Fulgore Help: How to fight Fulgore

Tired of getting your butt handed to you by the awesome might of Fulgore? are you having issues with dealing with his teleport? Or perhaps you have no idea how handle his offensive play? or defensive play? or maybe you just think he’s cheap because of the difficulty you have with him?

Post here in this thread which is to help people overcome the issues with Fulgore you have. I encourage other Fulgore experts to put their two sense in and help at their discretion as well.

Please be respectful with your posts. This topic is meant for people who actually want to beat him. By doing so you should take the advice of any veteran Fulgore player into account.

Also don’t forget to practice to.

He is the best in the game, he can’t be beaten. =) If you’re facing an aggressive Fulgore, treat the match like your facing Jago with a hint of Spinal. If you’re facing a setup Fulgore, think of how all zoners look for spacing to set things up like Kan-Ra and Glacius except with a side pinch of Jago and a dash of Spinal. Just gotta feel out what ingredients the Fulgore you’re facing is trying to cook up and then pick it apart. The best Fulgore’s can change their playstyle on a whim with a pinch of pizazz. So, be mindful when trying to anticipate them.

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Well put together :smiley:

Well he doesn’t do well against Rushdown. When under pressure,he doesn’t gain meter and can’t shadow counter. Rushdown kills him. He is a zoning based character with some movement options fpr agressive. It all depends on the player you are foghting.

Fulgore can zone but he is in no way a zoner. He does just fine against Rushdown, his mixup potential in rushdown is better than most. The only reason Fulgore loses a lot of matches is because his damage just sucks. Most characters don’t have an overhead straight into a low unless they jump. So you can crouch block like 95% of the cast and just react to the overhead and throw attempts. You lose to rushdown if you can’t block. Which is why I consider zoner’s to be the best archetype in the game with Kan-Ra easily taking #1 because of his mobility, setup potential, and his damage is surprisingly high for someone who is supposed to be considered as lowest damage potential in the game.

Also Fulgore has a DP so he’s one of the few characters that can beat out frame traps and punish those -3 moves that the heavy rushdown characters rely on. Just use it sparringly lest they bait it out.

From my experience Rushdowns arn’t the hardest thing for me to fight. Considering out all the cast I’ve fought Riptor and Sabrewulf the most as Fulgore. I’ve won alot more matches than lost and those two are the most notable rushdowns in the game.

Prety much this.

Fulgore has better rush down than rush down characters and the pip system just broken…I can’t deal with the teleport mix ups there are way to many and find it very hard to react to his grabs and mix ups. And his normals actually good people say there not but I still find there are good.

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If Fulgore teleports towards you. You have three options:

1-Mash light attacks, you do this and hit him you can cancel into your special moves for a full combo punish.

2- Grabbing. Most Fulgore players who are not aware of this fall for it all the time. If he tries to grab you a good timing makes a throw escape.

3-Jump up in the airif you think he’s gonna grab you and just hit him on the way down.

Doing so keeps Fulgore from doing set-ups like that to begin with.

Also while the pips are good in some cases it’s not really any good if you can keep him down. Knocking Fulgore down slows the spinner for a pip down back to zero. So as a Fulgore player getting knocked down isn’t a good way to start off if you’re trying to get pips quick.

Plus everyone else can get shadow meter easily by just hittinG their opponents. And unlike Fulgore when they get knocked down, that does nothing for their momentum.

Not only that but before the being nerfed like really bad in season2. Fulgore had a few anti-air options. Now he mostly has cyber uppercut which has a good chance on missing and isn’t able to do stuff like anti-cross ups. So his anti-air options are pretty limited. Just one of the reason’s Sadira is one of the harder MUs.

If you wanna get good hits on the robot. Attacking from the air is a better solution for your problems. Fulgore may seem pretty good at rushdown but at the end of the day he’s better at mid-close to long range, getting in his face with good mix-ups are more than enough to ■■■■■ him over.

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How you think Riptor does against him?

Considering I main both characters and I play them both 50/50 it depends on what you do.

As Riptor you wanna keep fulgore as close as possible to you at all times. Use your tail for hard knock downs and lay down flame carpets or spit fireballs into the air to rain down on him. Keep in mind that you will have to mix up your attacks and pokes as well. Since I’m sure not all Fulgore players are gonna fall for the same thing.If you have combos going you can use your tail-flip ender to achieve this.

Just remember that if you have Fulgore down you have the keep the following in mind:

1- If you have Fulgore with hard knockdown. Anything that invovles using your tail: Lay down a flame carpet or spit fireballs. But do not attack after. Don’t jump in the air, don’t do tail flips. Don’t do ANYTHING that leaves you open to a cyber uppercut. If Fulgore tries anything but cyber uppercut he’ll be hit by the flames. If you throw a fireball into the air Fulgore’s cyber-uppercut gets stuffed. Or! if there’s a situation where you do lay down a flame carpet and he does a cyber uppercut, block it and use clever girl to pull him into a ground bounce.

