Gargos female character


So…he’s a loli now? What? I thought he was supposed to be a demon not…a child.


If ur wondering what the characters from its madoka magica

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What’s that?


An anime yes off topic but Take a look into


I wouldn’t mind it if we got an Ichorien for the boss of season 4 and that this wound up being sort of demigoddess, which can be a sort of foil to Gargos; the positive to his negative. Maybe she’s coming not just to destroy Gargos, but all of what she perceives to be evil, so she in turn becomes this sort of boss for all bad guys, but that could raise some moral questions which might draw good characters in to her line of fire.

I could see that being a fun and perhaps more complex story for season 4, which would be nice. The backstories on characters have been awesome, yet the action in terms of what’s taken place over the course of the plot line has been minimal as well as hit or miss and a tad inconsistent. I’m hoping that’ll change for the better.

But yeah, I could see a “female Gargos” working this way provided that this only referred to her being a female of godlike power like Gargos. I wouldn’t want her to be a she-demon or an anime chick though.


Not sure either… I will laugh in the middle.


LMMFAO!!! the smile-less laugh

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Gargos refers to himself as God, not Goddess, (“Kneel to your God”) and everyone and everything else refers to him as a he across all games and forms of media. I just got a feeling Gargos is a him.

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I hope that this is a troll thread.


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