Fulgore match-ups

Hello to all fellow killing machines! This is place to discuss specifically how to deal with other characters when playing fulgore.

To start off a good tip against Riptor is to do meaty cr. LK into light eyelaser. If riptor has no meter then all escape options except for wake-up tail flip will get beat. It is impportant to do light laser instead of cyberdash because if Riptor does backrun HK you will still block.

When I think fulgore I think his match ups as of now are:

I added point 5’s just to add who would most likely win in more matches (also this is just what I think)
Left Number = Fulgore
Right Number = Opponent

Jago: 5.5 - 4.5
Sabrewulf: 4 - 6
Glacius: 6 - 4
Thunder: 6 - 4
Sadira: 5 - 5
Orchid: 4 - 6
Spinal: 3.5 - 6.5
T.J Combo: 4 - 6
Maya: 4 - 6
Kan-ra: 6 - 4
Riptor: 5 - 5
Omen: 6 - 4
Aganos: 6.5 - 3.5
Hisako: 5 - 5
Cinder: 5 - 5
Aria: 5.5 - 4.5

With full meter it’s quite easy to lame out thunders with just zoning, backdash and teleport. Just stay full screen mix up speeds of projectile and use heavy laser to keep him out, back dash to corner then tp during his next jump, rinse and repeat. If he’s good and is able to aggressively use heavy DP punish him with a DP of your own.

For TJ I find you play a footsies game with his dash special and your blade dash. Try to time a heavy or medium blade dash to hit before he cancels his dash into a special.

I’m curious as to what makes glacius 6-4. What’s the strategy for fighting him?

Against Hisako it is a good idea to use the eye lasers as openers to avoid counter, like Sullen Mosquito showed on his video. Also remember to keep your teleport pressure under the safety of a fireball. Watch out for air on-ryo-san when she jumps, even if backwards.

Against Sadira crouching jab is the way to go for pressure after a knockdown, It will beat any versions of blade demon (they are only low invulnerable), make for great tick throw and axis slash OSs and is good for hit confirms. It will be beat shadow web cling and shadow recluse (the last is a risky option).

Great advice I’ll try that. Now if only I can keep her from jumping on me and spamming those web-daggers, lol.

Fulgore vs Jago feels like a 7-3 Fulgore IMO

What would be a good strategy for fulgore vs orchid? I keep getting locked down by grenade and rekka pressure and most things seem really difficult to punish.

Lol no way, I main Jago and I got bodied by a Fulgore recently - in retrospect, I was ranked Killer and they were Silver.

Wait I don’t follow. I said the match was in Fulgore’s favor. Are you saying it’s in Jago’s? Not saying you’re wrong, it’s just that you said you got bodied by Fulgore.

Ouch, sorry about that. I misread what you wrote. For some reason I read Jago, long day I suppose.

Light Energy Bolt > Plasma Port > Axis Slash > Light Eye Laser / LK / Overhead / Grab. Works most of the time that I use it, good set up and it avoids the grenade since you can fling an Energy Bolt to make your next set up safe. You can also just use two Energy Bolts and go in or play it really defensive. Fulgore has a lot of tools, despite his awkward changes, he is still among the best in the cast.

Light energy bolt to plasma port can be beat almost every time with Orchid’s sweep. Unless I teleport far enough away, in that case, the grenade could very well hit me. Oh, another thing, pressure during instinct. Any tips?

Just gotta be careful that ya don’t get grabbed because that is one good way for them to mess ya up.

Any advice against wulf and Spinal? I always die against them.*

For Spinal when you knock him down and he has meter, pressure with cr. LP. If he does shadow skeleport you will recover quick enough to still block and punish. Most other options will get hit. The one move that won’t is regular skeleport, but if you remain careful you can throw him out of it. Besides, remember that the only skeleport that can be skull-cancelled is the one that goes behind, so the if he teleports in front he has to go through all of the move’s recovery, and that’s long enough for you to hit him. If at full-screen be ready to block the back teleport.

Can’t you avoid the throw with a crouching light? It’s enough to push them back whereas, they may wiff the throw leaving a punish. Could be wrong here.

True, probably bait her with a charge? Mind games in that case. Or just play it safe and zone until she slides close enough for a punish. Pressure during instinct? Fill up meter and play around without using your instinct meter just to make them play defensively, constant chip damage will eventually open them up. Use two energy bolt right before the meter charges again just to constantly have it full on stock. If you’re playing offensive then rely heavily on meter as the spin speed should be enough to keep the pressure up. EX: crouching lights, overhead, heavy DP into shadow eye laser then repeat it while switching it up until they miss a guess. I’m not the best Fulgore by no means just my methods. Shadows can ruin you though so yeah, watch out.

Well, I meant during Orchid’s instinct, I wanted to know how I could deal with her making everything safe with the firecats. Sorry for the misunderstanding.