2-If Fulgore is not on the floor from a ahrd knock down. If you’re close just brace for a wake up attack staying just outside of grab range helps to. And be careful of a wake up grab. In general a wake up attack is all that’s need to put Riptor at a possible disadvantage. But that’s an issue for her against the whole cast. So keep that in mind.

Clever girl may not look much but if you have someone trying to jump you can yank them back into a ground bounce. You can flip-em out etc.

Basically you don’t want to give Fulgore ANY room. If you’re using a rush down character. If you give Fulgore any room to breath he’ll be able to set you up. Fight Fulgore not like Glacius, and not like Jago, fight like you’re battling both at the same time.

Fulgore may have fireballs, lasers, teleporting etc. But they don’t mean ■■■■ if Riptor is too close to hit him before he gets a chance. Just don’t do anything that leaves you at a disadvantage.

I admit I beat my bro regularly as Fulgore when he’s RIpotr. But that’s only because he’s played as her in the MU so many times and add that I also main and know Riptor really well leaves him at a disadvantage.

Stay close, and don’t do anything stupid.

If you haven’t been trying any of what I suggested above, you are likely not doing so well against Fulgore. This is a hunch however.

Thanks for the info right outside grab range sounds good to try about the flame carpet cleaver girl does it make the cleaver girl safe?

Well if you catch him when he’s about to jump as an anti-air at a decent range (I.E. not while directly above yourhead, but coming cloer as they descend down) you’ll land it.

Now if you’re using flame carpet I’d reccomand it’s less risky to just use Rampage (back,forward punch) or some other form of opener while he’s getting burned by flame carpet.

The reason I suggested clever girl was in the even he decided to jump out or use cyber uppercut on wake up once you lay the flames down.

If he jumps right out of the flame carpet you can use clever girl to grab him. If you time it right. You’ll get him before he reaches maximum height. You can tell a character is about to jump the moment you see them crouch a wee bit. It’s a bit hard to explain. I reccomand you go into Practice mode and set the dummy to record and watch the moment the jump frame start up appears.

NOW Cyber-Uppercut is a different story. If Fulgore does a Cyper Uppercut on wake up it’s right into the animation no warning. In this case you want to be blocking, then once you block the hit he’ll come down and will be vulnerable. Use Clever girl when that situation occurs.

You can of course use clever girl as a linker for a bit of juggling as well if you wanna do some stuff with that.a

Sorry about all the info, but I wanted to make sure not to leave any info out.

Much appreciated …never noticed the pre jump animation …the thing about cyber uppercut is that he can make it safe on block or wiff at that last moment before touching the ground. Too bad Riptor can’t make his reversals safe without instinct …i think uppercut fadc is as good as pressure gets making the best move in the game safe could shot down a character like riptor but using cleaver girl I mite avoid this and keeping him a zero pips is what I will try it do with the knockdowns

Even if that’s the case. You need to snag Fulgore before he lands if you want to punish the cyberuppercut. As soon as he does it and you’ve blocked it. Use clevergirl to snag him back dwn. You really cannot keep Fulgore at zero pips but unlike everyone else who gets meter much more quickly even when you hit them. Fulgore on the otherhand will get the pips in a very slow pace.

The trick to limit Fulgore as much as possible with the pip system he has. The drawback is that as Fulgore you’re not rewarded for being hit. Where as everyone else can block an attack and get at lease smething.

As Riptor I forgot to mention: In Instinct mode you have armor when you run and when you do, you go at full speed. so you can plow through fireballs if need be. But if you don’t wanna get put in a situation where you have to ue Instinct, Keep Fulgore as close as possible and don’t let him get a reversal on you.

Riptor’s great at pressure, just not so great at pressure herself. Be savage, but be smart about being savage.

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Or I see armor on dash when in instinct and fulgore not building meter from being hit kinda changes I understand now thanks again

Yep : )

Any tips on how to deal with his pressure/blockstrings? His l. and m. eye beam are both safe on block, and without a 3 frame reversal, punishing his blade dash is extremely difficult as well. I’ve thought about shadow counter, but I don’t always have the meter for it. Thanks in advance!

Well there’s some specifics but recently Fulgore’s eye beams have been nerfed so they are less advantages on block. But for Cyber Dash how does a typical Fulgore you fight use it? for up close pressure or to get in or?

Even post nerf his light and medium beams are still plus 2 on block unless training mode doesn’t reflect the frame data correctly :frowning:

Most Fulgores i fight use the dash for up close pressure.