Fulgore lasers suggestions And Teleports

You know i think Fulgore “eye laser” Light & medium versions should be more identified somthing like how TJ/Maya/ Kanra show some type of identification on what strength their doing… Maybe like make Fulgore medium “EyeLaser” flash purple or green idk what you guys think. I think i doesn’t hurt the character because he still haves the option to Pip cancel dp. Same goes for teleport should have some type visual q since he does put you in countless one chance vortex with setups with Projectiles.


Colors are probably too easy, maybe just the size/thickness of the beam. I agree though, eye lasers make me feel things I don’t like

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Maybe if IG would have gave fulgore an actual weakness I wouldn’t agree with you. But you are so right. This character has so many options, visual ques would be welcomed.

They have a clear spacing difference. They are used as openers or pressure and are never breakable with their standard animations so identifiers wouldn’t do much of anything.

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I agree with this. Using colors would make it too easy, but perhaps make the lasers more thick, have a type of “stripe” like TJ does?


are you talking about in combo or outside a combo.

I’m assuming in combo. Outside of combo, the lasers hit twice, which is a clear indication of the strength. While in combo, especially during openers, the strengths can be confused and I feel there’s not a clear enough sign on the strength of the laser. Then again, that’s just my opinion.

In combo? Opener? You can’t break openers.

I meant is in, he can open you up using lasers, then immideatley go into laser linker. I’m not the best and explaining, so sorry if it’s a tad confusing.


Thinkness to the eye laser is a good idea. Didn’t think about that hmm

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Every linker in the game uses the same animation regardless of strength. Its the amount if hits. If they rework Fulgores linkers to be obviously breakable they will have to change everyones linkers. Jagos sword linker is worlds faster than any laser Fulgore has. If we are talking neutral, his sword is still just as fast and is safer. If you can react to that in neutral or a linker, you can react to Fulgore. The TJ 1,2 ,3 stream tell on tremor was added because in the corner it was 100% guess since he didnt travel, that is different from Fulgore who already has different animations in neutral on his lasers. Both his blade dash and laser linker are roughly the same timing. And both behave the same way. They also havent changed since Season 1. So I dont see how they are a problem all of a sudden.

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Is it just me or is there a lot of Fulgore hate recently?


Agreed! The linker version looks totally different than the opener… you cant break the opener, so why does it matter? The linker is no different than anyone else’s linker… you wait for the amount of hits…period. I cant tell the difference between Hisakos linkers… i wait to see if it hits 3 times…if it does… I break hvy last second… you cant break light on reaction so that doesnt matter, you have to guess there anyways… medium , maybe on reaction but you gotta kind of make a good read on that as well.

so…its fine as is IMO. Change Fulgores linkers…Change them all!

TJ doesnt have that linker anymore…so it doesnt matter…not a good example.

Oh, totally forgot about that. Thanks for the reminder. The best solution is to hit practice and understand the timing.


I know…this is a GREAT TIME! XD

Why not slow the eye lasers per strength?

Wait, you’re suggesting we hit the lab instead of whine and complain about things we’re losing to? This is a baffling and confusing suggestion.

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So sleep didn’t word his original post the best but you guys have completely missed the point lol. He is suggesting that the opener versions have more distinction between them. Why? Shadow counter ability. As in he wants to be able to shadow counter the medium laser on reaction a bit easier. It leaves fulgore plus 2 on block and he still has the ability to pip cancel into dp to stop the shadow counter.

I don’t have an opinion on it, but that is his argument so you should probably be discussing that