Free Stuff Friday - Shadow Jago

Either Spinal for funny spooky and Hisako for Spooky Spooky.

Saberwulf could work as just Spooky tho.

Like a thief in the night, I’d be with Kan-Ra getting the candy like, YOU WILL NO LONGER NEED THIS! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Aganos because ain’t no one gonna try to steal candy from me with that dude by my side.

Spinal for that halloween mischief.

Definitely Spinal, imagine how many houses we could hit skelleporting door to door, and he can’t eat my candy because he doesn’t have a stomach!

Orchid, so we could wait for others to walk by and HIT EM IN THE KNEES AND TAKE OFF WITH THEIR CANDY

Omen why? “Form a shadow” “gets all the candy” gone rinse repeat gotta make sure to keep him filled up with candy “BARS” so he can use that move to our advantage ha and when there’s and candy giver being unfair you just pop him three twix “BARS” then demonic despair and we out ! plus he looks like monster from insidious what’s more badass than that

I choose Kan-Ra. He would use his Clutch attack to grab all the candies and then we would run away.

Sadira … I would love to spend a holiday with her :jack_o_lantern:

Imagine her saying “trick or treat” just for me :revolving_hearts:

OMEN!!! Because he is the sheet!!!
Shadow Jago would be cool too! They have his skull mask at Spirit Halloween stores… comes in black and chrome!

I love this Free stuff Friday stuff!!!

I’d choose Omen so we could consume people into the darkness…we do have treats you know…

Glacius because he’s cool :sunglasses:

Sabrewulf since he’s literally a werewolf look alike so he fits well for Halloween. Plus Wulf is the homie.

Hisako gets candy, souls, frogurt with your choice of topping for free.

Like I tweeted, I’d go with Spinal, since there would be no need for street lights to go house to house with him lighting up the place!

Its Halloween so you gotta be scary as can be so why not wander around with Hisako while we both rush in on the candy yelling “WE WILL DEVOUR YOU!!!”

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Spinal Hisako and Sabrewulf are the obvious choice.
but I’d take Thunder.
Knock on the door of the house with no lights on.
When nobody answers I’d have him HK the door in.

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Aganos because just think how much more candy I could collect with his rock mittens holding all my extra candy?

I’d bring Spinal. He wouldnt eat much and his teleport would be faster than walking. He’d also scare all the little kids!

Jago because he has been my character since Killer Instinct on SNES. I do have vivid memories of playing the arcade cabinet, but not nearly as much as I played on the SNES.