I need Some Tips to make me a better Gargos main

I need some tips for Gargos now I do know most of his stuff however there are stuff I still don’t know about him that I need help with…mainly the minions and which one to summon the most if you can help please tell me it will be much help.

Which minion is entirely up to you - they’re both good for their own reasons: do you want the 1 that’s more obedient or the other 1 that survives longer?

true but it depends on whats happening the skinny one is a great anti air and the fat one is good for stopping jumpers.

When you pop instinct, and if your in their face, jump and medium punch. Repeat for profit.

Just watch some tournaments with Gargos being played and you’ll figure some cool stuff out. There are also plenty of great Gargos players here that, in time, will show up to respond to this thread.

One more things, Try to play more aggressively. As far as I can tell, or at least the ones I play ,every character has issues when a good Gargos can get in my face.

Do you like draining all of your opponent’s meter in one turn because if you do, I got you covered :smiley: Your first goal is to learn how to play without minions. I see many Gargos players just rely on minions and can’t do anything without them. You need solid fundamentals before you can start relying on your minions. Basic fundamentals goes a longway to making your minion game stronger as well. Cr.mp is a very good button that is plus on block. Once you got the basics down, figure out what minion is best for you. Know when you can summon them and learn the timings of what the minions can do from there. When you mastered minions, you pretty much won the game when you get them out when you want them too.


This was very helpful

Check out Gargos Combo and Set Up s
The original video might be slightly outdated but you can check it out for ideas. The most recent video can give you an example of mastering minion timings. I am updating it soon though :smiley:

Personaly there are two players I’ve seen that make me liked Gargos. One was a chilean player that used him up close and in a way I liked, and then I saw Rico Suave doing similar. Both caught my attention in their style to use the character. Amenty also used Gargos. If you want to check the mirror match between this Gargos go to this video at the hour 2:25

They were pretty fun matches =) You can also tell they are friends and are having fun (that’s the best part LOL).

For playing Gargos you must know that you can’t just get up (of a knock down) and press buttons!. You have to work in your defense (blocking on wake up) and controlling space since his movements aren’t the fastest. Of course c.mp (you can use it for frametraps) and j.mp (overhead to mix people up) are good but you must know how and when to use them.
Surprising people with dash command grab, and mixing the medium command grab after other normals is pretty much gargos playstyle. You don’t want them to be over you, you want to control your space and decide when to rush them.
Gargos is good, but it’s not for everyone and even he get away witha lot of stuff I don’t feel I hate him as I did with other characters that I found really annoying.