Gain tether w/ slide linker?

Like the topic says, what if Shago could tether during a slide linker? Do you think that’d be too powerful? I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but thought it was fine without it, but I don’t think it’d make him too powerful, but might be a nice buff for him. What are your thoughts? (obviously during instinct, not outside of it)(you could also turn into a command normal and not a special, that’d be pretty cool too!)


I don’t think it would change him all that much. If he’s got you in a combo then there’s a decent chance that he already tethered you (you got opened up by dash-through->something) or if he really wants the tether he can just 1 chance you into fireball ender.

I think it would make him stronger (he wouldn’t have to do an ender and then open you up again to take advantage of tether effects), but not that much stronger.


Out of instinct?

You cant tether out of instinct?

no no in instinct only.

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no shago definitely can’t tether out of instinct

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especially since when he is hit/broken he loses tether, I think that’d make the tether appear much more and would further open possibilities for him without giving him too much power.

I know this, Im replying to Dul as he is asking “Out of instinct”. And Im saying, you can only tether in instinct.

I think its a grea tidea and reminds me of Boss Shago. I find it difficult and it tiresome to try and tether with a fireball or dash. I think you should be able to pop instinct mid combo,hit a shadow linker and go to town. It would cut down on all the freeze frame annihilation IMO

well people should simply just open up more using tether over annihilation. there is a difference in player that just throws annihilation and players that attempt tethering.

Yes, agreed. A linker version would make that much more useful and fun

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Ok then yeah i think shago should get that.

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ALSO! Turn B.HK into a command normal not a special! Please!


What does that do? Cause?

I think that this is a great Idea. I don’t see people actively trying to apply tether to abuse it. They could probably balance it my making the linker apply it for different amounts of time:
Light - 2 seconds.
Medium - 4 seconds.
Heavy - 5 or 6 seconds. ( I assume this is possibly too long)
They would obviously have a better understanding and would test how long it would apply for. Hell they may have thought of this already, It’s a pretty damn good idea!!! Tether is a good tool though, so it might be too powerful.

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in its current state doesn’t break armor because it is considered a special.

But it’s very much like spinal curse except it allows shago to use opponent’s meter. Regardless combo break him, hit him once tether is over. It’s a great tool but if the rule is, “dash through opponent to attach tether” why not “slide through to attach tether” as well?

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Ahhh… makes sense. Is FWD HK a special as well?

nope that is a command normal

So it CAN break armor? can break armor yes