KI is Ultra-Broken (Xbox One) 📉

Hey everyone. We are aware of the issues regarding Shin Hisako (or Kilgore) being greyed out, the holiday accessories banner in the store, VIP Double XP missing and daily rewards being stuck. We have been working on confirming a work around with players in the background to be sure it works, so please forgive the delay in posting here.

So far this has only been for players using the Insider Preview builds. We have found if you choose the Delta build, the above issues I listed go away. This may also be part of the ranked/match making issues described here.

If you try changing to Delta, there will be an OS update either right away, or at some point later, until it completes you will not see the change/fix. If you check Xbox settings, System Info, you are on the right one if the OS version lists RS3…1802… in the description.

It’s totally up to you guys to give this a try (I did it myself for the record as I also had this issue). Please let us know if this fixed you- especially the ranked/match making stuff as that is additional info that will help us!

Please DM me if you are not part of Insider Preview builds and still seeing the Holiday Banners, Shin Hisako etc. issues.