Games you will get throughout 2016-2017

After E3 2016, which new games/game additions are you excited for and will be getting and why?

My list is pretty extensive:
Battlefield 1
Dishonored 2
Gears of War 4
Halo Wars 2
Injustice 2
Killer Instinct (added features)
Mass Effect: Andromeda
Minecraft (added features)
Project Scorpio (console)
Sea of Theives

BF1: Everything about it - graphics, gameplay, tried and true formula, etc.; but most of all, the feel of WW1 appears to be spot on. It helps that I’m a big history buff.

CH: Early cartoon graphics that have never been done before AND it’s a side-scrolling shooter? Sign me up!

D2: I’m curious where they’ll take the story after the previous game. Also, nice graphical improvements.

GoW4: I’ve played and beaten all of the games in the numbered series, so I figure, why stop now?

HW2: I fell in love with the 1st game when a friend let me borrow it and feel jipped that even after he gave it to me, that I can’t for reasons unknown get it through BC without having to pay for it 1st - this will help fill that void. Oh, and 'cause Brutes.

I2: The previous game was 1 of my favorite FGs of all time. Oh, and Gorilla Grodd.

KI: Raam, duh!

MEA: Curious to see how the universe has evolved without Commander Shephard in the picture.

MC: Realms and dedicated servers across multiple devices! YAY!

PS: 4K resolution and more!? I #drool.

SoT: I fracking love pirates and this looks oh so interactive with the online and cooperative play - and with so much to explore and sea (pun fully intended)!

For me I really had my eye set on Recore and Sea of Thieves. I was curious at first, but now that I’ve finally seen some gameplay, I’m very hooked now.

Halo Wars 2 and Sea of Thieves. Might try Injustice 2 depending on netcode

After the netcode of the 1st Injustice and MKX, and learning thier lesson, I’d be surprised if NRS screws that up again…

Halo Wars 2 & Tekken 7

Scalebound, Zelda U, Gears 4, Injustice 2

Dead Rising 4, Gears 4, and… that’s about it really. Everything else is just franchises I have no interest in or new IP’s that have yet to win me over.

Watching the MS E3 press conference, I thought at 1st that Tekken 7 was actually going to be Tekken X Street Fighter, since it started with “a promise” - is T7 supposed to be that, or is that something that’s not going to happen? I thought the devs from both games were supposed to make their own version of a FG using their characters AND the characters from the other FG franchise - Capcom fullfilled their end of the deal, but what about the other dev team? :expressionless:

Also, that being said, I’ve always hated the Tekken series - it’s the only FG series I refuse to play.

Well Akuma is in Tekken 7 which is telling us that Tekken X Street Fighter is still in the works.

We shall see…

Oh boy… this list is going to force me into bankruptcy!

List of games (Order of interest):
Gears of War 4
State of Decay 2
Days Gone
God of War
Battlefield 1
The Walking Dead: Season 3
Sea of Thieves
South Park: The Fractured But Whole
Tekken 7
Crash Bandicoot
Pokemon: Sun and Moon
Injustice 2

Yup, it’s official, I’ll probably declare bankruptcy soon.

Pokemon Sun & Moon
Tekken 7
Killer Instinct Season 3 bundle
Injustice 2

Tekken 7. NO REGRETS.

Games I’m definitely getting:

Tekken 7
Dead Rising 4
Resident Evil 7

Games I might get:

Injustice 2 - Depending on how much they monetize all of the customization stuff and how that actually works. I have a feeling WB is going to want to really bleed people’s wallet’s with this game.

Scalebound - It looks nice, but the main character is obnoxious. The flying parts seem pretty awesome, but nothing about the rest of the game has really pulled me in yet.

ReCore - Some parts of the showing looked really fun, some didn’t. Is it weird that the $40 price tag is actually making me somewhat weary?

Gears 4 - Every time I see a Gears game, I think “wow, that looks really cool” and then I buy it play it for a day or two and completely forget about it. This game looks really cool too but…

Forza Horizon 3 - The game looks gorgeous, but I have so much left to do in Forza Horizon 2, which has basically become a game I pick up every couple of weeks or months, play a race, and put it down again. Doesn’t seem like I need a brand new game to do that with.

If I had a PS4, I’d also add The Last Guardian and I Am Setsuna to that list of games I really want, but I didn’t see anything really in their presentation that wow’d me or made me think “I have to get that when it comes out.”

Not saying this was a lackluster E3. Not by a long shot. Tons of great games were either announced, or in more cases, expanded upon what was announced last year. I think it’s just more that the genres that really popular right now (ie shooters, first person games, etc) don’t really click with me as much, so I spent a lot of the shows thinking “that looks cool, but I probably wouldn’t enjoy it.”

Eh, I sound so negative lol. I really don’t mean to. There are a ton of games I’d love to see new iterations for and not many of them seem to be coming around again, especially with Microsoft, which is especially annoying considering the fact that last year’s E3 seemed to be an acknowledgement by MS that fans want new iterations of games in MS library. Phantom Dust was announced, then scrapped. No Bloodwake, no Crimson Skies, no MechAssault, no Lost Odyssey, etc. Just more Halo, more Gears, more Forza and a bunch of new one-offs that they’ll probably never make sequels to either.

Sorry, I know this isn’t the place for this. My apologies. There are some games I really liked from E3 and I hope to see some more, for sure! Hoping Zelda looks great today and that we get many more great titles announced this week. :slight_smile:

God Of War 4

Resident Evil 7

Crash Bandicoot Collection

Tekken 7

Injustice 2

And possibly that Sea Of Thieves game, that was the one game during the XB conference other than T7 and RAAM in KI that actually interested me. Looks like it would be a blast with a group of people online.

I was gonna react with an indignant “Cuphead, last?!? Are you ■■■■■■■ mental?”… then I saw the rest of your list and was like, “You have my sympathy, bro.”

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Battlefield 1
Gears of War 4
Forza Horizon 3
Dead Rising 4
State of decay 2
South Park: The Fractured But Whole
God of War
Titanfall 2
Maffia 3
Days Gone

and project Scorpio of course. When it comes out, i want to play DOOM in 4K and Battlefield 1 of course.
The future of gaming looks good, and expensive :wink: