Fulgore's story in season 3

What I want to know in Fulgore’s story is…

  • How Eagle became what he is now?
  • Is Fulgore’s rivalry with Jago still intact?
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Patience. Fulgore’s Story is coming soon.


We pretty much know now.

Eagle’s parents were killed by UT, and as such he had a deep hatred for the company. As he grew older, Eagle trained hard in boxing and wrestling, and after he took his “spirit walk,” he began to train even harder.

After training to the best of his ability, and at some point on his journey to figure out how to take down UT, he met Orchid (this bit was just revealed). Through Orchid, Eagle got deeper into the UT web, and ultimately entered the KI tournament where he lost his life / was taken by the company to be rolled into the Fulgore project.

Sure there is more to know about “Eagle”, but equally there is more to know about who / what “Eagle” is now. As “Fulgore,” there is a potential for Eagle to become much more than he was, or ever could have been.

This we don’t know for sure, but I’d venture to say that the rivalry as it was is dead though.

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  • Will Eagle be saved? But still remain Fulgore?

And how can you say the rivalry between Jago & Fulgore is dead?

Personally, I’d like for Eagle to stay Fulgore. I think it would be interesting for “Fulgore” to begin a new path, rather than retreading old ones.

They seem to be taking these 2 characters in different directions than in the previous timeline.

In season 1, the most important events that happened to Jago really didn’t even pertain to Fulgore per say. In the Jago’s first KI tournament, he almost killed his Sister, and after that the story sort of just jumps to the aftermath of the tournament. There is a possibility that Jago defeated Fulgore, and furthermore a possibility that Fulgore Mk.III was the one at that tournament, but they haven’t explicitly state that this is the case. Seemingly though, whatever the case, this battle wasn’t as important as Jago fighting Orchid, or Jago succumbing to Gargos’ power after the tourney’s end.

The first time it is explicitly stated that Jago fought Fulgore was at Maya’s temple at some point in season 2, where he wasn’t just fighting one Fulgore unit, but a whole host of Fulgore Mk.II units, as well as all the other UT forces…while along side the other heroes. On top of that, Fulgore Mk.III, the “Eagle Fulgore,” wasn’t even at that battle, as he was last seen thousands of miles away when he confronted Thunder ( atm we don’t know the precise time when this event occurred as it could have been before, at the same time as, or even after the Temple fight). Regardless, Fulgore Mk.III is the only unit who has become self aware, as all the other Fulgore units that where introduced before then, were just automatons.

IMO, if there is still a Fulgore/Jago rivalry, it is less about Fulgore vs. Jago, and more about Jago vs. UT.

To bottom line it, until the official Fulgore bio is released, we won’t know Eagle’s story completely, as it still is possible that Fulgore Mk.III was the Fulgore unit that was in the tournament with Jago, which possibly could hint that there could still be a rivalry, but it seems more likely that Fulgore Mk.III will focus on his brother, Thunder, and finding answers.

Edit: I just re-watched the Season 1 endings, and this is how I think things went down…

  • Jago enters the tournament at the behest of the “Tiger Spirit.”

  • Jago fights through the tournament, up until he is pitted against Orchid, where he almost kills her, but stops short.

( Here the story could go multiple ways. To me though, it seems like Jago wins the tournament, but Orchid is the one who confronts the Mk.III Fulgore. If Jago won, he probably defeated a Mk.II unit while Orchid found the Mk.III unit. Either way, Jago won the tourney and returned home, while Orchid was defeated by Mk.III Fulgore, but was spared due to this Fulgore becoming self aware and being flooded by Eagle’s memories. )

  • Fulgore Mk.III becomes self-aware, and is flooded by Eagle’s memories. He chooses his next target: Thunder.

  • Jago returns home and is overcome by the Shadow power within him to becomes Shago.

  • Orchid travels to Nez Perce, Eagle’s home, presumably to find Thunder, where the 2 battle, with Thunder coming out the victor. Orchid tells Thunder of Eagle’s fate.

  • Fulgore confronts Thunder in Nez Perce and defeats him. He doesn’t kill him though, he leaves him alive and continues on his quest for answers / purpose.

  • Thunder awakens / recovers, and resolves himself to getting his brother back.

  • During Orchid’s trip to Nez Perce, and everything there, Jago / Shago is globe hopping, killing people as Gargos’ herald.

  • Once Jago regains control of himself, and subsequently frees Omen, he travels to find his sister, and finds the other heroes TJ Combo and Maya, and sometime after this is when they are all attacked by UT’s forces.

So yeah, Jago and Fulgore Mk.III haven’t met yet, so them having a rivalry like in the past is probably not going to happen.


