ivy in soul calibur. too dope


True. You’re right.


The teasers have been lit Fam :fire: :sunglasses:


Ivy uses a whip sword. Not chains.


Mark my words:

E3, 14-16 Jun:
-New character announcement. Probably a guest character, due to the big audience. Gears of war seems a logic choice, I whould say a new character from Gears of war 4, working as advertisement for both franchises.
-Shadow lords its shown, maybe release date
-Maybe a surprize, like a new stage(astral plane hinted)

EVO, 15-17 July:
-Last character, I would love to see Eyedol, but as a big scenario for the FG community, I highly doubt it. Gonna be something really crazy, Gargos lvls
-New multiplayer mode, related to Shadow lords, maybe focused in the use of items
-Maybe a “new season” announcement, but a smaller one for less money(3-4 more characters for 10 $, 20$ Ultra edition)


Thats not my point, Mr Einstien, I owned soul calibur 2 on gamecube and I know those details.




Another Shadow character would be the death of humanity in my case.

Well forgetting about “You know who”, the last character could be Eyedol, if not this kind lady:


I just hope this game gets Eyedol in it before its “finished”. If they put him in after [CLASSIFIED] they could literally not add anymore characters and I wouldn’t even be mad lol

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personally I’d rather she just be a skin. Because another shadow character won’t add to KI diversity.

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I hope everyone gets royally trolled and the last character is Kan-Ra’s twin brother Ran-Ka. :laughing:


No more family ties! I’m getting tired of that old trope in FGs! Everyone’s everyone else’s brother’s sister’s mother’s father’s cousin’s uncle’s aunt - on their mother’s father’s side. NO!


It’s tusk’s mom AND dad. Yup, calling it now. Or it’s kameo.

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I see.


That’s funny.

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I really feel like the last character is going to be Eyedol. It would explain the complete info shut out…no tease, no silouhette…pretty much if they did divulge anything we’d all immediately know it was him. So if they’re wanting to go for surprise, leaving everybody in the dark would be about the only way they could go.


better be. I made a poll last year between him and shadow Orchid and guess what… Eyedol won easily. So Shadow Eyedol are clearly the better choice. They should let us choose through the second community fund though.