Gain tether w/ slide linker?



Your going to KIWC right? I ll be there.


yes I’ll definitely be there to show how a scrub plays shago T_T

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Have you qualified?


NOPE! T_T not at all…


Well at least Last chance qualifiers registration is free… so thats good. There are 2 other tournaments…KI classic and Ki 2 classic…that should be fun (10$ each)


But the overhead can be cancelled into from any normal, that’s the property of a special move. I get that the input is what you would associate with a command normal, but it doesn’t behave like one


Sabrewulf’s overpower is similar to axe kick, slower/riskier but always plus causes stagger.


Yeah, axe kick has something of a raw deal in terms of properties (possibly because it’s an overhead?). If I had to guess, I’d say it’s probably tagged as a special so that you can break the stagger follow-up after it hits.

So basically, unless they make Shago’s axe kick follow-ups not breakable, you’re probably stuck with it not breaking armor. At least you get a grounded overhead though? :sweat_smile:


I would absolutley love this. I’ve also been thinking about this for a long time thought it’d be a great idea. (Also I’m a Shago main and he absolutley needs a buff).


Sabrewulf is the same thing (over power except not an overhead), and tusk is treated the same too both break armor and cause stagger. Grounded overhead is nice, definitely not gonna take that for granted, but Orchid has one AND it breaks armor, she technically leaves the ground in the animation too.


Well, don’t forget that you can’t just copy-paste character move traits and think that you’re making a valid comparison. The characters are built around wildly different capabilities, so an overpower type move on Wulf is materially different than an overpower type move on, say, Hisako. The comparison isn’t really apt, because the toolsets that undergird the characters are fundamentally different.

Tusk overhead doesn’t break armor either, and Orchid’s can’t be canceled into from a normal and is shadow counterable on reaction. Wulf’s overpower isn’t an overhead. Each of these moves is unique in both properties and application, and each come with their own limitations the same way axe kick does. Not saying that Shago would be broken with an armor breaking overhead or anything, just saying the comparison isn’t necessarily apt.

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