Fulgore match-ups

With the tech discovered by Infil, Bastfree and Geoff the hero, the pressure tech i talked about against sadira is not as usefull

I have a tactic for you to, if you can, try staying away and bait him into a teleport, and when you get the chance sneak in a light attack into a full combo-punish.

Wulf can be hard to keep away especially when he can do anything from his running attacks but if he does that, just zap him with your medium eye beams just enough to make em’ dodge, but becareful, the wrong time will make him slide under or you’ll miss. Definitely one of the harder match-ups.

Oh WOW…for some reason, my rage reactor is on full and spinning at high…makes me wanna initiate the table-flip beam…JK Lol this was kinda funny…

Does anybody have advice for me with Sadira, she is actually the one I have the up-most trouble with…Primarally when she is jumping and throwing web-daggers at me.

If she does the heavy version of the daggers you can do heavy uppercut and hit her out of the air everytime. The problem comes when they realize that and start doing mediums and lights. Shadow countering the next hit might be a nice idea but i’m not too sure, maybe they go for daggers into throw. Then you end up wasting meter and getting hit. Very tricky situation.

My problem really is when Sadira does any of this the person playing has her can press down MK and trump any attempts to punish in the air. That’s where it becomes a problem for me. So it makes her heavy daggers safer.

So far the only thing I can do in these situations is back up and hope I don’t get cornered and zap her at an angle I can hit her from with the eye-beams. Otherwise she’ll just double jump over it like everything else.

Widow’s drop (down+MK) is unsafe as balls, so you don’t generally have to worry about it being used a ton by most Sadira’s. They might bring it out on occasion, but I wouldn’t consider that to be a prime concern of yours when you run into her - though of course that can depend on whom you’re facing off against.

General rule against Sadira though is to simply not let her play. Once she’s on top of you on offense she becomes incredibly difficult to deal with for almost the entire cast, and Fulgore is no exception to this. If she’s doing widow’s bites in neutral at range (for instance, trying to get in with them) then you should be able to DP her, but once she gets close AA’ing her becomes quite a bit tougher. So your goal is simply to knock her down once, and then to pressure her relentlessly on wakeup to keep her from regaining a stable neutral situation. Sadira cannot get up for free in almost any circumstance; shadow web cling is full of holes and nothing else is invincible. Once you ground her, keep her there with meaty pressure and mixups.

Thanks Storm I’ll try this out the next time I run into a Sadira.