Gargos, Godlike, full buff, no consumables, no guardians and a perfect.. it happened!

I would assume Gargos will get adjusted to prevent this later on. I got all 3 of the hardest achievements in one go. This was the 3rd time however with a perfect… wanted to see if it could be done.

Engage the Hisako scoop loop!

Not sure how to embed a video so this might work…might not (If anyone can give us a run down how to embed this that would be great). Will attach a link too.

I’d like to think I am the first to Perfect him :slight_smile:


That does remind me, the AI never jumps throws (or if it does, I’ve never seen it). So guess it can’t tell the difference between a command grab and regular throw. And tries to tech the throw every time.

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I can’t even beat him on Godlike and these guys are wiping the floor with him. :rolling_eyes:


He beat my arse a few times until I figured out that the AI doesn’t know what to do in this situation in any match. Cheap as hell really but would be good to get a fix on things like this. Knowing that he can be defeated like this kinda spoils the hype around him being insanely difficult… which I was looking forward too :frowning:

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I feel the same way. Just because a few say it is easy, doesn’t mean it is easy for all of us.


I have a question. You want him to be difficult, but then use a cheap trick to beat him? If you want him to be more difficult, then try to beat him without doing things that you know to be AI loop holes.

On a side note. It was impressive and I will be trying that right now, so I can get the achievement.

Also if I can’t get this to work, then you gave me the best way to farm coins. :smile:


I just tried that trick and failed badly. As soon as it started he jumped, then dove and took a life bar. Hr then summoned and 1 comboed my 2nd life bar.

All the more reason to find exploits like this. Hisako is my main and knowing I can beat him this way with her with no consumables and guardians, for me, takes away the fun. I could intentional not do this but then that isn’t the point. I would rather a cheap buffed up Gargos do something cheap on wake up to get out of this than for me to not do it lol… That is up to the devs really… he could fixed already for the 20th which would be great!

and again, if I use anyone else but Hisako am sure to get my arse beat lol

Finding cheap loopholes to beat the AI is pretty much the only way to reliably beat an “intentionally hard” fighting game AI.

Otherwise, all your left with is a character that breaks all the rules that you aren’t allowed to break, and the only way you ever get damage on it is by the goodness of its own heart (or the dice rolls). I dunno if there’s a ton of fighting game “skill” in doing that.

So yeah, exploit that AI! That’s how you beat all games where it’s you vs. an AI, right? You deduce a pattern and apply a strategy that exploits the pattern? That’s how you beat, say… a Megaman boss or a Dark Souls boss too.


Completely agree. However there are exploits and then there are EXPLOITS!.

Am sure there are many other… much like the stone flesh - Sweep - until instinct run out technique. To which he never explodes to stop you. However that only lasts for however long Gargos instinct lasts for.

He just needs a little more tuning for situations like these. That is what this early access is all about.

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I’m actually thankful for the Gargos->instinct->sweep exploit. Saved me the trouble of having to run through SL again when I didn’t really feel like it. Got to get my stage and then call it a day until if/when shadows AI gets added.

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I tried this and he beats me bad. He jumps or does a move right off the bat. I tried the dash to get in quick, but could not seem to even start the trick you did.

The real question is whether this exploit is intended or not (and whether the devs are okay with it or not). For example, when I played Destiny, there was a raid boss that we could beat easily by luring him off a cliff. He was later patched so that exploit could not be used, because that’s not how the devs wanted you to beat him…

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Devs have already confirmed that release SL Gargos will be immune to some of the more obvious loops, i.e. infinite sweep (and infinite command grab as well I’d assume).

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The Destiny thing makes sense, because they have a particular plan for how to beat him.

I don’t know what the plan is to beat Gargos on godlike difficulty “fairly”, especially if it’s anything like the AI in the rest of the game. Play it 20 times and hope one of those times he does the perfect frame-tight response to your every action only 85% of the time instead of 90% of the time?

From what I understand, Gargos is not like a Destiny boss that is designed with loopholes and player victory in mind, it is just a collection of rule-breaking AI turned up to max that you hopefully can exploit long enough to win.

I FN. Did it. Perfect on God like! Fulgore’s beam is so great! 4 hits and he was done. 2 hits per life bar.

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Well, in defense of whoever has been tweaking KI’s AI for the past year or so, they toned down a lot of the more egregious shenanigans that Kyle used to pull. It’ll actually let a combo exist now, and is a little less frame-perfect on counter hits. :-p

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They could always let gargos’ stoneflesh not be affected by heavy attacks.

They could also make everything he does be unblockable and unavoidable. What could possibly go wrong?

Uh-huh, you never were good at jokes. That and it could make the spirit of gargos more intimidating.