Gargos quad ultra


The best I could ever get against a player was 3. That was…7 counter bereakers. Would have been 8 if not for the lockout. I mean…how does one do SEVEN breakers and not learn after the first or second. That’s what you all mashed potatoes.


No one is salty because they got ultrad. They’re annoyed that you’re wasting their time. How would you like it if you went to a football game and every five minutes the game was stopped for a half time show? Would you be salty with the dancers dance moves? No, you’d be annoyed that the game keeps getting delayed every few minute.


Don’t watch football man I play games and an ultra isn’t till after you’ve won the match so what you’re trying to compare it to is half time there’s no halftime ultra in the match but I see where you’re coming from but it’s called a ultra for a reason it shouldn’t be short and sweet you lost now you have to deal with my stylish combos and best believe if I have instinct and a recapture I’m going to use them I mean that’s the whole reason for playing fighting games is to “whoop a**” especially this one big combos man always been a big part of KI


well arbiter is worst dont talk ■■■■ about my boy you play cancer arbiter
(dont take everything i said to serious after all we are good friends :slight_smile:


Umm… You don’t understand what I mean… I mean I have to watch and waiting until Gargos finished ultra. I don’t like waste my time. :confused:

Plus, I never said Gargos is worst or cancer. XD

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you do know i was joking? :slight_smile:

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Bad joke. lol

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yeh in school the always say im a bad joker soo thank you :slight_smile:

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and by the way kev i would not go to you and start ■■■■ man after all we are friends and i like to joke around (but as you say bad jokes) get use to me cuzz im starting to get used to all of you :blush: sorry for my language

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@KevBones10 and that salt i had from your arbiter still is in my body it feels soo bad man :frowning:

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Don’t they already do that anyways?

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Is there an alternate way of doing his quad ultra


is there any other way to recapture?


Not that I am aware of. His only recapture comes from his command grab. I have tried using a shadow before it, 0 KV, wall splat into command grab, you name it. Doesn’t matter, it will blow out.


It isn’t a normal recapture so once the opponent has no life, it stops working. Kinda sad… It was honestly part of why I enjoyed playing him as winning was actually a challenge. With no reward I haven’t even used the DE skins for him. A character that can’t style in victory just doesn’t have the same appeal. I’m sure he can do something, but the grab recap was by far the coolest they had added.

Gonna miss this


U worked hard to get this working


Seems to be a mix of opinions on here, but it’s funny how when the game was first launched no one batted an eye over the Ultra’s. Then recaptures were introduced and people found ways of doing multiple Ultra’s and now people seem to have a problem with it. In all honesty I don’t have a problem with them since it’s part of the game and I always did like listening to the beat they made, but I can understand why some people consider them a “waste of time”.


when you see people complaining about a quad ultra but you main RAAM who at best can only get a technical double ultra


I main gargos and i’d never do this, mainly because when i finish a fight i want to get to the next one so bad that it just is a waste of time to me. the less ultras people can do the better. Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!