Gargos Comes to Killer Instinct May 27th

B-But I won’t play Gargos until arrive at hotel for Combo breaker tournament! I think I must bring my Xbox One console!

For most people, that would be good news I suppose…but me: I’m going to be out of town for a couple of days to spend time with my wife for our 15th anniversary…so I can’t say I’m thrilled about the release date…but that’s just me.

Gargos is absolutly amazing, and that hero art… Kinda looks like a stage if you ask me :smirk:

When do you get in? I’ll have my console with me!

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What day will the Combo breaker pack owners get Gargos? I’m assuming June 2nd or 3rd…

June 3rd

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A date, a long and great stream, a 4k hero art and community treat, bravo guys. If only other companies could learn from you.


My mom and me will arrive at hotel on Thursday. But it would very late because we’re live in Mississippi… Hey, we can play KI on Friday! I can’t wait to meet you in person! :smiley:

If you’re going to stream later in the evening tomorrow, I may be available if you’d like competition!

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well then, the Combo Breaker Tournament just got interesting, since it kicks off on Gargos day. And all the Kim Wu timings will be nice and thrown the ■■■■ off for the tournament. I’d guess there’s gonna be massive Gargos testing after hours though

Hey, that’s on my birthday! :smiley:
What a nice present. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I highly, highly doubt that they will be using the patch on the tournament stations.

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We didn’t hear something about his story, are we going to hear more in the novels or in the game ?

I wonder if Season 3 will have a story mode

Are they gonna have a choice? The instant the console is hooked up to the Internet, the code will be pushed out. I fear for a mishap on Sunday.

oh their twitter just confirmed they’re gonna prevent that update from being in the tournament. I actually don’t know, is it normal for consoles to be internet connected at tournaments or no?

Where can I watch the full stream from the beginning? When I got to Iron Galaxy’s twitch its just a 28 min video of them fighting vs Kim Wu with Gargos but im trying to see the character breakdown.

Look at the previous archive.

He’s flippin’ awesome!
And did I actually here him say " Mmmmm … Salty! " when he devours his opponents shadow energy?

Well since everything is local, you don’t need to play online. Trust me we talked about this among ourselves and with Combo Breaker folks thoroughly trying to find a way to make it happen and not interrupt things.