Gargos is annoying to fight

The character is kinda broken right now with the long active portal punches. There have been quite a few instances where I thought my punches were way early, and instead they ended up being perfect almost invisible meaty attacks that connected.
Some people can’t handle the zoning, and just give up or rage quit. Other people completely destroy my Gargos.


Quick question that is off topic. Do I have a life? Played all day yesterday and the day before to get Gargos to level 50 and I got it today. Also fincho,can you show how to punish the hop mp.

Jump, backdash are two ways to do it. It’s just a normal command grab with additional start up.

Not that. I mean the one where you jump and press medium punch really fast for a quick overhead. Looks like a hop.

oh that!

Believe it or not, that instant overhead is - on block. Your best option would be to jab.

If you want to test how negative it is, choose yourself and the dummy as Gargos. From there, record Gargos first doing two instant crouching (for timing purposes), then doing the instant overhead ( and have him jump once or twice afterwards. Then when you hit playback, make sure you block it and jump after it’s performed. If you jump first, it’s negative and you can punish it. If the dummy jumps first, it’s + and he’s free to do whatever he wants after.


I feel your I am in the same boat as you with those maya nerfs. Some were justified but I feel some weren’t like the dp need because why am I really throw in a dagger if I missed. The new ender sucks and I’m not a fan of the new heavy dagger only cause it’s harder to confirm. But we just need to adapt.

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What’s a dagger ender we can’t do anymore because of the last patch nerf. If you talking about in instinct her instinct goes away too fast for that to happen and theirs Better ways to use instinct.

In the right hands yes. I’ve had my fair share of win/losses against Gargos players in Ranked. They’re no joke.

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Eh? I’m not sure what you’re talking about…I never mentioned anything about dagger ender or instinct… :confused:

Lolol it wasn’t easy, trying to follow this thread.

Actually gave up, can’t really understand half these posts x_x

I think the thing that’ll be hardest to get used to, when fighting gargos, is really dealing with his air mobility. His hops, while shorter than sadira’s double jump, make him just as hard to anti air, and between his air torpedos and his j.HP, as well as j.HK and j.MP to change his trajectory after blocked torpedos, it’s going to take some time to start reliably punishing some of his stuff.

His portal punches are clearly broken, and his shadow command grab always hits uncalled (which I hope is also a bug), but I’d say that’s about all there is to complain about the character, in terms of balance. Hopefully, soon these will both be patched out.

Thanks for those words👌. I know Maya is better now than in S2 but they took good things from her… But im used to her now, Im used to her juggle game take a look I develop this combo a few days ago👌

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Yea I mean the damage ender was too much, really don’t care about it but not being able to throw a dagger after DP? No sense.

His portal punches aren’t very good at range (besides the bug). With most of the cast you can block one punch and dash and be able to block in time for the next one. Except shadow punch (well I think only 2 characters can dash block those which is ARIA and TJ).

Inch your way towards him. Then probbaly gagos’ will try to use to blow you back and reset the course. I know right the sadira vs gargos MU is a little annoying mainly because of she doesn’t have much of an answer from long range.

ARIA on the other hand though, I feel like I can breeze right through it.

Ah, damn, I should’ve clarified, I wasn’t complaining about the portal punches. I was talking about the bug, not saying they’re broken as in too good. They’re actually broken right now.

Consequently they’re also too good lol but only mainly when used as a Meaty tool. They have like 5 times as many active frames as they should have, or something along those lines xD keits already confirmed it’ll be fixed by next patch.

But thanks for the solid advice!

in tips if i play aganos cuz i can’t get in with alll the spam

With aganos, I don’t know. Ask an aganos player.

Sorry wrong person lol

Wait, you mean to tell me that after less than 48 hours people have tapped into their vast matchup knowledge, fully understand the newest KI character and have come to the conclusion that he is unbearably OP and needs to be nerfed? Gosh that’s a first…

For the thousandth time - don’t come running to the forums every time you lose a match.