Gargos Trailer & KI Teases


Doesn’t any character constitute a “new” character? I mean I can tell you they aren’t in the game right now, because they haven’t been released. huehuehue


Well, if you want to get technical, of course :3


I believe “new” in this case means not currently in any game. But you already knew that, didn’t you? You’re such a troll. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ouch the troll is so real here… I want to see new creative characters from the brains of the game designers, new concepts, not hey, there’s this guy in this game, he does these things, lets make him a fighter. I mean like, Aganos new. He was an awesome idea. :slight_smile:


New and ORIGINAL character, meaning a non-guest character and hasn’t been shown in the game before.

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Ruk I just wish you guys would announce those final 3 stages at E3. COme on now give the 6 Million some stages. You didn’t give my gurl her New Year’s Top Hat

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I just want that stupid portal punch glitch gone. That crap’s annoying. Like REALLY annoying.


The lingering hitbox is all that needs to be fixed.


I know. Despite me being fully aware of it instinct kicks in “oh the moves over time act.”

Nope…nevermind…I’ll just take this combo…no problem…