Gargos quad ultra

Could u guys return this feature for ffs Gargos is the BOSS OF THE GAME

Nope. It’s very boring to watching Gargos’s quad ultra in online matches…

Pretty sure there’s already a thread about this, you might want to check before creating a brand new one.

I miss his triple ultra but not so much his quad ultra.

Remind me again why doing more then one ultra was even worth it to begin with?

To humiliate your opponent I guess.


Makes sense.

Isn’t the cool Izuna Drop ender enough?

I m totally fine with the removed quad ultra. I believe they should remove it for every character in the game. The limit should be 2 using the instinct.

No, what should be done is vary ending options based on the game mode being played. Ranked: one Ultra tops. Other online modes: make long or short ultras an option. Offline: long ones only.

The thing is while some of us are veterans that have seen them all and would rather get on to the next match, a new player sees the spectacle of performing a massive combo, and it becomes nearly as much of a challenge for them as making the top of the leaderboards is for someone that liked grinding on Shadow Lords. And to know that you’ll never be able to acomplish an incredible feat you’ve seen others do because some pro player got sick of seeing it…well honestly that just sucks.


The salt produced by my opponents during a full ultra is the life essence that sustains me.
-SullenMosquito 2016

It’s in the game, I love to see what crazy stuff people can do. If you don’t like getting Ultra’d, learn not to lose by training to become better. If I win, it is my choice how I end it. A Shadow Jago double ultra into ultimate? Fulgore 5 ultra ender juggle ultra? Mmm decisions decisions. The way I see it, complaining about a full ultra is like complaining about a blue shell in mario kart. If it really is that bad, you are free to rage quit.

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I only do one just because it flows good. Doing anymore just ruins anything good about it.

Then I suppose you’re happy I don’t play ranked :slight_smile: when gold rank is best 2/3, I would full ultra to break their focus for round 2, mind games ftw!!

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That would prompt me to play at my best.


Usually when I’m ultra’ed I just surf the web or start thinking about something else while someone does their 2+ ultras.


Ehh, that doesn’t really work. They last too long, you’re over it by the time the next match starts. With a taunt or teabag you’re back to the fight right after it so it might have an effect on someone, but definitely not long full ultras.

As an offline-local player, fxck that. The only option available would be to disdain the person sitting next to you? Why? Are you secretly trying further an agenda to get more gnarly barfights on youtube?

I really miss doing 3 ULTRAS with Gargos…

But I have to eat 3 from Shadow Jago?

Not Fair you guys :rage:


it was so hilarious back at his launch now its kinda boring for a boss like Gargos. Feels like a season 1 character with short ultra.

Ultras in general are too long for this game. Should just be one Ultra and one Ultra ender then on to the next match