Game crashes to the point of absurd disappointment with Shadow Lords

I’m pretty fed up with this game
5th time trying to defeat gargos, got 4 powers removed grinding my ■■■ with this game as I find it difficult (these games aren’t my sort of thing)

Anyway, got to Gargos. Got him down to his 2nd life and at the danger mark. Cool. My heart is palpitating as never got this far to killing the boss, he defeats my jargo (1/3 team mates)

Next thing, game crashes, now my save is gone.

Come back and Gargos has defeated me (WTF?)
This isn’t the first time for this to happen, not even 4K will entice me back into this game, it’s deleted and hidden from my install list and it’s going to stay that way.

However if the developers could sort it out for the next lot of disappointed gamers then that would be great. I haven’t played my Xbox in around a week so way to go Microsoft I have left a insider report so hopefully you guys can fix yo mess cause I for One will never play this game again and will leave my 1* rating on the store. Absolutely ridiculous.

How could you see that Gargos defeated you if your save is gone?

A game crashed, so you uninstalled it, hid it and left a one star review? No offense man, but that seems like a bit of an overreaction.

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Kid? I’m 37 years old. Most people on this board are in their 30’s, and how exactly did I “get smart” here?

Thanks, I was asking a serious question and I appreciate you explaining it further. I wasn’t asking with the intent of proving you wrong. It was never my intention to imply that you didn’t see what you clearly saw. I was asking you to explain further and you did.

I’ve been playing this game for four years and I’ve never experienced what you’re describing, so I wouldn’t call it a half broken game, but that’s just me. Again, NOT saying what happened to you didn’t happen. Sucks that you repeatedly had a terrible experience, so yeah, I’d have left a one star review as well if I were you too.

What you initially described sounded like a one time thing to me, which is why I thought you were overreacting. It’s supposed to take you several tries to defeat Gargos; that’s the whole rogue-like style. So what I read from what you wrote seemed like an isolated incident.

Next time, maybe provide the whole story. Also, I wasn’t trying to be a smartass. Good god, take it down a notch and stop lashing out. You call me a child, but you’re the one telling me to stick my answers up my backside when you didn’t even provide all the information.

To clarify, are YOU saying that this has happened to you on several occasions with several reports, or are you saying it’s just happened to a lot of people and a lot of people have left reports, but it’s only happened to you personally once? Just curious.

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Apologies, just don’t appreciate all this bs for a game that should’ve been “completed” a long time ago

Also searching “Shadow Lords crashed” comes up with PLENTY of videos & posts of this exact issue, so I am obviously not alone, this is a huge issue that the developer cannot be bothered to fix or even acklowedge for its user

if they did, there wouldn’t be loads of videos and people moaning about the same issue over months and months

Reported it many many many times via preview. Nothing has ever been done.

I was and am saying my bit to not play this game until the developers take a bit of responsibility & action (We will be waiting till Christmas 3000 at this rate) I will forever disappointed by the developers and the game itself. Nothing at this point will change that. The damage is done, the trust has gone
shadow lords crashed

Put that into google, and you’ll find out how obviously useless these developers are. There’s nothing here to justify them at this point from the amount of searches I have found here. I really suggest you improve on your search abilities after saying you had found 0 like this as for one have found hundreds

Again. 1* for this game is much deserved. If I could give less I would.

Oh hey, let me clarify. I was saying that in my four years playing, I’ve never had something like this happen TO ME. I didn’t go out and research to see if stuff like that has happened to anyone else, since I completely take you at your word that it was happening to you. If I made it seem like I was implying that it was just you, then that’s my bad.

There have been some issues with this game at times throughout the seasons. People losing their saves, some troublesome bugs, but honestly, I think that’s part of the process of a perpetually updated game. I mean, these guys have been putting out new content each month or even each week for years, which tends to introduce new bugs, even as some of the old bugs (though not all) are squashed. They’re not a massive team, they can only do so much.

