Fulgore lasers suggestions And Teleports

What I want to know is, what’s the point of using the M version of eyelaser when the frame data (supposedly) is the exact same as the L version minus the double laser?

Sorry guys im super new to forums so excuse me if i make mistakes. But yes I’m complaining because this is why the forums exist right? For feed back and opinions?.. It was just a suggestion I’m not just complaining because i dislike the which i truly do! I’m complaining because these are actual issue i feel need looking into feel free to say what you must i personally think fulgore is TO PLUS and is safe 80% of the time. Which is fact not me speaking nonsense just check his frame data.

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More range. Why use the light laser?

Large Gasp we’ve broke the forums.

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Why is everyone suddenly complaining about Fulgore? Remember when he had a full screen anti air, a half screen projectile poke, and did all around more damage? Why did no one complain about that Fulgore yet his currently weaker incarnation is a problem?

Easier to shadow counter.

S1 fulgore?

Fulgore has 2 plus specials. Which are his lasers light and medium which are all reversable if he doesnt pip cancel it, they have a drawback for being safe as they reduce his spin speed. Jagos laserswords are the same in context except they dont hit low. They also grant meter and they are just as safe. All other + specials fulgore has require spacing or charge to have + frames.

My biggest issue is his teleports. When he throws a fireball and goes invisible, HOW are you supposed to react? From that position, he can hit you from ANY direction, and even if you escape, he can chase you down before you hit the ground. On top of that, he can easily just teleport a 2nd time, and react to what you do.

Its a mixup that forces you to make a guess in a situation that could go like 10 different ways.

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Why would that be helpful? You’d still need a prediction, it’s definitely not reactable. You could play against a Fulgore who doesn’t ever opt for light laser and you’d still never get a shadow counter on reaction to the medium laser.


Okay, I guess what you’re saying is that Fulgore has a very Jago-like frame trap game up close, and it’s a bit much when taken in concert with the rest of Fulgore’s capabilities, so at the very least you want more viable ways of countering the frame trap game. Right?

So what I’m hearing here is that ideally Fulgore just wouldn’t have a teleport vortex game, or at least would have a barely reactable one. Again, tell me if I’m wrong.

Teleport mixups aren’t really a thing without projectile cover.

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I think they should replace Fulgore’s eye lasers with bouquets of flowers. This would work wonders for his image. I mean lets face it, right now IG has fallen into the old “evil robot” trope and the bias needs to end… NOW! Fulgore could be the poster child for reformation!

Light version - Just hands over two roses…
Medium - An entire bouquet of daisies…
Heavy - The bouquet of daises plus (and this is AMAZING!) a hug…

There fixed… Now nobody will complain about how overpowered his eye lasers are. With this new iteration, the only thing over powered about him… is his heart. :stuck_out_tongue:

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One solution to get out of your stated fireball + teleport mix up, is to simply jump backwards. You might still get hit with a DP, BUT you are also not getting into a combo of which prevents Fulgore from speeding up his reactor. I always like avoiding any damage, but it is the lesser of two evils.

I also mash LP or LK (with Sadira) of which knocks him out of almost everything. Its crazy that a murderous over powered crazy robot has achilles’ heels.

If you shadow counter it,they get dp’d in the face

Not always, there was a video made about a month ago showing the few characters that beat out that option.

I said exactly this on another thread for the exact same situation but the OP said it was a worthless idea yet, as a Fulgore player I’ve gotten worlds out of that. Take a small hit to avoid a big one. He can’t setup another mixup if you can quick rise. I think “lab the solution” should become a thing lol. I remember S1 and S2 people spent about 20-25% of their time in the dojo, now people spend 20-25% of their time on the forums. I used to hate Sadira, complained about her stupid jump pressure and web game. So I played her to 50, now she isn’t so bad. I know when and where she can do certain things. Granted there are still creative setups I never discovered but, getting around her normal air game isn’t hard anymore since I know how high and the distance she can cover. Same would go for Fulgore. Play him for a while. He has some sweet 50/50’s kinda like what Jago can do off his Flip out. I don’t know why people would rather complain about this character than play the bot. It isn’t like he is impossible to fight. There are ways out of all of his stuff. Hell there are a lot of videos on YouTube already… The fact that a lot of the threads I see are covered in videos where the thread wouldn’t have needed to be made just tells me people didn’t research their complaint, they just want to complain.

Fulgore gets max reactor speed for landing a raw heavy dp. The game counts it as three separate heavy hits.

Tell that to ARIA.

Shadow Dp to the face then.

Half his meter for that? That’s pretty costly.

Eh it works for getting out of pressure. Worth it IMO.