Fulgore instinct rant


But it doesn’t matter whether you’re only actually punishable by raam/hisako grab on slight charges. If you and your opponent both mash jab after, you’re going to lose. You’re -1 which means you’ll have to keep in mind that you may lose against a challenge.


Charged light blade dash is +1 at minimum charge, I’ve tested it countless times because it’s his only + special move at close range. Unless you’re gonna lab the video to prove my 3 years of maining him wrong, frame by frame, there is no argument here.


well here you go


if you want i could record a mash jab too


I did it for free

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I stand corrected. I’ve still gotten lots of mileage out of charged lt blade dash into throws and light normals for spin speed. So I’ll still continue to use it. :+1:


I was salty at first but then I tried the Instinct out and it’s pretty awesome to abuse so many moves without losing a pip. That being said, I think they should stop trying to change Fulgore and pleasing everyone at the same time. He’s already a completely different character from Season one Fulgore so mission accomplished. At this point other characters need more rework than Fulgore, I don’t know who should be rework at the exact moment but it certainly ain’t Fulgore, that’s for sure.