Personally, I’d rather see a focus on Fulgore’s growing self-awareness, and maybe just how much -if any- of Eagle’s personality remains. I’m not sure if I’d like to see a “redemption”, because Fulgore is so much more cooler as a villain/antagonist-type. At the very least, I predict we’ll see him become a “rogue”: he’ll be neither good nor evil, but a neutral, especially if Eagle manages to “win” out in terms of dominance over Fulgore’s awareness.

Maybe -for added drama- he might reject Thunder on the whole basis of “you can never go home again” or Thunder more than likely will see Fulgore as a desecration of his brother and try to kill him to avenge Eagle, rather than try to redeem him (sort of a reverse Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader scenario, if that makes any sense). I dunno… I haven’t really followed Thunder’s story, but I guess I ought to now. :T

As for his rivalry with Jago, I’d say that’s a thing that’s in the past. Fulgore’s story, for all intents and purposes, is tied with Thunder and ARIA’s for now. For now, at least. Jago’s too busy with Omen and -inevitably- Gargos, and as the story stands, I can’t think of a plausible reason for them to have a rivalry without it coming off as forced.


Perhaps like Scorpion, Fulgore will go neutral. He’ll go up against Ultratech probably.

There will probably be drama between Eagle & Thunder. Even though Eagle has become Fulgore, and with Thunder seeing him as his enemy, deep down he still loves him and that he has no choice but to kill him as Fulgore in order to set his soul free to rest in peace.


I wait paitnetly but excitedly! cross your fingers folks in two weeks we’ll see what happens.

same I want to know how Fulgore is dealing with his new self-awareness. I know so many people wnat Eagle but I’m more inerested in seeing how Fulgore is handling his self-awareness. I think alot of people just want to talk about Eagle this and Eagle that and what we have with Fulgore. Don’t get me wrong, I do think it’s interesting that Eagle is Fulgore in some way, but as it is, I’m interested more in the machine, and how it can cope with it’s new self awareness as opposed to the man it once was.



On one hand, I’m not really keen on the idea that Fulgore is now Eagle -to put it bluntly-, because I feel that takes away a chance for Fulgore to be his own character with his own distinct personality (outside of being a murderbot, that is). With him essentially being Eagle, that comes off as a lodestone around his neck to me. OTOH, maybe they can pull it off, I don’t know.

Personally speaking, I like him somewhat better as a murderbot that was beginning to gain self-awareness, and the whole “are they one and the same” thing left pretty ambiguous. I want to see how he adapts to the world around him, what side he’ll ultimately choose (if any), and whatnot.

Sure, the angle they’re going in r/n gives Thunder a chance to be an important character, yes, but at the expense of Fulgore being his own character and now turned into “Chief Thunder’s brother turned into a cyborg/robot”. But hey, I’m probably grossly exaggerating things here, lmao.

But, S3 is still a long ways off and so too is the next chapter of story mode. I’ll reserve further judgement on Fulgore’s character development until we get to that point, haha.

Fulgore as Eagle is nothing new. It’s been that way since the Comics. Since Day 1 Fulgore’s robotics were too complex to be driven by a normal A.I. it needed, something beyond that. It needed a true fighting spirit. Thus why Eagle disappeared in the first KI Tournament when Fulgore didn’t exist, and that Fulgore existed in the second Killer Instinct Tournament where Thunder discovered that Eagle was used to create the Fulgore units. So much to everyone’s dismay at Thunder’s ending in KI, Spinal is not Eagle. They just didn’t have any other sprites available to show a restless spirit.

Welcome back Sullen : D

and yeah it certainly isn’t new. But I honestly hope that with Fulgore’s story it gives us something to look forward to for sure!

Honestly, there is no more back story for them to cover… Everything is there, it’s all out in the open, what they need is future story for him. We know he is Eagle, their combat style is even the same, look at the victory pictures of Eagle who won the first KI tourney. Pair of blades on each wrist. The portions of Fulgore’s story that we do not know, how Ultratech can manage to use Eagle’s spirit/thought driven aspect of controlling the Fulgore unit not once, not twice, but 3 times. Which leaves it as, is Eagle alive being captive and having his essence drained into new units? Or was Eagle turned into a program such as Aria? That’s what I forsee anyways. If it’s not that then well… It’ll all be rehashed information for his in depth. So we shall see.

Hopefully we get a story that separates the Fulgore we know fromthe million other units, just as Riptor is distinguished from the other stalkers. I would like to know what the future has in store for Fulgore.

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What if that doesn’t end up being the case? what if that story doesn’t follow that theory of yours?

Fulgore is already a killing machine anyway you slice it.

I think it’s a safe bet that we should wait on Monday if they decide to update it.

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I’m more concerned about what gameplay wise is in store for Fulgore as to wheter or not Eagle is playable.

Anyone concerned of Fulgore’s story coming up today?

I checked on Twitter. It might be postponed

I HATE IT WHEN THIS HAPPENS! When will it get back on!?