Frame data bug in practice mode?

I was looking at moves for Eyedol in practice mode, and saw that Eyedol’s M Stomp Strike is 0 on hit/-6 on block. Is this actually true? It seems strange since his L Stomp Strike is 5/0, and his H Stomp Strike is 10/3. In the 3.4 patch notes it is stated that Eyedol’s M Stomp Strike was changed to 8/2… so I’m thinking the developers forgot to fix this in the practice mode.

Is there another site with correct frame data info for KI characters?

Yeah, there’s a lot of incorrect frame data in the training mode. It’s not a bug, it’s just incorrect - an oversight, amongst many (in the frame data).

His M.Stomp is actually something like +6 on block, it’s crazy good.

As for accurate frame data sources (and DIY instructions):

Cool man, thanks for the info.

I hope IG gets around to fixing the frame data in the practice mode. :slight_smile: