Fulgore discussion

Pretty much what the title says, just some general discussion related to our beloved killing machine Fulgore!

I’ve always wondered what those “lines” are on his arms and shoulders - are they muscle fibers, wires, cables, or something else? Or are they interchangeable (with the colors - black for wires, red for muscle fibers, etc., for example). What are they?

I think they’re cables and stuff that are made to look like muscles. It kinda ties in to the whole “having a human element” thing I think. Makes him look pretty cool too lol

Not sure if this belongs here but it is fulgore’s general disscussion so Ima do it any way
Even though i don’t hate any character in Ki if i had a least favorite… It would be Fulgore

Before everyone gets on my non-existent tail and starts pelting me with plasma beams… I just wanna point out why:
Warning Huge opinions down here:

-Fulgore is bland
-Cheap…or maybe I just suck at fighting him
-Has nothing much going for him story wise

I can say a lot more but those would be the top three (among other reasons)

But I wanna ask: Why and how did he become one of the most popular characters in video games…

Since i can’t process and understand it (robot puns)

Do enlighten me!

Everyone has an opinion lol. But I can tell you from my perspective:

Fulgore’s one of my all time favories. I don’t beleive he’s a bland character because he has alot that sticks him out from the rest of the cast. He doesn’t have alot going for him in storymode because in season two focused mostly on the season2 cast. Who knows if they get around to revamping storymode it would be neat to see the Fulgore we know get some more info.

Fulgore may not seem lick much storywise on the surface, but if you look deep enough you’ll find an interesting story. In KI1 it was always theorized that Fulgore was a cyborg created to be Thunder’s brother, granted this was only a theory at the time because in Thunder’s story in KI1, his brother dissapeared a year before. and How old was Fulgore in KI1? one year of age.

Another reason he’s popular is because he was a cross between Terminator and the Predator. Which if you wereg

Fulgore’s one of my favorites because he’s one of my favorite things: a robot/cyborg other than dinos and monsteorus beasts, robots happen to one of my many favorite things. He also possesd sentimental value for me. Other than being the other number 1 alon side Riptor. He was the only reason I ever bothered playing KI2 which replaced Riptor, Thunder and Cinder with Kim, Tusk and Maya. Nothing against them, but that made the cast less diverse when you replaced two uniqe characters with two human characters.

Fulgore as a character can have alot goin for him gameplay wise if you know how to use his tools. He’s a very versatile character and is alot of fun to play. And if you’re creative enough, you can really dish out the damage with him.

If you’r havin trouble fighting him perhaps you should post a topic about what your struggles are? maybe ask around here on the forums for some help. Like all the cast Fulgore’s has his weaknesses and he isn’t really unbeatable.

They are ribbon cables and are also tied in a way that helps his movements so they act as muscle binding as well and look like it too. You need the joints to have parts that move logically and the missing element that acts like a hydraulic for motion. It’s hard to explain but looking at his design actually makes sense if someone were to create a bi-pedal machine designed to move as closely as a human does.

He looks cool. Hes a robo-predator-terminator thing that’s fairly memorable.

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This. Flesh out the character’s story mode. I like it

Yeah… I LOVED both movies (predator in particular) I can see why people would like him.

To be fair that’s my problem… Fulgore, along with jago, sadira and glacius, Are my worst matchups… I jus don’t know how to fight them with the characters I main (riptor, spinal, aganos)

Maybe I’ll start a topic for help…

Alright… I think I derailed this thread enough lol.

Thank you for answering my question! :smile:

As a character, I like Fulgore, but hate fighting him because so many Fulgore’s play him so differently. Some have a precise rhythm to their attacks and combos while others seeming go spastic and because of it seem to change speeds mid-combo (and I’m not talking about L vs. M vs. H attacks either - I’ve seen even his h.ADs move incredibly fast). I don’t know if this is because of his shadow meter properties and have asked others about it - it’s my understanding that it’s only his movement and dash speeds that improves, but nobody’s ever answered it for me, so I’m still left wondering…

Perhaps we can start a thread here for some assistance on playing as or against Fulgore.

I will admit, Fulgore’s story isn’t much in the new game, the whole, he is Eagle trip is still the only thing really… Other than him being the bruiser front line bodyguards of Ultratech, his story isn’t that good. I’m a huge Fulgore fan and I can say his old stories are good but, I would have preferred a continuation not a rehash.

