Gargos buff in 3.8


More Nerfs? For What? He’s fine as is! Man, people really don’t like the feeling of being locked down… If you take that away, What does Gargos have? Grab Mixups? It’s a very interesting playstyle that I’ve NEVER seen in ANY Fighting game.


I think it is considerably difficult for the developers and players alike to deal with a character like Gargos. He has no reference, he is unique to fighting games in general. So I imagine, how does one balance something like that?

It’s hard for players to understand how to deal with minions or someone who can abuse the air and easily get around. It’s hard for developers to acclimate to what players can and cannot adapt to, I assume. But, yeah… it would be foolish to nerf him even further as he has already lost more than enough to continue the nerf train. He may very well be “balanced,” but will no longer be fun - to me at least.


Once they nerf cr.MP I think I’ll be all right.

Fighting @HWSlenderCashew will probably still get me salty though :neutral_face:


Where did he mention this? He wasn’t talking about the current patch that was just released?


At KIWC. He said there were nerfs for Gargos in 3.7 (or whichever patch was released right after the Cup), and then more on the way. He wasn’t particularly happy about that, mind you, but he was pretty clear that Gargos was gonna get hit again.


Ah, I see. Interesting. I think he is actually pretty weak in this current patch (with probably a few good matchups in his favor) so hopefully he is not hit to the point of uselessness.

I can imagine cr.MP which is +3 on block being reduced to like +1 or +2 or something, but like… that’s not really a “substantial” nerf.


Yeah, I hope they don’t whack him again too hard either. I actually think he was fine as is in the previous patch, minus the dash->command grab shenanigans and perhaps a bit of additional scaling on stagger->command grab.


Gargos is where he should be. Annoying to fight but not broke or overpowering. Sad to here he’ll be getting more toning down but I think 3.7 Gargos is perfectly fine.


i guess there is now way you can fight gargos and not get salty

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gargos does not need anymore nerfs he is perfectly fine right now


For me gargos is between middle and bottom tier. I’m at a point where I think that more nerf will make him less and less fun, not only for the player but for the oponent as well.
A weak character will tend use his best tools more often than the other as it would be the most efficient way to win and people seem to say that his minions are currently his best tool. So unless the nerf are heavely focused on his minions, I fear the “hatred” toward them will only grow.

Overall I have to agree with most people form this topic, gargos is fine right now.
Although is kinda bullshit and command grab is now way too weak in my oppinion.

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He has a recapture, if you know what your doing!!! :laughing:


No! IG, don’t touch it! :smiling_imp:


It works but it will blow out.


Gargos needs more _nerfsnerfs_


Corner, recap>EX.Tackle>ender does not blow out. Corner recap>M/H.manual>ender also doesn’t blow out if your KV is low enough. It’s not a guaranteed blowout ala Tusk Stagger Ender>manual, you just need to manage KV for it.




What do you mean reset? By counter breakers?


To intentionally drop your combo to pick up another (new, unscaled) combo. It’s very common to see this with Wulf, Orchid, and Hisako (to name a few characters, though the whole cast can do it).

It’s a strong, unreactable/nigh-unreactable option that does high damage, and also tends to beat people trying to break.


I dunno if they nerf Gargos again he might not be worth picking up for me… He has like 2 or 3 dirty tricks unique to his character with or without minions but that’s really about it. Delayed cross up or no cross up at all from jumps either from neutral jump or blocked QCF K move(forgot what it’s called) Command grab mixups in the corner and even in neutral if spaced properly from a St HP(people fall for it a lot more than I think they should) and command grab medium being throw immune where light or shadow might get tagged with something. Other than that he has to play pretty passive unless he has an advantage to press with those mixups. The only time I’ve ever done work with minions out are when people sit there and wait too long. I either keep getting short combo’s or meter on block which lets me resummon them anyways. They don’t try to walk me down, or use projectile immune moves to cover ground as often as they should. While in instinct they play even more passive. I don’t know if it’s just matchup experience or what but, there always seems like a lot more people could be doing than what they actually do. I’ve taken matches on chip because they were afraid to do anything.

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