Fulgore's new Laser: It's amazing

For those who don’t know, Fulgore’s Heavy Laser was very different than what it is in season 3.

In season1 the laser shot at an angle and went full screen, and it was pretty good at stoppin characters like Sadira’s shinanigans and Glacius with his far reaching icicle kicks. It was a pretty good anti-air weapon.

In my case though it was beyond a simple anti-air. I also liked to use it to add a bit more style and juggle to my combos. Used after launching them with the laser ender I could use it to get in those last teensy yummy bites of combo to get a satisfying spin out.

Then after some damage nerfs Fulgore’s H-lazer was on the line and other players were allowed to vote. Those who didn’t main Fulgore were the majority and understandbly me and some of my fellow Fulgore mains felt like this was us about to get lynched. I’d be lying to you folks if I didn’t tell you my animosity towards characters who had given me trouble in the past were now going to be hated. Knowing full well that they may easily get a free get away with spammy moves from the air.

However when the laser nerf happend, there was a great mix of receptions. Some gave up on the beloved killer robot. But I was one of the folks who stuck by him. I later discovered that while I could no longer use it to stop Sadira from her web attack into widows drop it was still good in stopping Glacius from relying to much on his jumping kick attacks.
All of which will hit you if you even TRY to do a Cyber Uppercut.

However one thing I was quite happy about was it still a reasonably good atni-air at closer ranges and it had just enough length for me to keep doing that little crouching HP ===> Heavy Laser.

Now we have season3, the changes were shown. My feelings were very much mixed. I think I was one if, if not the only person who was unsure about the anti-air game as Fulgore was gonna be. It meant to me Sadira and anyone with crazy air attacks were gonna spam it with no consequences. I didn’t want to turn to Cyber Upper-Cut because FDF motions were easy to ■■■■■ up on and you were gonna get hit in some cases before you could even execute it.

It’s a good anti-air against some characters who jump in, but Widow Drops, Icicle Kicks, and some others could always beat you to the punch.

Well now I can say that the crouch HP is probably a safer bet. While it does require timing, it’s a more likely able to hit as opposed to being struck before your upper-cut animation activates. At the risk of missing of course it’s a fair trade.

Now onto the point:

Fulgore’s new H-laser is AMAZING! I LOVE IT! Now only do I get to keep my fun crouch-HP===>H-Laser but I get to do some more stuff to add to it. The old laser would launch some folks back a bit, but it stays just close enough to go in and just shoot more stuff into em’

It’s an awesome tool and if someone is far enough for a stagger it makes shadow-telepot safe, which honestly it had bad priority on. (Still better than Cinder’s shadow trailblazer though)

I love this thing! Of course it’s never a good idea to use it up close, as I’ve come to learn, again it’s better for zoning. But also still good for combos to.

So yeah I’m quite happy with the new H-lazer. As for my anti-air well crouching punch for Sadiras. Glacius…hmm…maybe…MAYBE a Cyber uppercut. Or a jumping light kick will work.

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@JEFFRON27 have u noticed though how the robot is so much slower and sluggish this season…? Manual timings are all outta wack too

Honestly, no I have not. He was exactly the same speed he always did. Unless you are referring to attacks and frames and such and yes but I’ve honestly gotten into the thing pretty smoothly just need to practice with the new frames.

Well, you are the first Fulgore player to say that… everyone else I have spoken to about it has noticed. Combos get dropped left and right since manuals timings are off. In any case, look forward to seeing what tech you got cookin - share whenever you post somewhere!

Yeah Manual timings are more strict it seems. Online they are almost impossible unless its light off medium or medium off heavy.

yup that changed, gotta be on point with his manual strings.

I shall. In the mean time though the manual timings are gonna be weird but practice int iema nd I’m sure you’ll get back on top of it.

You know this for sure? I played a lot of Fulgore when I had the chance since his release, and I was in full agreement that the full screen up laser was too strong against a lot of characters. Though it was fun shooting Sadira out of the sky, no doubt.

I haven’t gotten around to trying S3 Fulgore yet, though. The ones I have fought go ham in my face with LP laser and quick pokes, it’s tough to escape with the laser being a projectile.

I did say some of my fellow Fulgore mains, that doesn’t mean all fulgore players disagreed. Though I should of been more specific than. I didn’t really mention the Fulgore mains who agreed the idea. The point is when the thing was set up at first I had very strong feelings about players who don’t main Fulgore deciding his fate.

That being said, considering I did use the h-laser for more than just sniping widow-dropping sadira’s I was not hurt by the new H-laser in season2. In season3 however it’s the best it’s ever been.

Though if you read through the whole post as well you’ll likely notice those feelings of uncertainty I had in the past are long gone. and I’m havin’ fun with using the new H-laser.

H-Laser is damn good, only thing i would like is better start up and recovery… it seems so damn risky to ever use if you you aren’t full screen away from oponent

Who cares about KanRa - im talkin robot here!
I’d say 5 less frames on start up and 10 less in recovery… not too much to ask - that way it can be used on a mid range without such high risk — just sayin!

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LOL - M-Laser should no longer be considered medium range – but whatever I get it you love the robot just as IG packages him up for ya its all good

Butthurt response yo, calm your ■■■■ Sullen!!
Ur probly right I just don’t know how to use him that’s it’s…so dismissive but ok

I honestly don’t mind the start up and recovery frames because it’s worth the risk if you land the hit.

I guess its just a matter of getting used to that’s all… the manual timings is whats screwin up my game play all together. Droppin combos left and right :frowning:

In this case we may have to practice and adapt to the new frames. In time we’ll get it.

I’m not having problems, u guys need more time in practice mode.
Online is perfect speed for the timing, but then u go to a tournament and play offline against others there and the difference is dramatic.

I actually am one of those players who was anxious about the anti-air game. Unfortunately, all my fears were confirmed. Heavy Laser, whilst it’s sometimes useful at fullscreen, that’s about it. I actually disagree with the OP on his point about the laser being “amazing” - I believe Fulgore needs an actual anti-air (I’m not considering uppercut or D+hp as an anti-air). He needs to be able to obliterate Sadira, Glacius, etc…

Why aren’t you considering down HP or his uppercut as anti airs? As that’s (at best!) what everyone else has to work with.

@SightlessKombat His Cr HP is a decent anti air but its not as good as others as his hitbox trades with some jump ins and others hit him first. He doesnt do well vs deep jumpins or crossups since his DP regardless of strength will wiff. To give an idea, if sadira does her jump HK you cant cr hp it. She hits you first most of the time. Anyone with dirty crossups can just force Fulgore to block. Lab it up to see who it works against. But its definitely a problem when he is in the corner. Unless you time a DP just right, you wiff or have to block.