Gargos quad ultra


It’s so weird to hear people say they want to do long ultras to frustrate/piss off their opponent, or break their focus for the next fight.

It’s not that at all. You don’t make me play worse because you quad ultra’D me, you just wasted my time. I have enough going on in my life that when I sit down to play a videogame, I want to actually play it, not have a 2 minute match, then a 2 minute cutscene.

The reason people get salty when they get long ultra’D is because their time is precious, not because they’re mad you’re rubbing it in that you won.

A game that wastes my time is not a game I am interested in playing.


Hey it actually works on some people.


It works on me when you happen to taunt. I just wreck you even harder.


You cannot fight the future.


Ok, ok…make it optional off-line as well. Honestly I kinda figured offline there could be some sort of house rules understanding that if you do more ultras than agreed upon you get punched in the throat,or something to that effect, but whatever.

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I couldn’t make an adequate joke without going too far for a public forum.

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There is no future when it continues to avoid me.

Where you at bruh, quit ducking me.


I did, you declined remember?


Yeah, you asked me when I was breaking away from my main and KI all together.

Name a time. We shall see who is mightier. Brains or heart.


Hmmmmm how about tomorrow?

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ultras are part of the game, part of what makes killer instinct.


Its true that ultras are a part of Killer Instinct but quad/three ultras? I dont remember those in KI1 neither in Ki2. 2 minutes its too much time for me. I could spend that time searching another fight.


Ultras are cool, if they’re short.

KI 2013’s ultras are not short, especially not extendable ones.

I also don’t really buy the whole “X is in the game because that’s how it’s always been” argument. Some things were still bad ideas back then, or the landscape of games have changed considerably since the game was last relevant and the game needs to adapt as well.


I’ll take a long ultra. Like beast drives in Bloody roar or Cross arts in SFxT. Those I don’t mind since those are more cinematics then anything.

Or those brutalities from the old MK games. But those were more funny to watch then anything.


No, but the idea of extendable Ultras came from KI2’s more varied enders= more hits per ender system. The instinct cancel in to doubles/triples, etc. were just an extension of that.

I am honestly saddened by the capping of Ultras due to high-level competitive players whining. I have always thought it was amazing to see videos of people that could find ways to hit new levels of combos, like Orchid’s 200+ Ultra back in season 1 where they used her firecat to land countless recaptures before recapturing was even a feature.


That was staged. How can someone NOT learn their lesson after getting counter broken at least twice?


Maybe so (it does happen), but everything after the first ultra wasn’t staged.


Depends on the person really. I’ve come across some really vulgar people. Yeah call it poking the bear but, if someone has that much pent up range during a video game, I’m sorry but I’m going to amuse myself and see where it goes. I play Fulgore so it’s not like his Ultra is super long or anything, but people still complain about that too.

I think some characters in KI2 could do upwards of 10 ultra’s or infinite if you knew the timing, I’ve seen some crazy 80+ hit ones.

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I like to do more than 1 ULTRA, but I also get bored when I am receiving 2 or 3 ULTRAS.

I guess IG should allow 1 ULTRA to be activated with the possibility of an ender, and disable Instinct cancel or recapture afterwards.


[quote=“WrathOfFulgore, post:35, topic:15682”]
I am honestly saddened by the capping of Ultras due to high-level competitive players whining.
[/quote] YES!!! me too I personally find it fun to do more than one ultra and then try to come up with kool combos in between and some pro player being salty because they got ultraed more than once in competitive play is not a good enough reason for them to cap off multiple ultras. I find it quite comical that some of these changes that happened to this game are straight from people whining on this forum i’ve stated before it’s cool they listen to us but it can also be a cancer.