Gargos buff in 3.8

He really needs it when he came out you said he would be OP however he has been nerfed bad what I want is the shadow lords moves his recapture back buff his minions and damage then last give him a buff in shadow Lords also an announcer of him would be nice.

How that buffs will help Gargos in his bad MUs? Are you suggesting to give him SL moves? Buff his minions? That’s pretty insane, you know?

“Give him a buff in shadow lords” seems very vague, elaborate please

Also, please, could you write using phrases? It’s very hard to understand you

Buff Gargos… haha… April Fools ended after the 1st…

Seriously though, I don’t think he needs any buffs. If you see that he’s failing miserably with an MU, please elaborate as to why he’s failing. IG is very good and listening to us, but you have to give us details.

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I mainly want his recapture back with some minor buffs.

Gargos needs no buffs imo. He was nerfed because he was too good without his minions.Gargos is supposed to be manageable without them which really wasn’t the case before.Now he is much more in line and actually NEEDS his minons to keep control of a match. Honestly Gargos with minons is probably ths best character in the game with the minions so there really isn’t a need to buff them.

He never had a recapture

He only had one in shadow lords, where he still has it. No need to have it outside there

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i’am all in for him to get that recapture in the game and not only in SL, i can almost imagine all the setups. OMG :heart_eyes:


H.Grab>fwd still works.

Honestly, the only change I would like to see is them move around two of his safe summon windows:

  1. Adjust the knockdown timing of Grab>Izuna(u) so that the most damaging finisher cannot yield a minion between rounds - that should be left to a shadow cancel off of the recapture.
  2. Let him summon a minion off of INSX>Burst again.

Insofar as buffing minions, why? They do plenty of damage, their trigger timings are fine, same for their hitpoints… I mean, how would you buff them and why? Or do you mean Stabby should have more clearly defined musculature? XD

Shadow Lords moves? Yeah no. Not none of it, thanks. XD

Man you are crazy. If you need Buffs with Gargos to win…then you need to look at your game play and not Gargos’s move set. ( Not saying you need the buffs, but if thats your intention…well?)

Gargos is one of the top 5 most powerful characters, not due to his damage but due to his unorthodox tool set.

He needs no buffs or SL moves.

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I have a question for thought. Should Gargos really need minions to be in control and be able to succeed in a match? Should Gargos with minions be the best character in the game but one of the weakest without minions? I think it would be sort of nice that Gargos without minions is still solid but Gargos with minions is just slightly stronger than Gargos without minions. The way it is, Gargos needs to use his minions to win at a high level. Just a thought of mine though.

Gargos doesn’t need any of the SL boss moves. Gargos should be a little weaker without his minions. They are his resource, and like some of the other characters, he is weaker until he has his resources built up “minions summoned”. Some of the problems with the minions are that people just summon them, and that is it. There is alot more you can do with the minions besides just letting them walk around and poke.

I thought it was an April fools joke to lol

I think Gargos was and is one of the most overrated characters in the game. More nerfs are incoming on him according to Keits, but I really don’t think they’re necessary/deserved.


I’m all for a more buffed gargos in exchange for removing minions.


Agreed, the minions are just cheap, random
and your opponent has no control over them.

I lost too many close matches because
they just get in the way… Unfair.

Gargos was supposed to be op in single player…

Besides I dont think he deserves more nerfs, personally I have no trouble fighting him, and losing to him does not make me as much salty as losing to glacius.

It works but it will blow out.

Minions are fine as-is. I think a minion-less Gargos would be a much, much less interesting character, and I would never want to see them either removed or nerfed to uselessness.


Gargos is fine. Gargos is cheap but not broke. Once he gets minions out a good gargos player usually wins. Not to mention that in neutral not many5characters can anti air him effectively. Not to mention he has decemt command grab mix ups. Gargos doesn’t need it. I like gargos right now where he is.