Free Madcatz TE2 & Atrox Templates and Help Videos

I wanted to put all of my TE2 videos and resources together in one thread.

Examples of custom work:

Feel free to hit me up for custom requests.


LOVE the Shadowy Duo at the end. Electric blue with violet… So sexy.

Personally, I do like something simple and non-distracting on my fightstick but the appreciation I have for these works of love is immeasurable.

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Wow, thanks a lot man!

Yeah different strokes for different folks. Everyone has different tastes, so it’s always fun seeing what other players do with their sticks, I love it!

I just added a link to the templates archive in the original post if you want to see more - there’s quite a collection built up.

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LOL KrizmKazm, you might single-handedly force me to buy a Fightstick and put this BEAUTIFUL art on it… Good Stuff bro!


Thanks! Yeah I have so much fun customizing, I bought 2 :smile:

Really digging the LVT3 board as well:

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Hy KrizmKazm,
Your template’s are awesome, as always. But I noticed in your LVT3 video that you are using pliers to yank the button connectors. There’s actually a little tab in the middle of the connector, where if you push on it the connector will slide right off. That way you don’t have to risk pulling it to pieces. I don’t have the skill to get a picture of it, but it’s just a little metal tab that you can push on.

I know what you mean, thank you. I noticed that when I was watching another video. Someone said there was a couple different models, one with and one without, the push tabs on the connectors, so I wanted to cover all bases in case someone had the model without the push tabs. I wish I would have known about that the first time I was modding though, I was so nervous I’d break something haha.

Great stick art! I was just wondering what are the dimensions of the artwork when I go and print it out.


The art file is around 13.5 x 8.5 so you print it on 17 x 11 and cut off the excess. If you need any more info about file prep, check out that first video


Thanks dude. I really appreciate it!

Cool templates but how do i add button inputs on the fightstick art like a, b, x, and y stuff like that

The default MadCatz PSD templates come with the buttons on their own layer. You can grab the PSDs here:

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alright cool thanks nice videos by the way

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Everyone…Krizm is the man when it comes to these free templates! I printed out about 12 myself and switch them around every so often. He has the best and easiest links available IMO. All you have to do is DL to your google account and into a thumb drive…take it to Kinkos and in less than 5 mins and 1.50$ later you have a kick ■■■ print out for your TE2. I did 12 for about 14$ i believe at FedEx/Kinkos.

Excellent work my friend… and thanks for all you do for the KI community!

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Thanks for the kind words! I have fun making them and sharing them with everyone. I never got into modding before KI, but these Fight Sticks are just so much fun (and so easy) to personalize, it’s almost addicting haha.

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Im going to mod my TE2 one day…those lights and buttons we talked about a few months ago. I just been killing it with my Stan custom just no need to right now…but if i ever get the spare money…its on!

I just did some custom work earlier today for CMDxXxCOQUI, who wanted an acid green Maya layout with Link in the background. About an hour after I sent him the PDF, he sent me this photo back - already printed and installed :smile:
Turned out great!


Thanks a lot!!!

Yesterday, I used your guide and applied custom artwork to my TE2. It was my first time ever to do this as I didn’t really pay attention to how my stick looked until I read this thread.

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nice dude! Yeah you can really transform your stick with a nice piece of artwork, and it makes it so much more personal

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I added a couple new Shadow Jago templates to the archive :wink: