Gargos = free evo

I dont mean that sleep is a bad player bad any means, but Gargos is so sooooooooooooo damn broken that i would feel insulted to fight against him on a serious event. 2 minions means you already won, is like the devs have been this entire season competing to create the most broken character possible (except kim ofc huehue), so following this trend is safe to asume that eyedol will be another cheapfest.

Gz UE Bass, you are the true champ


Honestly I think he used him in a way I did not expect. I I didn’t see him use portal punches like crazy but even so those combos man, tose were amazing. I think UA put up a really good fight. Personally I’d love to learn more about how he pulled off those sick Cinder moves! That was one of the major highlights for me.

I must say though it was satisfying to see Sadira get the snot beatin’ out of her, even by a whacky frog.

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He didnt spam portal punches because spinal can power devour them. He has all the tools to counter gargos in theory, but once he has 2 minions is game over regardless of the matchup

Logically you’ll wanna keep him from using his Minons. There is actually a certain point in range where Gargos does not work well. That’s mid-close range, full screen, and in the air. I think if UA had kept him close he could easily ruffle Sleep’s Jimmies big time.

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You’re being ignorant. Bass could’ve just Powered Devoured the minions and the portal punches. He just didn’t have knowledge of the matchup.


I’ve personally taken issue with the fact I think Gargos builds too much meter way too quickly. But the one move he shouldn’t build significant meter with is the portal punch, yet that move builds him LOADS of meter. I really believe he shouldn’t have the meter build he does off Portal Punch, as 2 minion lockdown plus the insane meter you build off it right gives him a perpetual motion engine of onslaught that basically is unbeatable. If they reduced the meter build on the portal punch, I think that shift some of Gargos game plan in a fundamental way that would make players have to relearn him a little, but he’d be a bit more of an honest character.

It could shift focus on the tons of other ways he builds meter, such as with his ridiculous block strings and his command grab shadow steal. Basically, it would culminate in him trying to build meter for a long range offense to switch to and play lockdown, and without the meter gain, the difficult task of bringing down a minion under such powerful pressure isn’t so insignificant because his long range plan doesn’t build him the meter to keep pumping them out thoughtlessly, he has to actually take care of them and keep them alive for his pressure. When they are gone, a big weight is lifted and Gargos has to go back to honest pressure.

I do feel Gargos is the only real broken character in season 3 thus far. I also can’t stand when people use him or talk good about him. I like Max, but everytime I hear him cheer about Gargos, or talk about how strong he is or how fun he is, I just cringe. It was the only Week Of gameplay Max has ever done I cheered against him 100%. I got no problem with Max, just with Gargos design. If some of his meter build power was adjusted, I feel he could be a little more fair, but he doesn’t have to play the least bit conservative at most ranges. He’s got too much free reign and some of his meter build tools need to be toned down.

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You would never make it that far in a serious event, so you don’t have to worry.

Besides, @llPaulBll adjusted against Rico’s Gargos and beat him with Hisako. He’s not broken. Sleep is just doing what sleep does.


Take it easy boy, Bass knew he could power devour since he did, but then again Sleep isnt stupid… he avoided using portal punches and went close range with his minions. As if I could make it that far… probably not since i dont take gaming that seriously, then again ive never seen your name before so i guess you take it even more casually

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Gargos is a character that Hates being put in the corner.

Spinal Loves putting people in the corner.

Yet Bass let Sleep out of the corner multiple times. Thats why he lost.

Also, Bass did a good job of killing BOTH minions MULTIPLE times. The games where the minions were alive, they were only alive because Sleep did a fantastic job of keeping the pressure on Bass.

On top of that, they were “counter picking” each other back and forth the whole set, so Sleeps characters were just better suited to fight Bass. Bass could have picked a different character, and delt with a few issues to get some advantages, but instead he stuck with his safest characters.

And finally, Sleep was pulling off confirms and resets that most of us have never seen before. He clearly did his studying, and deserved the win.

And FINALLY FINALLY, if you go back and watch Sleeps past tournaments, you will see that he had a bad habit of going for a counterbreaker WAY too much. He has clearly learned, and solved the issue, because his breaking and counterbreaking ratio were very good at EVO.

Get some respect and stop posting garbage.


No your ignorant for thinking he actually had a chance

That’s not why he lost u don’t just simply go into a game one dimensional and braindead and that’s it, if gargos pops instinct that’s free armor and a free stagger into minions are u seriously thinking bass had a chance he clearly didn’t the minions and instinct combination is just random and basically a free win

bass didn’t know the MU. That part was clear.

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I don’t think Sleep beat Bass so bad with Gargos that it looked unfair. (Definitely not as bad as their initial Arbiter vs. Jago match.) The first match was pretty close and Sleep won it with a decisive Shadow Counter. And Bass got Sleep down a fair chunk into his 2nd lifebar in the second match, too.


Was it a 3-0?

Nope, 3-1. Bass beat Sleep’s Arbiter once with Spinal in an impressive match comeback (after Sleep beat his Jago with Arbiter), then Sleep switched to Gargos won the next two rounds against Bass’s Spinal.

Oh…still pretty bad in my books for a slaughter. BUT…I’ll chalk it up to MU knowledge. Which bass didn’t seem to have much of as it clearly showed as I say again.

Bass almost won the first match against Gargos and was in the health lead about the entire match, but Sleep gradually adjusted and landed an impressive Shadow Counter at the end when things got closer. Second match was more one-sided, a lot of that due to Bass quickly losing 60-65% because he fell for two damage grapples and a reversal before Gargos even started summoning minions.

You can see it all here:

Free armor??? I think you need to go watch Maximilian’s video on fighting game lingo because that armor is not free at all.

Gargos pays for that armor and pays for it dearly. He gives up his speed, every one of his jumps and literally his ability to block!!! All for armor that straight up fails against heavy attacks and throws???


Isn’t gargos relatively new to tournaments though? So wouldn’t that mean that there’s still a lot of tech that people don’t know or are unfamiliar with? He’s not like jago or sabrewulf whom people know inside and out just give it time and you won’t see people struggling with those minions.

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No he couldn’t power devour the minions because sleep was playing up close the whole time. Meaning he would have stuffed him. There’s a reason bass didn’t throw power devour out there