Gargos picture!

“Kneel to your God.”


Nice. ^^
The source?

KI twitter official account! :slight_smile:

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WAT!? He looks shorter than I expected!

Calm down… It’s just picture… Lol

Can IG remove the wings please? I think it’d look better if he only had them out during his intro and outro and maybe some special move or during his ultra but other than that they should just disappear during the match.


Sorry, I had to stifle a laugh because so many people said the exact opposite about Omen lol.

I disagree, though, those wings are awesome.


Lol I know. I’m confident that he’ll be awesome. I just imagined him being at least as tall as Aganos.

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I bet you that is his Color 9.

Seems like Green and Purple. Just like KI’s S3 theme? :grin:

Nah. I think it’s instinct mode.

You think so? That’s a massive Shift in color if that was instinct!

But Tusk Glows Red, so… :thinking:

Jago’s tattoo glows yellow too!

Sadira “glows” Black.



I can manipulate the camera mwahahahaha

Come on now we’ve seen all of a few frames of Gargos.

It’s almost like we knew something about Gargos’ corruption during this Season and themed it appropriately :stuck_out_tongue:




Yes, I saw in the other thread. XD

Is that really his instinct? That’s a dramatic change in color. I’m guessing it alludes to the Shadow energy that all of the characters use?

Wait… :open_mouth:

Oh about color - lighting on each stage is different. I knew there was something I wanted to touch on in my post.

For instance Kim Wu’s stage can make a characters costume/color look way different than say… Cinder’s. Plays hell on the screenshots I take. So for now I will stick to Color 1 - which this is - and future screenshots will cycle through more stages.

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Ok. I understand.

His Color 1 is this:

But the way Saberwulf’s stage lighting works, makes him look like the OP Picture. Cool. Ok. I guess we will wait until more news. Any update on time estimates? :slight_smile:

I will drop more news during the month of May. :smiley:


@TheNinjaOstrich you asked for it.