Just know that from my own personal experience, these developers ARE working to make the experience better and have been this whole time. The devs that I’ve talked to are good, hard working people who want this game to be the best experience it can be for the players, not as lip service or corporate BS, but as actual people that want to make something players enjoy. They definitely care about this game.

Some of us have had a few different issues with Shadow Lords, such as the drop rate on dossiers or the Hatchery III dossier not dropping, and they’ve communicated with us, updated us on status, etc. The devs have always been accessible in this regard (at least from my experience).

Some of the problems, I’d wager, are relatively easy fixes, but some of them most definitely are not. It’s not simply a matter of pointing something out, or a number of people bringing up an issue, them realizing it’s a problem, and then immediately fixing it. Not in every case, at least.

I’m not trying to make excuses for them, even though I’m sure that’s what it looks like. You’ve undoubtedly had a bad experience with this game and that really sucks for you. There’s no reasoning that away and my experience does nothing to change the experience you’ve had, I know that.

I hope for your sake though, maybe seeing my experience will possibly convince you to give the game another chance, because it’s a really fun experience with a lot of unique ideas. Yes, the game has had it’s share of problems, some of which still exist, such as Shadow Lab being completely broken right now. But at it’s heart, the character designs and gameplay are among the best I’ve experienced in the genre. But if you’re completely done with it, then I certainly wouldn’t blame you one bit.

Just curious, but how many times has Shadow Lords crashed for you? Obviously, once is one time too many in an ideal world, but I was just wondering if it’s been a ton of times. I’ve played through the mode to completion, getting 106%, and it’s never crashed on me, so it’s just crazy to me that it’d happen to some people a lot (as it clearly has) and not at all for others. Maybe that makes it a harder bug for them to find? Who knows. Either way, best of luck to ya man. Sucks this game wasn’t a better experience for ya.

I’ve always had issues with Shadow Lords, it always takes about 3 crashes for me to actually get anywhere in the mode, with it usually crashing on start up or shortly thereafter and then it’s 50/50 chance as to whether it crashes again, if it does that’s usually where I’ll quit, which happens more often than not. I find the crashes so off putting that I won’t even put any time into the mode, so I sympathise with the OP in that respect as I know if I go in and load it up, there’s a very good chance I won’t actually get to play the mode actually/be able to get anywhere in it.

I see all this talk of grinding dossiers here on the forums and think people must be very lucky indeed to have the mode run that well for them. For me it doesn’t detract from what is a very solid and satisfying game and how well the rest of the modes generally play, but it’s annoying for there to be a little locked off portion of the game I simply cannot play.

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Wow, no kidding? Yeah, really sorry for my ignorance on this, but I had no idea this was such a widespread issue. I never looked in to it because I had no idea it was happening. I can easily count on one hand the number of times SL mode has crashed on me in my entirety of playing it.

Really sorry that both you and OP (and undoubtedly others) have had this problem. That’s really unfortunate.

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It crashed on me but once while I was fighting Gargos, before I had finally beat him, and when I rebooted and went back it started with the You lost scene and I had to start over. Oh I was sooo pissed! But it never happened again and I finally beat him to unlock the stage.

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It’s just the lack of acknowledgement which is doing my head in. I haven’t been able to complete shadow Lords as half the times i’ve died other half are due to crashes against Gargos and coming back to the cinematic Gargos defeating me >.<

Just for the clarification I don’t want sympathy, I just want acknowledgement from the developers that this is a serious issue that is game breaking and a really poor bug that they wont do anything with no matter how many reports. Glad you understand now though. Sorry for my attitude to begin with, I am just fed up with this game - haven’t even played it since this post. Given it too many tries.

Shadow Lords has never worked well for me and has always had issues crashing. For this reason alone, I’ve stayed away from the mode, but to be honest, in most fighting games, I’m all about online play versus offline anyway.

I can understand that, I just want the achievements though lol