Free Madcatz TE2 & Atrox Templates and Help Videos

Awesome, just awesome.
Sometime in future, would you be able to do one based on color 9 Shago?

I don’t see why not, but it may take me a long time to get there. I think my Shago is at Level 27 or something right now.

It’s just a matter of being able to go in and grab some quality captures to use as source material. If you come up with any nice screenshots before I do, feel free to send em my way and I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks, I will do that. My Jago is lvl 25 or so, lol.

Awesome work krizz thanks for the spawn te2 we were talking on game faqs a wrek or so ago about doing a custom hajime no ippo imma show you the freebies he did for the te2 and then now my atrox

You should so get a atrox man the builds just so much better

Hey dude! Yeah I’m still down to try that Hajime no ippo (or whatever) stick. I’m just not familiar with that character at all, so if you have a piece of artwork for him that you really like, shoot it over to me and I can mess around a bit.

Thanks for the info on the Atrox as well. At this point, I have 2 modded TE2s ($600- $700 invested) so I’m gonna stick with those bad boys. I like that the Atrox has more room for artwork, but that isn’t enough to warrant another purchase and another set of mods. I’ll definitely keep that in mind though, if something unfortunate were to happen to my beautiful little glowing buddies!

Take the parts out do a YouTube give away and get a atrox :slight_smile: just joking i will definitely show you what he sent to me I’m not a fan of logos say te2 or Razer on the artwork i like the solid button option to but let me get into shoryuken and put the pictures in here finding high res pictures of hajmie is hard

what it was on the old te scared to keep asking the guy for solid buttons like this one for the te2

that character on the left krizz is ippo i’m a fan of his and takamuras from the show

maybe we can come up with someone with ippo takamura dudley and tj combo :smiley:

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Hey kriz bad ■■■ templates man could you make me one

Do you have an Atrox or a TE2? Let me know what you have in mind.

I have a te 2 I actually wrote in one of your videos yesterday saw your templates and I was like gotta get one from him they are amazing I was thinking of a shadow jago one in his color 9 on one half and on the other one jago

Oh nice! Did you just email me too? I just got an email regarding a template but not sure if that was you or someone else.
Hit me up at and we can discuss specifics.

I’d totally get one, but I need to wait until Kim is released. :smiley:

I just created this one for someone yesterday. I think it came out pretty slick.



OMG When Kim Wu comes out…


That is GODLIKE! :heart_eyes:

Makes me want to get one now for my Atrox…

I must have patience… :dizzy_face:

March Plz… :disappointed_relieved:

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Oh I’d love to do some Kim templates. As soon as a render is released, it’s on!

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Can you help me @KrizmKazm piece these 2 together for a TE2?

I have the original files too if needed.

Sure thing.
Email me the originals :

What did you have in mind for a background?

Ok thanks. For background, anything really. You can do whatever you want. If I can get Glacius on the left where the joystick goes and Cinder on the right side. I have my buttons split in half too. Left 4 are red and right 4 green. So maybe for the background anything reddish blending into something greenish. Thanks again @KrizmKazm.

About to email you those files.

Dude! These are crazy! Please share the finished product with us! :slight_smile:

Thanks. @AnodyneGeno is the artist that did both for me. Will do. Just waiting on some TE2 parts to come from MadCatz. Ordered Vermillion colored side panels and a green bezel as well to compliment both Glacius’ and Cinder’s colors.