Game of Thrones!

_Enter at your own risk…I do not wan this thread to turn into a bunch of blurred sentences like the Dark Souls thread… If you are worried you may read something you dont want to read…dont ente_r.

Anyone here into Game of Thrones? Books or TV show…Im into both and love to discuss all things Game of Thrones. From the Telltale game, the Action figures, Books, and HBO show.

Lets discuss here!

So what do you think of the start of Season 6 and last nights shocking episode???

I follow the show, but haven’t read the books.
So far, enjoying the new season. ^^

Also, you should probably put a spoiler tag in the thread title if you wanna discuss the new episodes.


Love the books and love the show!! Last night’s episode was awesome from start to finish. The Tyrion stuff, the shocking Bolton moment, Wun Wun popping a piñata wall with a human stick, Davos and Melisandre, the awesome reveal at the end that I legit cheered for… I’m really happy with how this season’s started.

That said, I’m worried about the Iron Islands stuff. Are we going to get any real insight in to Victarion or Aeron? Or will this basically be Yara versus Crow’s Eye? Personally, I think Victarion and Aeron are good characters. But I’m worried that the Iron Islands will get the Dorne treatment, where characters are consolidated and entire plot lines, like Doran’s plan for Arianne and as well as the whole Quentyn subplot.

Book four tends to get a bit of a bad rap, but I tend to think that’s more because they mixed too much new stuff (the Irin Islands and Dorne) in to what people liked already. Had they split those two up, with one in the 4th and the other in the 5th, I think book four would’ve gone over better. As it stands, I like these plot lines, but I’m not sure a lot of show what hers love them and I think it’s a lot to do with what I said above, with how the show handled these.

What do you think? Do you like the Iron Islands and Dorne stuff in the books or the show? I’m curious how Theon will fit in to the former and also curious to see if they’re done with the latter entirely (poor Areo… From POV in the books to glorified extra on the show).

Oh yeah and this thread should DEFINITELY have the spoiler tag! :slight_smile:

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Im fine with spoilers as Im not going to miss an episode on time or anything. Plus Ive read all the books and I know pretty much everything there is to know. But Ill put one up for others.

WHo is your favorite character? I really like Mellisandre, Jon, and TYrion.

Iron islands are awesome…no Victorian in the show…only Areron. I think Theon is going to get captured by Ramsey and he will be the one on the cross at the start of the battle. HE and Black fish Tully…thats my guess. Nah Kings moot is next week…its going to be awesome! They are not going to mess this up!

Dorne sucked on the show! OMG that was so dumb…awesome in the book though!

Why does this thread need a spoiler tag so bad lol? There is nothing you dont already know…and if you are late watching an episode…just dont look at the thread?

Yes, but not everyone who enters this thread would know that we are talking spoilers.
Hence why it would be a good idea to give a spoiler warning in the title.

I put it up there. Spoil away! lol

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Already called Jon’s resurrection a year ago. Never thought it would be so early though.

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Yeah I didnt think it would be so soon in the season but they are moving the story along so fast…It kind of worries me. AS if they just want to hurry up and finish and move on to something else.
I hope they dont do this rumor of season 7 & 8 being shortened to a total of 13 episodes. Im hoping HBO doesnt allow that to happen.

I bet they will…
And I also think they will move to the trend of 4 part movies, like mocking jay part 11 a movie every half year

I KNEW those dragons were too calm around Tyrion not to fry him up like a piece of meat!

What will happen to Margery I want to see Aria fight more

Jon Snow and Bran

I want more white Walkers and dragon interaction

The Viper was a waste he was SO good

I hate Cersei

See that’s what I worry about though! Dorne was awesome in the books. Arianne and all her machinations, only to be undercut by the seemingly feeble but exceedingly shrewd Doran and all his plans, plus the other characters like Areo that orbited around everything that happened with Myrcella and then all the stuff with Quentyn and his travels… There was a lot of interesting plot threads in the book that were either condensed or done away with entirely.

Honestly it wouldn’t shock me at all if this is the last we see of Dorne on the show. I mean, it’s more probable that they pop up as the surprising military support for some faction at some point, likely against the Lannisters, but to me, they’re not a serious threat to anything on the show, in and of themselves, at least. I don’t see any more conflict happening there now that it’s just the sand snakes and Ellaria.