His meter only effects his movements out of combo, a lot of players probably properly utilize his auto triples vs his auto doubles and that is the only difference in combo speed is the 3rd hit. As far as playing him differently, there are 2 major variants. Fulgore’s who are setup reliant with little meter and do a bit of zoning, and those who are rushdown reliant and just sit there trying to build as much meter as possible. The best Fulgore’s will do both to make sure they control the match. Anything else you’d like to know?

I know about Fulgore’s auto-triples though and actively look for them for easy breaks (they have that tell-tale flash). Besides, those don’t affect the speed of his combos - only the length of them, so no, that’s not it. I think it has more to do with how the player is pusing their buttons to cancel into other moves. Some spam the buttons really quickly while others wait for a split second and press their buttons methodically. Basically, I think those in the former category are cancelling the moves sooner, so the moves come out faster, which is something I don’t generally see with other characters too often. I know how to read his doubles too, but I’m still consistently locked out for bad timing as a result of this. It doesn’t help that I main Aganos, who generally does poorly against Fulgore (since he has teleport, projectiles, and a multi-hitting DP) - this could also be why he may seem faster; the size difference may make Fulgore appear as if he’s going faster since he’s so much smaller on screen when he’s really not…

I would definitely say that could be a thing too. One thing I do know, is when you’re watching a replay vs actually playing, everything looks much much faster. But gameplay wise yes button mashers might do moves a little faster but I main Fulgore, there is nothing that makes anything he does faster or slower that isn’t restricted by inputs. So I would say your perceptions could all be accurate.

I agree to this one. In terms of combat Fulgore is pretty quick, he’s not as some but he’s not exactly taking his time with hits.

With my recent promotion to Killer Tier and with my Silver - Gold promotional match being against a Killer TIer Sadira and me barely scraping by with a victory, I present to you my redemption. Killer Vs Killer let’s see what happens this time =)


Claerly one who is a master of usin Fulgore’s tools. I never considered using teleport that way. I’ll have to consider givin this a go, All I can say is, you’ve given me some hope against Sadira!

From an outside perspective (as a player who rarely plays as Fulgore), I’ve never liked his ability to cancel into other specials using his meter. I get destroyed all of the time by teleport into DP, for example, which is made safe by a previously shot projectiles, as well as other crazy teleport mix-ups.

Fulgore is the bane of my Aganos’ existence right now. I can fight and handedly beat Riptor, Thunder, Glacius, and passibly beat Sadira and Spinal - all of which are supposedly good counters against him. But Fulgore? I might as well pack my bags…

The thing is it still requires meter to even cancel into these attacks in the first place. You wanna keep Fulgore from building his meter to as slow as you can get it, Which simply put, keep him on defense. If you knock him down his spin speed is reset. If he even gets enough meter to cancel into his eleport mix-ups just be patient and see what you can do. Most people I’ve fought recently know how to get out of my fireball into teleport method and that’s simply jumping forward.

As a Fulgore main I’ll tell you that against a player who knows how to take in these weaknesses, managing Fulgore’s meter isn’t exactly a cake walk. I have to keep on the offence at the beginning of the match to build up my meter. If I have to use instinct mode to build it up, that’s a bad sign that I’m going to have a very hard time in the fight.

I think this is reaosnable considering Fulgore can’t do any more damage than Jago, but just from looks you’d figure he should. His tools are handy though so I’m a bit more ok with the damage being less than phenominal.

As a fulgore player though Sadira was always the bane of my existence, especially since she can cancel the recovery of her dagger throw with the down kick thus snuffing any attempt to punish. I could keep her at bay for awhile with H-lazer but now it’s been nerfect at a distance where she can just double jump over it no problem.

While I don’t use Aganos all that much I think your best bet is to go on the defensive. if he teleports just flick him and start a combo. Like Fulgore from season 1 if you want to manage your stuff you have to keep your opponents far away as possible. Obviously with Aganos though you’re gonna have to be paitent and attack when you can because you’re so slow even when chunked up.

Believe me, I’m as patient as they come - and while I appreciate your advice, I think it would be too easy for the Fulgore player to simply teleport into a grab (which they often do already, since it’s a weakness of Aganos). Mix that up with the triple-hitting DP that will take away most, if not all of Aganos’ chunks and the whole ordeal becomes an absolute pain. I will definitely try the jumping forward thing though - I just worry about Aganos’ large hitbox and multiple-fired projectiles…

Also, it’s so easy for Fulgore to de-chunk Aganos from near 1/2 screen away with up-laser, again due to Aganos’ hitbox size.