Gargos Combo and Set Up s

This is Part 1.(If this needs to be merged with something that is fine)


Good stuff, I’ll probably never manage to pull any of that off but it was cool to see what he’s capable of.

Thanks. Next one will have minions.

Nice vid I remember those exact moves being done on me earlier gg btw. Now it’s time to learn them and put em in action.

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One thing to keep in mind is that the heavy Devil’s Divide is an obvious break point. For most setups, it’s pretty easy to first juggle with a standing LP or MK, then cancel into it. It’s a great way to lock someone out.

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Yeah. First I do one of these set ups to see what they do. Then I doa similar one after but a slight change to confuse them.

I hope you don’t mind if I steal some of this and use it lol

I never thought about the crouching HP in there, I was skipping straight to the heavy portal punch, then into the lights then grab. I also love jump into air grab, never thought of that!

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Go ahead. That os why i posted this :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome! Thanks for this! I saw quite a few things I can use I had not thought of before. Looking forward to a part 2 if you do one!

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Wow dude that’s some amazing stuff! I need to practice more

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You can’t combo after sadistic appetite (His meter stealing option from devil’s divide) ever can you?

I don’t think so. I might try with minions.

Well someone did it to me in the corner. They stole my meter then did into command grab again. But I can’t replicate that because the opponent falls to the floor and his only comes out after they hit the ground. It was without minions too.

You can with minions for sure. If it happened without minions it was probably a bug

You actually can combo after it. But it has to during a combo. Then he can get an extra 10% unbreakable damage afterwards despite not being able to cash out.

You can combo after sadistic appetite with medium and light into command grab again.

But only in the corner it works vs every character.

I’m just going to revive this thread. I’m making the part two soon. Here is a little something to look forward to :stuck_out_tongue: We have a new S2 Spinal :smiley:


Loving this, thanks for sharing!
Funny choice of colors and accesories for Gargos, I did exactly the same for that blue peafowl skin XD

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I tried things from the first video but I’m not getting them =( where they before the nerf? U.u

Nerfed? What? I’ll test them out again.