But that’s kinda what I worry about with the Iron Islands. No Victarion at all is kinda similar to Areo being reduced to a bit player. Will Aeron have a large roll or will he just maybe talk to Yara a few times and that’s about it? Will this basically be Crow’s Eye cementing his power and then traveling off to find Dany in Mareen? Will they kill Yara off if that’s the case? Will Theon play any role in this? If both Theon and Yara end up dead, then to me, the Iron Islands plot threads are all but destroyed, unless of course Crow’s Eye and the Iron Islands ships become Dany’s means of getting back to Westeros…

Either way, there’s some intrigue there, but I’m hoping we’ll see a bit more than just the kingsmoot and then some traveling. I’m really curious to see where they take this plotline in season 6, but given how they treated Dorne, I’m more than a little apprehensive as well.

Honestly, that was a 50 / 50 wager. He was ether going to come back or he wasn’t. The fact that Game of Thrones has been so merciless in killing off so many characters both big and small at least sewed enough doubt in me that he could remain dead. I’m glad he’s not though. I’m really hoping Sansa can make it up to the Wall before Ramsey tracks down her, Brienne, Pod, and Theon for that matter.

I want to see Ramsey send a group to the Wall thinking it’ll be a cake walk, only to have Wun Wun turn a few of them in to pretzels and Jon and Tormund absolutely annihilate them. Maybe Sansa’s the one that finally convinces Jon to act with regards to events in the “south?” Or maybe he’s got his hands full with the Night’s King.

Man, this season is probably the most I’ve been excited for since season two or three simply because we have absolutely no idea where they’ll take these characters! Ugh, why is it only Tuesday! I want to see episode 3 already! :slight_smile:

I’m pretty certain they’re cutting Aeron Greyjoy, though I’m pretty sure he was the priest of the Drowned God we saw talking to Yara/Asha by Balon’s bier.

Just because we haven’t seen Victarion yet doesn’t mean that we won’t see him.

There isn’t a single part of the current storylines which feels anything but interesting, so I’m excited to see more.

I really need the next 1,000+ page book to come out so I can plow through it in a day or so.

NO doubt Aeron is going to Mareen and will be Dannys ships to westoross.

There is still some sand snakes left…I thought I seen a clip or the girl with the Whip getting a hold of someone.

Where is Bron?? I want him back in the fold!

A few have said the priest was Victorian but that guy was on the show when Theon was baptized or whatever its called and they would have at least had his name in the credits and someone would have noticed it.

I cant believe Ramsey killed Roose!!! I new it would happen but not at that moment!

Ramsey isnt going to catch Sanasa and Breanne. they are heading to Mourmonts and the River lands to avanege the Red Wedding… someone is… and I dont think its Theon. There were clips of Brianne in the River lands and most likely speaking to Black Fish.

I cant beleive Tyrion got that close to those Dragons…that was super cool!

Man Im getting hyped just thinkng of all the story lines!

Dont forget RICKON!!!

He’s 1/2 targeryen. They smell it in his blood

Aeron is the priest who used to be a drunkard and almost drowned, but believed he drowned and became a zealot for the drowned god. He’s also called Damphair. I think you’re thinking Euron “Crow’s Eye.” Love how Martin has those names that so damn close together lol! Like how in the show, Asha had to become Yara because they didn’t want to confuse her with Osha (speaking of Rickon!)

Yeah, I’m really hoping that Davos heads off to Skaggos to find Rickon and Osha. Davos is one of my favorite characters in the books, and having them go in that direction with him was a stroke of genius, I thought. So yeah, I definitely hope they pick up that thread again!

As for Bronn, no kidding, right!? Where the hell has he been? I wonder if they’ll just kind of tie him to Jamie now and the Lannister’s battle with the Faith Militant. It’d be kinda cool to see Robert Strong and Bronn on the same team, crushin fools lol.

Yeah man, I cannot WAIT to see how things play out in season 6 and book 6, ya know, whenever Martin decides to finish it… In the next decade or two. :slight_smile:

I want to say that its Bronn that grabs someone from behind at the Riverlands army camp site in the clips. Also Im sure he is going to duel it out with The sand snakes…they are not gone just yet!

Duel it out with them? Part of me thinks he’d rather end up with one of them, which could make for a fun duo depending on what they did with them.

So they’ve shown clips of stuff happening this season in the Riverlands? No kidding!? I didn’t see those. I was wondering if they’d ever go back to River Run or the Black Fish. I wonder if Jamie will head there now like he did in the books (instead of going to Dorne). I tend to doubt it given how crazy stuff is with the Faith Militant, but who knows.

yeah they show Brianee at River run and they show the lanister Army at what is believed to be the Riverlands and someone grabs Podrick from behind. Its rumored to be Bronn.

Its in the trailers