Fulgore's story in season 3

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much as I am itching to see Fulgore’s story and while I am also not really a fan of star-wars I agree with this.


Fulgore’s story is being postponed! But for how long!?


Creating an extended story on Fulgore seems to need more crafting than any of the fighters, so it’s still in the oven until we get something


I wonder this myswelf. If it’s post poned, it means they are really making sure this is as good as possible. But w’ell see I suppose.


Hope they don’t disappoint. I know all of Fulgore’s lore and story from KI 1 and 2 and the comics. If they more or less give him an entirely different story, then I’ll be very sad =(. They’ve done well with the others so far, but Fulgore is the iconic antihero, frontline of Ultratech, first defense, last defense, type character of the KIverse. Like Goro to Shang Sung or Shao Kahn, Fulgore is a pivotal part of the main story of the game itself on top of his own story as well. So if it takes them longer to make it better and more profound, then so be it I can wait. I mean… I waited 18 years for a reboot. I can wait a few more days/weeks for his story. =)


I just hope for Fulgore they’ll make him something solo. Something “Scorpion,” meaning neutral.

But that includes him becoming one of Jago’s rivals, if they’ll do something about it.



I’m going to have the expectation that we’ll now get backstories every other week now. IG and MS have a habit of doing this like when Sadira’s story was delayed on Tuesday instead of Monday, Orchids came the following Tueaday. So with Spinals story being delayed to the next week, I expect the same with Fulgore and even with TJ Combos backstory.


I don’t expect it all to be exactly the same but I do expect the story to follow some form of KI1 at most. Since KI2 pretty much was reconned.

I honestly don’t know what to expect so I’m a bit open minded about this.

unfortunate but true…


Please tomorrow!


So far no sign of it…


I’ll probably assume that Fulgore’s story might happen after the holidays, js

Wait, nvm. This thread will lead you to it: http://www.ultra-combo.com/fulgore-mark-03-field-manual-l/


Good Morning!
After some time, new points were added. Parts of the game’s history fit, but there are still some points left unanswered: According to the game’s passages, the TJ defeated the most modern Fulgore unit in Pinnacle, but a passage in the Shadow Lords says that its “brain core” can be transferred to a new unit.
With the release of Eagle by Glacius, there are “Two Eagles” in different bodies. At some point in the game, the two will end up meeting.
The Mark-3 has already proved that it does not totally dominate its programming because of the interference of its “human” side. Proof of this was the Fulgore sparing Orchid’s life twice, and Thunder’s life in a battle. New evidence is the perception of some mimics, who perceive the human mind and mention it in their dialogues.
Another interesting passage occurs in the Shadow Lords mode, during its passage in the forgotten laboratory, mentioning the option “assembly line”. Some human memories appear, and are so unpleasant that he deletes them from his system.
He is a key character who can turn against Ultratech at any time and oppose his earlier version, the UA-CCIX unit.
I would very much like him to become a new being, with a new personality, and that he can take over Ultratech instead of Aria, keeping the company active for new purposes, and making the new phase of the company its new goal.