Games that made you angry

What game(s) that basically upset you, made you angry, and ticked you off as well as made you facepalm and shake your head in disbelief?

This was pretty much my reaction to the official announcement of the all-new Conker game, Young Conker:

Side-note: Currently over 25,000 dislikes and only over 1,000 likes for Young Conker now :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s actually a hard question to answer…

Oh wait, no it’'s not.

Call of Duty: Ghosts
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
Battlefield: Hardline
Mortal Kombat X

Ghosts was just terrible trhough and through; BO3 was just the biggest copy and paste job I’ve ever seen and did nothing truly innovative; Hardline had poor spawns, a glitched story, and over-complicated menus; MKX’s networking was god-awful, and it’s family dynamics made the whole thing overblown, storywise.

There are numerous others too, most notably many F2P games, like Onigiri, Battle Islands, etc.

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MKX on PC for me. WB/NR took a giant ■■■■ on the games industry’s floor and then just walked away, pretending there wasn’t a giant dook in the middle of the room.

Clean it up, guys.

EDIT: TIL that, in this forum, p-o-o-p is censored. Seems a shame, since that censoring probably makes readers think the profane version in their head.

Well, ■■■■. Yeah, I can see how that looks. :wink:

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What sorcery is this? Maybe it’s the punctuation.



EDIT: Well now I don’t know why I can’t say ■■■■.

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games that made me rage? colony wars on PS1. “defend the cargo!” so the game throws you enemies to get your attention and they go nuts keeping you busy. meanwhile 1 enemy is just there hovering and blowing up your protection mission. GG


This game is terrible, frustrating, poorly designed- and worst of all, now considered a classic.

The screen size and level layout often forces you into situations where you have to jump down and just hope that there’s something to land on. You then find its a bed of spikes and instead need to fall 2 feet to the left. Basically trial and error which doesn’t work given the games respawn system. That’s not difficulty, its a guessing game that punishes you for guessing wrong.

There will be something off screen riiiight in front of you but due to the aspect ratio, can’t see it until your close enough that you’ve lost any good capability to make the decision to dodge it. Compare the hover bike levels to the mine kart levels in Donkey Kong Country. Clearly there’s a right way to do this.


Welcome to the age of the arcade - where machines will happily eat your quarters by the dozens. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Welcome to the arcade, where the machines are vindictive and the coins don’t matter.


Except Battleoads wasn’t even an arcade game. It was released on the NES and ported to other home consoles. But not arcades.

So it doesn’t even have that excuse.

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Dark Souls 3 invaders in the Swamp of Farron keep

MK 3

Salt and Sanctuary



That doesn’t mean that it wasn’t based off of the arcade games. :wink:

Mmmh, online gaming maybe ?
I’ve never played games I dind’t like, and never would 've let them make me angry.

I only get upset by people playing online games. And lag can make me reaaaaally upset if I’m playing competitive (if not competitive, I don’t mind to lose as long as the other person knows it and doesn’t think I’m so fool that I can’t block or similar).

I dunno. I actually think the more expressive version was a good deal funnier. I certainly laughed out loud :joy:

That game was effing amazing! So cool, and so much lore and backstory in the databases (the dark angel entry was awesome). Colony Wars 2 was also good, though a lot more barebones. Red Sun was balls though :sob:

Such a shame that series died. The original is one of my favorite space games of all time :smile:

With regards to OP…hm. It might actually be KI for me. I’m not much of a “rage” guy when I play - there are very few games that genuinely make me angry. Some of the old school platformers could get me a little ticked, but KI S1 is probably the only game where I used to legitimately get mad. Nothing like losing a super close match and having to watch a double ultra, then seeing like two hours of Ranked grinding go to waste because you decided to maybe go a little easy on the noob instead of playing your main. :smile: The S1 Ranked system, especially the original one, was insanely frustrating.

I wasn’t exactly “angry” at these games but…

Saint’s Row 3 & 4 were terrible unfunny parodies of their former selves (Saint’s Row and Saint’s Row 2).

Now the games that made me mad were Call of Duty: Ghosts (everything), Smite (toxic teammates), and WWE 13’ (bugs and glitches)

Regarding the censoring of the word “■■■■” - perhaps it’s forum privilege thing?

EDIT: Or not… WEIRD!

Army of Two: TDC
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
Call of Duty: Ghost
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (Except Zombies)
Mortal Kombat X
Plants vs Zombies GW2 (first four months)
Sims 4
WWE 13’

All of these games fell victim to exploitation of consumerism. That, or I just couldn’t stand the shift in direction like Black Ops 2 leading Call of Duty into a futuristic arcade-shooter era. I’m sure I’m missing a few games but those are the ones that stood out the most and made me go, “really you buttholes?”


Lol. Am I the only one who liked COD Ghosts? I thought it was fine. The premise was actually pretty cool :yum:



The only game I can think of at the moment that would fall under this category would be Castlevania 3 on NES…not that it’s a bad game by any means, but it’s just that I just recently played the Japanese version, and dammit we got gypped.
First off Grant, where in the NES version his main weapon is a little stabby knife, the JP version he has the standard Castlevania throwing knives as his main weapon. It makes a huge difference and makes him soooo much more useful.
But the most important difference is in the music, the Japanese version had a couple of extra audio channels to it, so the music is much better, but it was routed through the famicom disk add-on so you can’t just get a famicom-NES adapter & plug it in & play.
Thankfully we have emulators, but still…
Here’s a sample: