Gargos Trailer & KI Teases


Yea I did but that could literally be anything. Could just be something they made for him like a shadow lords cutscene like someone said above. As much as I want it to be a stage, and in his hero art when he’s standing on the floating platform, it most defintely looks like one, wouldn’t they have at least shown him fighting on it at least once as opposed to fighting on like 3 other people’s stage ? I hope it is one; I just got super super excited because you used the word CONFIRMED as if they straight up announced it and showed it off in his trailer. Needless to say I was extremely disappointed after watching it because there was no sky stage confirmation at all. Everything else was amazing though.


It was on his intro though. An intro. It probably is a stage. I could be wrong though.


Well it wasn’t his intro like when u pick him to fight cause the little minions come out first, and he doesn’t say " begin the invasion " , so I’m thinking its a cut scene from the new story/shadow lords mode. I do hope they make it a stage though, I mean his hero art with him standing on that floating platform HAS to be a nod to the classic sky stages. I mean they had to know what they were doing there if you ask me. Far too much of a coincidence.


I am actually excited that there will be no news of the next 2 characters until the proper reveal. The teases are nice and I appreciate them, but sometimes giving nothing and just unleashing it all at once can make for an awesome reveal as well.

Awesome trailer too. His voice is on point, the VA did a great job. I also love the vibe it gives off. I expected Gargos to be powerful and smart but this kind of elevated those feelings even more for me. Not only does he give off the master schemer vibe, but it seems like he is going to come through and steamroll the entire cast without too much trouble lol


I wouldn’t call it a sky stage, but rather a space stage. :wink:

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That trailer is awesome!!! I thought Sky Stage at first too, but it could be a tease of Shadow Lords, either a cinematic or his final stage.

No teasers? shrug Okay, just means a bigger reveal :smile:


That trailer was amazing! Who did the voice acting for Gargos? Cause they did a killer job. A little disappointed that you guys won’t be sharing any info on either character till their proper reveal (especially the last one) but hopefully the Shadow Lords info will be enough to tide me over.


No more teases until reveals? KI is dead!! Time to sell my xbox and pc, anyone want them? The pc has good raam.


A wise forum poster once said, a trailer without a tease is like wine without cheese.


there really hasn’t been a better tease than orchid catapulting into the arena at the end of Sadiras trailer.

So we can be relaxed knowing there haven’t been any more teases

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I wonder who the next character is :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: just a thought and Garbos trailer was hype I loved it easily 8/10. The missing two is obviously because… You know why


Already played as him and he is amazing.


Really? No character tease at the end? Its time for me to call it like it is, folks. Season 3 isn’t very hype at all. No new stages, character trailers lacking teases at the end, no ultimates, I can go on forever.

As for the next two characters, we all know who one of them is (I will not name names, but you can blame for ruining the surprise), and I’m hoping the other one is Eyedol (the fans want him back, don’t let Ken Lobb’s alleged hatred towards him tell you otherwise). It’d be a shame that he didn’t come back and a season 4 was not announced. Same goes for ultimates.

That’s it. I’m done here.


Im just upset that the trailer didn’t show his stoneskin at all in any real way, shape, or form - that’s a big part of the character! They could’ve simply shown a few seconds of him using it against Aganos (“I have stone skin too!” says Gargos, as he dons his armor and then explodes it against the golem).


Great trailer and at least the information that you’ve stated before about the teasers is public knowledge now, more so than it was before.

That voice fits him so well, enough said.


I KNOW exactly what the problem is… We think Garbos is the final boss it’s RUKARI all along Rukargos is planning something demented :frowning: :frowning: It all makes sense… He is up to something I know it :expressionless:
(not being rude just being funny trying to start a scenario) :cry:


Clever girl…


[quote=“KRX8, post:33, topic:10790, full:true”]No new stages

Welp, I guess don’t let facts get in the way of your disappointment.


Perhaps on shadow lords we face him at the shadow tiger’s lair and IF we beat his first life bar something like this may happen:



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