Fun with Chests

So I’ve started noticing a lot of funny things that can occur with the chests. Here’s what I’ve found in three clips.

"TJ HATE CHEST"!Ai9Dpl1FUmk-jAzH7YyOYTL1zvs_

"Tank Chest? Sounds like free health"!Ai9Dpl1FUmk-jA7AnVxp3CRyYICI

"Tusk has transcended"!Ai9Dpl1FUmk-jBBq-_SUoTQCegBe


So, what stupid s*** have you guys found with chests?


I’ve juggled a chest on my head few times. I didn’t think to record it, though. Maybe I will next time I do it.

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Fulgore just straight up lasered a standard chest from full screen to get the rewards :smiley:

It tells me there’s a problem and won’t let me see them :cry: What about youtube?

Hmm, I’ll have to fix it when I get home.

EDIT: Forgot to XP

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Kilgore in instinct doesn’t blow out the chest. You can hit upwards of 230 times lol Edit: Using his chain gun normals.

Any character can use an ender or auto double after opening the chest with an opener special. With Snake active you can whiff a level 4 ender. You can also throw projectiles through your victory animation. You can have a fireball pause with Jago when the animation stops too lightning him up.

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Just noticed this thread

About the title…

I saw what you did there :smirk:

Am I the only one that enjoys running under the chest with Spinal and letting it hit him on the head? It doesn’t do anything. It just bounces, but still…

Okay, it’s just me then… lol