Free Stuff Friday - Shadow Jago

Keeping in line with the, ahem, theme of the week, we’ve got a chance for you to win a Shadow Jago code.

Check out the full article & details here:


I already own Shago, so please don’t send me a code, but I’ll get the ball rolling regardless:

I’d LOVE to Trick or Treat with Hisako, so I can watch people throw candy from 20ft into her gigantic mouth.


As I tweeted, Riptor!

Though Spinal, Shago, Kan-Ra, Wulf… Darn near the whole cast would be awesome to hang with’

She can carry my candy and/or me. She can relight jack’o’lanterns. And of course she can sniff out the good and bad houses.

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I would like to trick or treat with Orchid because with her you are garanteed to get more candy! :wink:

I’ll give this code to a friend but…: Aganos. Because Trick or treating with a huge golem sounds like it would “ROCK”.


Gotta go with my main, Sabrewulf. I’d love to see him running around in one of those ridiculous dog costumes.

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Cinder, because then I wouldn’t have to bring a flashlight when it gets dark.


I would trick or treat as a drag queen orchid,with hairy legs and big adams apple it would be some scary ■■■■

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Sabrewulf. Id make sure hes using his brown recolor and put one of those lion’s mane dog wigs on him. Ride his ■■■ all over the neighborhood.

I would NOT trick or treat with Cinder. Everything would melt :frowning:


Shadow Jago, of course!!

With that voice and menacing appearance… Candy for all!!

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It would lead to a new win quote:
“THAT was like taking candy from a baby”

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I would have to take my secondary main, Kan-Ra with me. We will go as twin mummies, scrolling the lands in search of the most richest and most delicious treats that is to offer.

With a can of soup in one hand and a empty bucket in the older, we will collect those candies like artifacts. All will tremble as the sandy salt is caught in the dripping eyes of our compition. None will break through our endless scarabs!

Unless you’re Glacius. If you are Glacius, we’ll gladly hand over all of our collected candy.

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I would take fulgore, because popcorn isn’t candy. you get beamed you get beamed you get beamed, granola isn’t candy, you get beamed you get beamed you get beamed, apples are not candy you get beamed you get beamed you get beamed…bonus points to anyone who gets the reference. :smiley:

Spinal, because what’s spookier than a skeleton? NOTHING.

I am going to say Hisako. I do not think it gets much creepier than her. Perfect for trick or treating, and also for a haunted house.

I’d take Spinal. Halloween is about having fun; scaring kids, pulling pranks, Spinal would love all of it! I could also take him to Halloween parties. Imagine how awesome a dancing skeleton pirate would be, and how awesome you’d be by extension.

I’d go with spinal because it would be really funny to see people think he’s wearing a costume until they realize he suddenly isn’t lol.

Hisako because her costume is so lifelike :^)

I’m going to go with Rash

I’m gonna go with Rash because he’s one of three anthropomorphic, mutant toad warriors that kick some butt!