Four KILLER INSTINCT (XB1) problems/bugs since beginning of March (2018)

Decided to join and post since IG & MS could not help. It’s been almost a month and I’m at a lost. :frowning:

I own THE DEFINITIVE EDITION physical disc:

  1. Missing SHIN HISAKO, I can’t select her anymore
  2. DOUBLE XP boost is no longer showing up
  3. Higher difficulty multiplier is gone
  4. Daily bonus does not reset, it stays on day 12 and says that I’ve completed 4/4 dailies.

It seemed to happen after an KI update that I believe happened in the beginning of the month. Anyway waited one week then saw that XBOX LIVE was having problems with their services like purchased content etc. So thought maybe it would be fixed, but no same problem.

So on March 14th I sent an email to IRON GALAXY support and they wrote back saying: "Iron Galaxy is unable to address these issues on our end, and we are advising people to contact Microsoft directly…"

So on March 21, I chatted with MS and they had me Fully re-start my system and still no solution, so they escalated my case then wrote back days later: "Upon checking with our management, the issue about the progress on your game, can only be resolved through you game developer as we don’t have visibility inside your game progress and we don’t want to provide any false information if its about the DLC since it is best handled by the game developer."

So I forwarded it back to IG support and they responded "Hey there, have you posted about this on the official forums? People that work on KI at Microsoft read the forums and can address player concerns."

So here I am, with a crappy problem.I’m hoping there’s a solution for this!


I have the SAME PROBLEMS! My Shin Hisako is missing too. Everytime i select her, my game send me to microsoft store to buy her. My Daily Bonus stays on day 100 and the same occurs on Shadow Lords Daily Prizes too, everything unlocked without a single gameplay. I’m looking for some help too and i hope, at least, i have my Shinsako back. She is one of my main’s and sucks don’t play her on ranking and exhibition. :frowning:

And i have the SUPREME EDITION digital copy.


:pray: for some help.

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Ugh. No one like the runaround. I can only imagine how frustrating this is.

Tagging @developers, @TotalJimkata, @snickerdoodle , @TempusChaoti. You can also try posting this in the dedicated bug thread since that is supposed to be monitored as well.

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This was the workaround for the time being that should solve the issues described.


Changing the Insider Beta to Delta solved the problem! Thanks guys! :smiley:


Really glad to hear that.

So I played this morning my usual daily fights and when the daily bonus came up it was updated to day 13 :+1: . Then on Character select screen SHIN HISAKO is select able again :+1: and double xp is showing again :+1: . Also higher difficulty multiplier was applied after match :+1:


I didn’t do anything on my side, so thank U! to the person/people from IG/MS that read my post and cared to fix my problems! :hugs:

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Insider builds also mess with the match making.

Was in beta and it took me one hour to find a match. Couldn’t try it yet, but people confirmed that switching to a lower rank solves these issues too.

Oh boy not again, it’s been 4 days or so with same problems as before.

I have been noticing it, too. Signing out before booting the game works for me, but I’m at a loss on how to do that when playing on Windows 10. Sucks too since I took advantage of the current sale.

I think u can use the ms store, to sign in and out of your xbox live profile.

Ive been having these issues as well. I had it happen not too long ago after not playing for a long time and I reset the game or my computer and it fixed it for that time but now Im experiencing it again. Its really aggravating especially since I stopped playing for a while to keep the game refreshing to come back to and I get this BS. :confused:

Worked for a day and now back to the same B.S. :frowning:

There’s no reason to not fix the Shin Hisako bug. I don’t care if I don’t play her. I don’t like seeing characters greyed out even though I invested money into these packs. Smh, what the f–k is happening?

Having the same problem and I am not in the insider program. Sometimes it randomly works if I keep restarting the game. But that is rare. I bought an Xbox one because I thought Microsoft had it together. I guy
I was mistaken

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Having these issues as well. Noticed my daily rewards was stuck and i wasn’t finding matches. Tried changing preview program to delta and now I’m finding matches (when it doesn’t crash), but rewards are still stuck and now i can’t select Shin Hisako and 2x xp is gone. Also the stated OS version number that was posted for delta doesn’t appear to be accurate.

:+1: Shin Hisako, 2xp, Daily rewards
:-1: Shadow Jago blacked-out

Everything on my end is cool. Thanks IG.

Sweet! Looks like everythings fixed for me too!