Free Stuff Friday - Shadow Jago

I want Orchid because she can strip for many kids and… They’ll throw CANDY at us! Hehehehe

Definitely Gargos, amazing scares out of that. Great tricks.

Spinal💀because there is no way in hell hes going2 want 2eat any of my hard earned sweets after & ruin is Paris runway figure

As much as I love Hisako, I’d have to go with Spinal as my Trick-or-Treat partner. Searing Skull would continuously suck candy from other bags and add it to his own!

If I were to bring a Killer Instinct Character with me Trick or Treating I would take Sabrewulf because it’s not often a actual Werewulf is walking around town on Halloween.

Definitely NOT Hisako because she’s too slow and it would take forever to get house to house. I’d say Omen so I could ride on his back flying house to house! “Bow before the Harold of Candy!”

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Just get her to crawl-eport across the street and use the houses to jump drive to drive!..

Spinal because he can do his laugh and scare all the candy from the kids, and adults too!